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Tank has never been out of car. I had changed fuel filters about 6 or 7 weeks ago. But I allowed the tank level to drop below a quarter of a tank and after filling the tank I wasn’t sure I would make it home.
I took the filter back off this morning and it still looked good. However I have no spare filters and now I can’t get the old one to seal properly. I have ordered new filters and will continue this effort once I can get a good seal on the center bolt.
 Of course all this also means there is about 17 gallons of fuel in the tank. Removing the tank will mean I need someplace to drain that fuel to.
I will also work on that. I have the car on a parking lift. I should be able to drain the fuel to some empty gas cans.

I will check back after solving the issues above.
Electrical and Instruments / Re: Lights gently Flicker at Idle
« Last post by Charles 230SL on June 23, 2022, 18:18:42 »
Could be the rectifier diodes in the alternator.

yes, Kev is right. I had a bad diode in my old 35a alternator. Before the diode died completely (and my red alternator light illuminated), my lights would dim a tad at idle and flicker brighter when I increased RPMs. I rebuilt my alternator and went ahead and replaced the external regulator while I was at it. 

You can buy a new or rebuilt alternator for a fairly reasonable price.
Items for Sale / Re: Original ski rack for sale
« Last post by carpress on June 23, 2022, 18:15:47 »
Not sold but now located in Germany. Can ship from there, as per revised ad.
General Discussion / Re: testing
« Last post by Lorsar on June 23, 2022, 18:11:18 »
Is this the thread you are referring to?

Your post is there.
Electrical and Instruments / Re: Replace Heater Blower Motor and Core
« Last post by dirkbalter on June 23, 2022, 18:01:40 »
someone here said that the car is build around the heater, which is probably true.
You will have to remove a lot of components in and around the dash to get to it.
Electrical and Instruments / Re: Lights gently Flicker at Idle
« Last post by Kevkeller on June 23, 2022, 17:54:17 »
Could be the rectifier diodes in the alternator.
Electrical and Instruments / Replace Heater Blower Motor and Core
« Last post by Pagodatastic on June 23, 2022, 17:24:22 »
Dear all,
I have just sourced a replacement heater/blower motor and a re-conditioned heater core.
Before I start work to replace them both any advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks so much
Agree. I remember when i bought my car and needed a first pass at restoring, seeing the MB grill star being $1000 and thinking wow! well, i guess there are no copies since that's a brand mark, but also thinking come on, MB, you're basically just proving you've got us where you want us. I now have 2 Bracq designed cars (fully restored 280C and 230SL) and you know how it is i can't help it, but, for a rubber gasket that isn't that critical, i'm going to get off the ride for a moment, indulge in a URO seal for that one only, and for the others, i'll plunk down double-URO prices but still reasonable prices for the other seals. Thanks for the advice, solidarity and camaraderie Tom
General Discussion / Re: New Delivery Owner's Packet
« Last post by Bob G MN on June 23, 2022, 17:11:28 »
I am an original owner taking german delivery.  The veicle was first regestered with the US Militaryso things may be a bit different
I need to look gain at the brown plastic packet with all the original info in it .  The vehicle is stord offsite so I would need to go there tolook again but some things I recall are

owners manuel  I was given one in english and german my name was written in the english versio
2 data cards
A map of eurour with the various mercedes dealers
A servive manuel in both german and english where the servicing dealers would stamp it with the various services
some engieering tags were loose and some were on the vehicle
when I can visit the vehicle I will review
W11x chassis cars / Re: W108 250SE injection pump- teach me
« Last post by djbain1210 on June 23, 2022, 16:50:21 »
This forum and particularly, this thread has helped me tremendously in troubleshooting the MFI pump on my 1967 250SE, however, I now have a dilemma that I've yet to resolve.

When it became necessary to work on my injection pump to free some stuck pistons, I wound up with a spring for which I cannot find the attachment location (I know, that doesn't sound good). It is not a spring I removed so it apparently dislodged while turning the pump upside down and all around during cleaning. It showed up near the centrifugal weights. I have attached a photo of the spring hoping someone will recognize it and be able to point me in the direction of it's intended purpose and attachment location. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Please advise whether it would be more appropriate starting a new thread since this one is somewhat older.

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