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Funny you mention the 2mm camber spacers, I am just in the process off fitting them on the correct side after spotting it in the BBB, when I rebuilt the subframe I fitted them on the wrong side thinking they were just washers but only noticed once I had fitted the subframe and motor back in the car, I had to take the weight of the car on the lower control arm,slowly back off both bolts 3 mm and the only completely remove one of the 2 bolts at a time to fit the 2mm spacer for fear of everything getting out of shape, it is doable with care, the new lock washers have just arrived from SLS so I will have to do the process again tomorrow as the old washers now look a mess. My advice is to fit them now while it’s out of the car .
Thanks Paul

And well remembered!!??!?

Thanks for the tip, all I know is that the second speed for wiper didn’t work, so just presumed it was the stalk, given my experiences in the past is that whatever goes wrong, it’s usually the most expensive bit that needs replacing!!

I did look at a few 230sl’s but did go back to the one in the SL shop. I forgot my husband has an old family friend who specialises in high end classic car restorations, so one of his top chaps went and inspected the car. So certainly went in with eyes wide open when the negotiations started  ;D

I’ve passed your suggestion on, so hopefully that will be a cheaper solution

Thanks once again

Take care
I hope it's a fantastic experience. Did you get a PPI done?

We'll want pictures.
Quote from: dirkbalter
.../...item # 3 , Scheiben or shims. I just reassembled these as well. Mine did not have any shims when I took it apart.../...
A previous mechanic w/o knowledge has been messing things up in your car...
The Mercedes Workshop manual (BBB) stresses the fact that two of these washers must be fitted at all time.
The position of these washers can be varied according to need however. One each side, like in the illustration on the left (Item No 3) is the normal situation.
German manuals and schematics will specify wire size in terms of cross section area rather than diameter. The 1,5 mm that you reference falls between 14 and 16 gauge in the system used in the USA.  be safe and round up in size when replacing older wiring.
Oh, you are talking about item # 3 , Scheiben or shims. I just reassembled these as well. Mine did not have any shims when I took it apart. The note says that these are used if the cam stroke adjustment of the bolt is not enough. I guess, we (I) will find out when an alignment is performed? 
General Discussion / Re: California Coupe
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Quote from: MikeSimon
What do you base the percentage estimate on, Hans?.../...
Relevant question... Was long ago when I bought my own metallic green California Coupé (2008, subsequently sold), so I do not have clear memories.
At the time, I discussed this with many Mercedes guys "in the scene", and also my own gut feeling based on the ratio I have encountered over 25 years.
Furthermore, the numbers in for instance the German Club Pagode.
But, certainly a subject up for discussion. As mentioned, there is no official table from the Factory to look at.

To confuse the matter, a number of SA 41/7 cars have been modified. Their bodywork cut and welded, and a soft top compartment has thus been fitted to them
(as well as a soft top frame).

Photo Gallery / Re: Vintage photos of my 280
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Great Photos John,

Once again provides excellent reference for all of us wrt to trim placement, exhaust tip protrusion, etc.

I agree that it looks to be sitting a little high but l think that might be because the road may be sloped.

Always throws me to see Gum Trees ( Eucalyptus) in a foreign land.😊

 Thanks Rob and all others for the nice comments. As far as the the cars height goes, maybe it rode a bit higher because the springs were only about 6 months old :D. Eucalyptus trees, yes they are abundant in CA but not so much here in the foothills. I believe they first were introduced from Australia back in the 1800's down near San Diego and they spread throughout the state pretty quickly. Finally Achim, I wish I could say that was my neighborhood. It was just a great place to drive the SL and provided a perfect backdrop for photos.

Wolfgang, thank you, again, for your patience and clarification - crystal clear now.

The bigger the amperage and the wire the more important this difference is, it seems.

My impression from my country was electricians always talked cross-sections (car or household). 90% of Poland's technical practices and 50% of the language comes from Germany. I thought it was cross-section, then Technical Manual said "diameter", I wanted to make sure.
Hi ?

Are you sure it is the Multi function switch at fault, and not the Wiper Relay (17)/ 50 year old connections / wiper motor (16) ?

Incidentally, did you buy the original car you were looking at last year, or did you look at a few others first ?.

Enjoy your Pagoda

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