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General Discussion / Re: Key fob design in the 1960’s
« Last post by John Betsch - "SADIE" on October 26, 2021, 23:30:19 »
I am sure this probably isn't the era key fob you are thinking of, but maybe a consideration of one for your car

To Sebastion's last question, how to keep the gold color from turning grey, I have had parts cadmium plated, then sprayed a clear coat of Nyalic on them.  Some parts haven't even been installed yet so there hasn't been enough time to determine if the Nyalic will serve to retain the gold color.
As pointed out, the gold is a wash and I believe both the wash and the cadmium plating will naturally turn grey over time (unless hopefully protected with the clear). This turning grey is part of the natural oxidation process and is what provides protection to the underlying metal.
I was disappointed that spraying the Nyalic clear did away with the "rainbow" effect. So if you want to keep that effect, I would not apply a clear. But of course, you will lose the rainbow effect over time anyway.
Commercial Advertising / Re: For the White Wall Fans From fb
« Last post by Leester on October 26, 2021, 22:30:42 »
Sorry - I know this is a little off the original topic and as much as I appreciate Pawel bringing this to our attention, why would anyone join a facebook group for Pagoda's when the real deal is right here?
General Discussion / Re: Option 565 Sideways Rear Seat
« Last post by Merc_Girl on October 26, 2021, 22:04:14 »
I'm with John.  I am by far not the safest person on the planet and have scars and missing digits to prove it but using the soft top compartment cover as a head restraint for a small child is a bad idea.  An adult in a rear end collision would have the full force applied to the side of their spine and neck,

Not to mention if there was a head on accident there is a likely of meeting of heads between driver and rear seated occupant! 😱😱
If the modern version of tinker, tailor, soldier, sky, an adult is sitting in the back !!!
General Discussion / Key fob design in the 1960’s
« Last post by Merc_Girl on October 26, 2021, 21:56:36 »
Hi everyone

I’m wanting to find a ‘period’ Mercedes Benz key fob for Bessy, a1964 pagoda

I’m having trouble identifying what the Mercedes Benz fob design was at that time. There seem to be ones with ‘filled’ backgrounds whilst others the gaps between the star is cut out.

Does anyone happen to have an original key fob, of this period, that they can post Lon the forum so I know what I should be looking for? 😁

Many thanks
Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / turn signal switch
« Last post by zak on October 26, 2021, 21:41:07 »
My turn signal switch is sometimes falls out of position when I am making a right turn, but the left turn side works fine and stays put.
I recall reading an item in The Star mag tech section from 20+ years ago on how to fix the " droopy" signal stalk. I think it was written by George Murphy.
He said that the repeated use of the stalk rounded the edge that holds the stalk on place that activates the turn signal and recommended using a small file to somehow sharpen the edge to better hold the stalk in signal position.
Is anyone familiar with this procedure ? Right now I just hold the stalk in place with my left hand while turning right.


Other cars / Re: Bad and getting worse...
« Last post by mdsalemi on October 26, 2021, 21:24:28 »
Are you better off today than you were 10 months ago?

Most definitely not in general. And absolutely not with cars. Just hoping I don't run into anything that needs parts on a daily driver.
But the topic is about the green or gray-green color of some Mercedes original parts and how to get them.

Yes, as mentioned--a language and translation issue.

When I have had parts plated, they have provided a choice of coloring in the secondary process of adding the "phosphate wash" or passivation.

However many of the "gold colors" that you will get with that of zinc do not look exactly the same as that of cadmium. I never was told of any gray/green coloring on metal parts, just on the "silver" and "gold" colors.
Other cars / Re: Bad and getting worse...
« Last post by ejboyd5 on October 26, 2021, 19:39:08 »
Are you better off today than you were 10 months ago?
But after few years I noticed, that the surface is not any more so shiny. So if here are some experts in zinc plating my question is how protect the surface? Or what to do to keep the surface longer so shiny?
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