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One other suggestion is to use/fabricate an A-frame gantry…

Many years ago, my family had a couple of Austin America cars, (Austin 1300) and these needed engine transplants now and then. We were able to find spares at both junkyards and private sales. These were transverse front engines with the transmission in the sump.

My father fabricated an A-frame out of 2x4s and a hand crank “come along”. The whole contraption was easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport. We used it on the road to get used engine/transmission combinations out of donor cars as well as reinstalling at home.

If I asked him today (he’s 100 years young) he’d be all over that project!
General Discussion / Re: Which oil in ZF
« Last post by mazmonza on Today at 09:35:49 »
Does it have to be Dexron 2
So, I bought the Porsche TTS but I'm not sure it's working properly based on bench testing before install.  I grounded the body of the switch to the battery, then attached an ohm meter between what would be the "W" terminal and the battery ground.  I would have expected the "W" terminal to be continuous to the ground when the TTS is cold but it was nowhere close.  I was then going to apply 12V to the "G" terminal and confirm that the ground was lost but I never got that far since the "W" terminal never showed a ground.  Thoughts?

Hello, you're correct, W should read zero ohms to earth (-) when cold.  G should read the resistance of the coil to earth.  Perhaps put the unit in hot water and then test again, maybe the contacts need to open and close again, if it's been sitting on a shelf for a while

I've also seen that the 91161711700 is no longer available and some suppliers are supplying a replacement ...701, which has internal electronics, so may not test the same on a test meter, perhaps it needs the +ve connection before W grounds? just a thought, worth checking the part number you received
Photo Gallery / Re: Amazing automobile photos
« Last post by star63 on Today at 08:39:33 »
What a great way to start the day  :) - thanks, Joe!
I saw those at Harbor Freight and that's a bit too much for my needs.  I bought a 2 ton engine hoist that can fold up and use very little floor space when not in use.  I'm going to try Cees' method.
Photo Gallery / Re: Amazing automobile photos
« Last post by Cees Klumper on Today at 06:32:36 »
Amazing photography, thanks for posting Joe.
Photo Gallery / Amazing automobile photos
« Last post by ja17 on Today at 05:31:57 »
I have a college classmate, (Royce Rumsey), who does photo shoots for Mercedes-Benz. His website has some amazing automobile photos that I think you would like to see! Take a few minutes to look around. Here are a few Pagoda shots.  Enjoy!

View his main website here:
I’m back, checking the thread.
I’m back-checking the thread.

One other suggestion is to use/fabricate an A-frame gantry similar to pic below to lift the front of the car, anchor points the front bumper mounts as an example....

Rgds, Joe

***edit*** though you could just as easily do the motor from the top with that  ;D
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