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Pagoda Spotting / Re: Pagoda in New Jersey
« Last post by mclewis on Today at 15:23:57 »
Still more.
Pagoda Spotting / Re: Pagoda in New Jersey
« Last post by mclewis on Today at 15:16:24 »
Pagoda Spotting / Re: Pagoda in New Jersey
« Last post by mclewis on Today at 15:15:11 »
Not to hijack my own post, but here are some further pictures.

General Discussion / Re: Looking for help
« Last post by mdsalemi on Today at 14:25:29 »
I'd like to thank everyone for their positive comments.

I've tried young guys in the shop before and most of them were a complete waste of time.

I've also taken to writing and have completed my first novel over the past year called The Devil's Half Acre. I'm ready to send it off for editing and I think the story will do well. Covid gave me the time to sit and write 33 chapters with about 470 pages. 

I agree that knowledge should be passed on which is why I've spent so much time here. Hopefully, that's helped a few of you. :)

Those of you who know Dan Caron personally know far more of his struggles in many ways, more so than he lets on here in these brief comments for the rest of us.

He lives in a rural farming community, far from any "big city", the kind of place (both here and in his part of Canada) where the young abandon unless they have a bent to take up farming, in their father's or grandfather's footsteps. The nearest city is Sarnia, Ontario, a city of 71,000 that is only slightly larger than the small city I lived in for 30 years. However in my case, my city was surrounded by other cities and towns and we were all part of the greater Detroit area. In Sarnia, the  two main industries are petrochemical and agriculture. To get close to the automotive world, you'd have to go to Windsor, across the river from Detroit. But, Windsor is a distant 131km drive around Lake St. Clair, too far for a commute. Thus it is extremely difficult to attract anyone to work in this area--and he has tried.

Trying to get young people interested in automotive mechanics and restoration is challenging anywhere. It's easier in a more populated, more economically diverse area, but still challenging. It's also easier when the firm is somewhat larger; when Dan says the young ones have not worked out, what's he's also saying is that a lot of the knowledge he imparted to them with the hopes of a better long term employee--call it training--hasn't worked out. Dan's been privately complaining about this for years.

If it were easy, or even possible, it is likely he would have found someone or two, a while ago.

All that aside, am I the only person who noted your "first" novel has been mostly completed? Congratulations!  I do have some experience with books, so if you want contact me by PM or offline (you know where to find me) and hopefully I can give you some pointers.

I don't know about the REST of you, but I for one will be the first on line to buy a copy.
Photo Gallery / Re: 1970 Moss Green Metallic
« Last post by Leester on Today at 13:42:33 »
Beautiful car.
Well.....   after replacing some ball pins on the rods, i am trying to replace the rubber bushing ( N°74 red circle right on the pic ) but this one is fitted on a "round rivet" and not on a bolt/ washer/nut .....
The acces is not easy , i have dismantled the throttle shaft on the bulkhead to have some play , took apart the heatshield under the admission pipes and now i see the culprit !
But even with one or 2  big screwdrivers i can't unsettle the rod and the rubber bush ....
Anyone here knows how ?
Items for Sale / Re: FS: Hella 142 clear driving lights
« Last post by enoz05 on Today at 09:10:06 »
Pending payment
As usual, all the help from everyone astonishes me!

Thank you all once again

Pagoda Spotting / Re: Pagoda in New Jersey
« Last post by LakisAkylas on Today at 05:57:09 »
A Hatch & Sons car, sign of excellence!

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