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Commercial Advertising / Re: 230 engine for sale on FB for £1100
« Last post by SEB on Today at 14:18:26 »
Is there a way to see this and to contact the seller without the Facebook? I am interested and I do not have an account on FB
When did factory bumper guards and side reflectors first make an appearance on U.S. W113's? Was it on the 250SL model? Were the bumper guards mandated or optional when they first appeared?
Thank you!
Hi Pawel,

As I said, the first assumption was: stuck piston springs, since the engine had not run for over a year due to the body restoration. That proved wrong after some 500 kms or so. My mechanic, who had done the engine revision, then considered ATF, even though he said it is unlikely, but a simple test was to disconnect the vacuum tube to close off the inlet with his hand to see if the smoke would stop. That was not the case, so he then concluded that it had to be motor oil and assumed it would be a failing plastic seal. He was right!


I will certainly post pics here of the finished car... just waiting for a sunny day.

Announcements / Re: Membership Administration Changing
« Last post by Benz Dr. on Today at 06:30:27 »
Thanks Garry. It was nice to have you and Kate over for a few days during your tour. Your " Trans, Plains, and Automobiles " story of how your car was shipped all over the world before finally arriving in LA has to be one of the best I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing that with us that day. 
Items for Sale / Re: MB Pagoda original
« Last post by Benz Dr. on Today at 06:25:50 »
I think that might be a 230SL switch. It has the large pins and280's have much smaller ones. Nice find though.
Announcements / Re: Membership Administration Changing
« Last post by BaronYoungman on Today at 03:57:24 »
Thank you! Your work for this group has been inspiring,  you have helped so many both directly and indirectly through your tireless devotion to this group.
I am glad we got a chance to meet in person.
Bob and Ariana
Announcements / Re: Membership Administration Changing
« Last post by Raymond on Today at 03:09:40 »
Garry,  Thank you seem like such inadequate words for the counsel, wisdom, and dedication you have given this organization.  From the my very first contact with this group, through our financial challenges, through our incorporation, through my tenure as President, with your wary eye on the integrity of this forum, you have been a rock.  Much of the success we enjoy today was built with your labor.  I am so very glad you will continue moderating and keep your involvement in other ways.  I join all those others with my gratitude for the thousands of hours you have given us freely. 
General Discussion / Re: Option code 411 sun roof
« Last post by john.mancini on Today at 02:48:00 »
Yes that is the same car. I just sold my 69 280SL to a great guy, (new member here), who had looked at that black sun roof car. He ended up buying my car, which I had bought from the original owner's estate back in 2004. He got a magnificent, near perfect, original 280SL, and luckily avoided that bogus sunroof black car.
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