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Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Re: heyco 300
« Last post by dirkbalter on Today at 21:47:30 »
Didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for "Made in Germany" vs. "Made in West[ern] Germany". There are a number of ceramic and porcelain stamps that are the latter--just look them up. Cameras such as Leica, Voightlander and Kodak AG all say just "Made in Germany" even when it was very much West Germany.

One of the most notable of the "East German" cameras of the 1950s and 60s was the Exacta. That was only marked "Ihagee Dresden" indicating the company and location. Their lenses were often marked "Carl Zeiss Jena" until the West German firm Zeiss got upset and then they were marked just Jena or Jena-Optik.

So you'll see both...on a variety of things.

Clearly off topic but since you are talking about cameras and "Made in......".
OK, it's back together and running but I've discovered yet another leak - amazing what you find when you get the engine all cleaned up..  it's the valve cover - so I have ordered the gasket and will replace.  In the mean time I've tightened to bolts (10 ft. lb.) to try and stem the flow - it was pretty loose.

Some more ah hahs..  Apparently the AC kit that was on the car required moving the alternator so it took me a while to get the right fan belt..  mine is about 50MM (10 X 875MM) shorter than the stock belt. 

the high pressure PS hose is a bit of a problem to install - seems the parts suppliers are trying to use a hose that's really not designed specifically for our cars and requires being pretty severe twist to install.  I had the best luck starting the pump end and then the steering box end. 

And I have yet another question - there's a short hose that runs from the WP housing to a heater fitting/Y.  It has a larger end on the WP housing (~3/4" and a smaller (5/8") end on the Y fitting.    was unable to find a replacement hose - does anyone have a solution?  Should I stretch some 5/8" hose over the WP end?

thanks Peter.
The tank was black, use RAL 9005 2K. If you do it yourself, this is also available in spray can.
About this site / Re: Attachments
« Last post by Dale on Today at 20:43:29 »
   Well, this came as a surprise. I had written up a small piece about my latest acquisition to go in "other cars". When I finished and went to attachments it did not show on "preview", so assumed it had not downloaded. I still have a lot to learn about computers.  Thanks for all the advice.
   Cheers,    Dale.
When my car was restored, the restorer painted the bottom of the tank battleship grey.  Two years later the grey paint is coming off in sheets, revealing matt black paint underneath.  How were tanks coated originally and what type of paint should I use to repaint the exterior?
Electrical and Instruments / New Neutral Safety Switch
« Last post by Stewboyfraiche on Today at 20:29:30 »
Hello all, I need a new neutral safety switch for my 1969 280 if anyone has any idea where to find one. I'm based in Philadelphia. Thanks
Bit harsh! 😔
Hello all  on my 280 SE M130 I don’t see the 17 c switch in the block does anybody know another place where it might be and what color wire goes to it
Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Re: heyco 300
« Last post by Benz Dr. on Today at 18:57:26 »
I've seen 190SL's with a tag that says " Made in West Germany " so it must have been a thing for MB for a while at least.
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