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Back from vacation and gave my 250 SL a good spin.  After several miles, I checked the temperature of my "Red"  coil and  I can barely hold my hand on it.  I would guess it at about 120-130 Deg. F.  Car runs good, but would invite others to "feel" their coil and get back to me with how hot it is running.

I'm still concerned something isn't right because of teahead's report that his "red" coil is running much cooler.
thanks Frank and everyone. I will try testing the resistance this weekend and will open it up carefully to clean it.

BTW, looking at the hole underneath the wiper motor, it, the one under the brake booster and the one on the right side, under the wiring harness (on my LHD 280) appear to be the same size.
Charles, that is a GREAT picture of the plug under the brake booster. Thanks!
It in the exact same location on the other side buried under the wiring harness.

Thanks for checking that.  Now I know there are supposed to be plugs in the holes and where the strap for the harness is located.
Our cars use the same style sending unit that were in early Porsche’s. There are YouTube videos on how to open the sending unit. There is a small nut at the bottom end of the center rod that gets removed and allows the outer tube to be be removed from the top section. You need to be very careful if opening one of these up due to the very fine wires that stretch just inside the wall of the outer tube. What I found in the Porsche is that old gas can cause the float in the sending unit cylinder to stick. Cleaning the center rod and the wire allowed the float to move more freely.
There is another on the other side of your car. Is it plugged?

Shvegel, are you talking about the plug under the wiper motor? I've never even seen the plug under the brake booster - until just now when I searched with a flashlight. thanks, charles
Thanks all for the reply’s
Other cars / Re: Tesla Model X
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Another indication, from a different vehicle segment, that we are quite a way away from safe, reliable electric propulsion system for the masses:
Harley Davidson has halted production and sales of their "Life Wire" electric motorcycle due to problems associated with "at home charging" ::)
With your question, I unclamped the wire harness that runs across where that hole would be. There is a hole, plugged with a rotten plug. My clean up has not made it as far as that part of the engine bay. I found a 10mm plug at AuthenticClassics that should work to plug both of these holes. Thanks for your help.
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