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General Discussion / Re: MB Tex vs Leather
« Last post by mrfatboy on Today at 03:05:04 »
As a point of reference I bought new MB Tex seat covers (from GAT) to replace my originals.   I also bought extra to replace the old dash.

The new MB Tex is nice but nowhere as durable as the original. As far as I know, GAT, Gahh, World, etc sell the same stuff.
Items for Sale / Re: 68 For sale
« Last post by Joseph8431 on Today at 02:15:07 »
Hi it’s Joe I spoke with you a few months ago please call me if still available 203-260-3158
General Discussion / Re: MB Tex vs Leather
« Last post by Cole on Today at 01:51:39 »
Hi and thanks for all your great feedback.

I do really like leather upholstery, but I believe it requires more care and just won't last as long as MB-Tex. Do you agree?
I talked with John at German Auto Tops here in LA about getting good quality vinyl for the MB-Tex approach and he said that it was hard to find. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
So..... I'm still interested in finding the best sources for it; The sources that German Auto Tops and GAHH use may be the best out there. Do you folks think that's the case or do you know of better (or the best) sources for excellent quality vinyl?
John, you made a very good point about keeping it original except for the cracked dash top. I'm lucky to have the original upholstery (except for the top of the dash) in such good condition, so that may well be the best solution for me.
But I'm still interested in knowing where the best vinyl can be found that's comparable to that of fifty years ago.

General Discussion / Re: MB Tex vs Leather
« Last post by GM on Today at 00:04:06 »
German Auto Tops has both types - 3XX (smoother) and P3XX (more grain)
General Discussion / Re: MB Tex vs Leather
« Last post by lowpad on September 28, 2020, 23:56:35 »
Is there a good source of original (and early) MB Tex?  I've never been able to find the smooth finish vinyl, just the later version with the more animal-type grain.
Stuff a sock in one tailpipe.  If it runs with one tailpipe plugged they mix.
Drive train, fuel, suspension, steering & brakes / Re: loss of power
« Last post by jim 56 on September 28, 2020, 22:20:58 »
yes the pump on my car would start fine then would decrease in flow after awhile.Had the armature rewound works fine now.One thing I have seen on this site is people saying that it is hard to find a 22mm hex wrench.I have seen people make one out of a bolt which works fine.I bought a 22mm hex socket with a 1/2 drive from Summit racing that worked fine.
Check it at the end of return line. Give the pump 5-10 minutes of work to warm up.
General Discussion / Re: MB Tex vs Leather
« Last post by john.mancini on September 28, 2020, 21:33:40 »
Hi Cole,

If your original seats and door panels are "quite good", with no rips or tears, DO NOT replace them. Have your dash re-done with matching MB Tex. Anything original to your car, that is worth keeping, and in good enough condition to keep, KEEP.
Even with a new paint job, good, original interiors can be detailed to look "as new".

That being said, "original" is always my preference. Your preference may be different. But we can all agree that the emphasis on originality is an important factor when it comes to today's collector car values.

Announcements / MOVED: Problem with downshift 4th-3rd.
« Last post by 66andBlue on September 28, 2020, 19:38:12 »
This topic has been moved to [Drive train, ....].
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