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General Discussion / Re: It’s that time again
« Last post by JamesL on Today at 12:53:39 »
And... we're back. 1900 miles all in, over a 9 day period. The car ran like a top. I did 360 miles from Nice to Beaune yesterday and had a very early start to a) break the back of the remaining 420 miles before it got too warm and b) have some fun on the country roads between Beaune and Troyes while devoid of traffic. Some fabulous podcasts playing most of the way back.

I've left them extended about 40mm from the bumper, there's enough length to bring them out further, or push them in, if that's what you prefer

Thanks again Marcus for the lead
Those look great Bob.  How far beyond the edge of the bumper do they extend?
Does anyone else rush in to do a job without giving it much thought, i certainly do and i never seem to learn

Spent 20 minutes wrestling with the nuts that hold my old non MB exhaust tips on, with no success and a lot of hot air

Left it for a day and then realised the nuts are welded on, the only loose nut was the one holding the spanner.  Just needed to loosen the grub screws, 10 seconds!

Fitted the new square ended tips, they fit very well, amply long enough, i haven't seen any originals in person, but i can't see how you could tell the difference when fitted

I would (indeed) check the functioning of the constant speed solenoid. It may have stopped working or is mis-adjusted.
Common 230 axles are 4.08 and 3.75 so not much gained by changing from 3.90  All 230 axles had alfin brake drums similar to front 190SL so yours are correct.
Assuming that you have an automatic transmission, the subject of this thread might be a starting place:

Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Re: Paint Job
« Last post by MarkCan on Today at 03:30:22 »
I maintain it is possible to get a near-perfect paintjob in your own garage, doing it yourself, for less than $1,000. I know because I've done it multiple times, and will be doing it again in the coming year on my '61 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint.
I agree with Cees, with some prior experience or guidance and a boat load of good will one shall be able to pull it off. Heck if I knew my neighbours not going to complain I would have started already. From what I hear most painter are not keen on the sending and all the prep mambo jumbo. No problem, I would be happy to do it, with some instructions of course.
After visiting several  paint and restoration shops I’m more confused than I ever was.
It feels like most shops just want a blank cheque. I’m now at the stage where having the painted shell would be beneficial to the project. If anyone got any leads on a good and reasonable paint shop in Ontario Canada, please post it here or contact me through PM.
The Linkage tour is detailed step by step instructions for adjusting the linkage.
It is in our tech manual (along with a ton of other great info) but you have to be a full member to access it.  Well worth $30 per year.
What is a linkage tour?
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