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I’m a new 280 SL owner and looking for a good independent repair and service shop in the Philadelphia area. Westchester Pennsylvania would be the ideal.
Injection pump outlet fitting. First check if you have this valve. I do the fuel line and look inside the fitting. There is or there is not a small hole. Its presence or lack of it indicates if the valve is there, but kill me, I do not remember if the hole means valve is there or vice-versa, you have to look up. It is connected with the presence of the T connector presence at the return line near the fuel pump.
Drive train, fuel, suspension, steering & brakes / Re: 15" wheels
« Last post by JamesL on Today at 21:55:48 »
Do a search for Mechatronik and you’ll find some info, this being the most recent
Hello friends/
Thnks for your advice and help.
nachum  8)
Drive train, fuel, suspension, steering & brakes / Re: 15" wheels
« Last post by VikDasor on Today at 21:15:59 »
Hi Peter,

Could you please elaborate on the mechatronic springs. Are they a straight forward swap and do they lower the stance of the car too and what mm of shims are used to balance the car correctly
Mechanical Fuel Injection pump.  Do some searches for it, you'll find threads discussing it.  I'm not sure what's in the tech manual about it, but worth a look.
General Discussion / Re: Alternator red dash light
« Last post by mauro12 on Today at 19:49:13 »
I haven’t noticed to be honest  with the old battery . I don’t know if it’s a false contact with the fan wiring or something else . The alternator is giving the correct voltage . With everything on it gives around 13.3 volts at idle which is quite acceptable . Or second option is something related to the voltage regulator .
Sold to California.  Best of luck, little car.
Pagoda Spotting / Paco Rabanne Phantom advert
« Last post by JamesL on Today at 18:54:03 »
It’s that time of year when tv is full of perfume adverts
Just spotted on the latest advert for the above perfume a black LHD pagoda with hardtop on.
Joe - Thank you. Where is the check valve anyway?

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