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Thanks Johnny B.  Very helpful. My 69, #11208, that I just sold, had side reflectors, not lighted. It is an untouched, original 280SL.
The strap is 30 mm wide, 178 mm long to the heads of the bolts, which are 8 mm  X 70 mm long

Thank you!
I saw that one bolt is longer than the other, but that makes sense when you see the mounting holes in the dashboard.
The strap is 30 mm wide, 178 mm long to the heads of the bolts, which are 8 mm  X 70 mm long
Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Re: Upholstery
« Last post by mdsalemi on Today at 19:10:33 »
When new, there was a very large palette of colors for both interior and exterior. That was then...
Even 20 years ago upon restoration of my car, it was clear that the available color palette from any/all sources wasn't as comprehensive as when new...which is why I chose black. There will always be black available.

That being said, AlexD one of our board members had a similar challenge with carpet. He went to extraordinary, even heroic lengths to get turquoise carpet made to match his original It was written up in a PW some time ago.

You may need to have custom leather dyed to match, and then seat covers custom made. It's not going to be cheap, easy or quick.

Thankfully, there is a fairly well known upholstery shop in your backyard: Heritage Upholstery. If you are serious about your project, a visit to Tony Hazell would be worth your while. They are in Palm Springs.
If you are totally dedicated to absolute perfection in color match, there's a guy in the Netherlands, probably the world's expert. Henk van Lith, at HVL Exclusive Italian Interiors...but he can offer some insight. His specialty is Italian, but I'm sure he can help you.  Good luck!
Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Upholstery
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I am trying to recover the seats in a 1967 230SL.  The MBTex color is 117, or red 2500.  Having a heck of time finding a match.  It the darker red color not the bright red or the maroon.  No one seems to have it - not Gahh or even the classic center.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Burning ATF is quite different than oil smoke. Even a small amount of ATF will produce vast clouds of white smoke. Oil smoke is darker in color and has a stronger smell.
Interesting, does anyone have any feedback on the Blockleys?

I have them. They are, in my opinion, better than the Cokers they replaced. The Cokers were better than the Pirellis that they replaced.

The mark of a good tire, almost the same for a shoe, is you shouldn't notice them. They shouldn't give you any concern for noise, handling, braking, or anything else in your normal driving. I have no technical data to back up the feel; in order to "properly test" tires, you'd have to have a skid pad, some controlled conditions and various sets of tires ON THE SAME car to test. Without that costly setup, it's all anecdotal evidence.

I suspect any Pagoda owner would be extremely pleased with them, with the exception of price. There's a lot of folks out there that are looking for inexpensive when it comes to tires, and the Blockley, the Coker, the Michelin and Vredestein Sprint Classic are all a good step above in price from Uniroyals, Hankook, Maxxis, etc. which are all less than USD $100 each, and generally in the $300-$400 range for a set. Any of these mentioned will be somewhat more costly.

But, the "look" is as original as you are going to find in a modern tire, and the size is identical to original...and for the Americans out there like me who have WW, they are one of the few that have WW.

I could be wrong, but in the past when I looked at Diamond Back, it added at least $75 each to the cost of a tire, plus shipping. So, if you wanted to add WW to say, a Vredestein Sprint Classic, you first have to get the tires to Diamond Back, pay the fee and by the time you're done you are at one very costly tire. Probably one reason I kept the Cokers on so long...
I don't have the same problem with a yellowing WW from Diamond back. I have both the Hankook and Diamond back and the difference is obvious. My understanding is that the process Diamond back uses to apply their WW also blocks the carbon black staining. Have you ever stored a rubber suspension part in a plastic bag for a few years? Yes it stains the bag yellow. Same thing going on with most WW. But not Diamond Back. Does it cost more? Yup. But a better quality WW is what you get for the extra cost.   
I have not yet reinstalled the windshield on the 280, but to build up the knowledge and courage I watched this w116 windshield install. 

Any comments if this video makes sense (generally speaking) for w113?
Good morning and thank you Tom!

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