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Working on my glove box, I have a question to the experts here. I am about to remove the two rivets on the bottom, holding the chrome hinge to the body. Where did you find replacement rivets like that?
General Discussion / Re: Paris Dakar or Slam Dunk?
« Last post by MarkCan on May 24, 2022, 23:33:25 »
I hope everyone had a good chuckle,

Following in that train of thought, who said we can’t pull the axle out in the driveway.
General Discussion / Paris Dakar or Slam Dunk?
« Last post by MarkCan on May 24, 2022, 21:39:05 »
I’m poking away at the 230 and I came across this clip;

So I improvised a bit and came up with following. What you think? Crazy isn’t it?
Other cars / Re: So which of you
« Last post by Mike Hughes on May 24, 2022, 21:28:11 »
Whomever it is, I hope he drives it at least once (and not just around the block!), and then lets the folks at Classic & Sportscar get a chance to do a drive report and photo spread on it so that the rest of us can get a bit of vicarious enjoyment from his good fortune.
Other cars / Re: So which of you
« Last post by zak on May 24, 2022, 21:16:01 »
I wonder who bought it ?
General Discussion / Re: SOLD Bring a Trailer 1967 250SL
« Last post by lowpad on May 24, 2022, 21:09:52 »
Speaking as a long-term 230 owner, I think an early 250 is just about the perfect compromise between the nice early details of the 250 and the hardier engine of the 280. Of course, a European 280 is ideal (there was a very nice example at the AACA Nationals this past weekend), but this car stood out with a really nice color combination and great documentation. And it seems the market is mad for 5-speeds.
Electrical and Instruments / Re: Recommend Taillight Supplier
« Last post by on May 24, 2022, 18:59:11 »

a was facing the same problem. I have returned the lights back and taken new from . They also have a gap on sealing but after fixing the lights on the car they are perfeclty aligned.

General Discussion / Re: Non Ethanol Gas $
« Last post by mdsalemi on May 24, 2022, 14:27:34 »
If the petrol you put in your tank is going to be used imminently, such as just one of the fuel fills you'll need for a drive, then putting non-ethanol fuel in is probably just wasteful. The fuel shortly to be used doesn't have enough time to absorb water of appreciable or damaging quantity.

If you are NOT going to use that fuel, and the car sits or is stored, then that is a different matter up to you. While some call it "good luck" I think losing one fuel pump hose after about 15 years isn't too bad. There's a large number of members here using only the fuel commonly available to them, and that's most likely E10. Many have had no issues over many years. This fuel hose was my only issue, and there's no saying that the leak at the crimp was caused by ethanol or its consequences. Leaks happen. Things don't last forever.
Just replaced mine, given that I'm making every effort to retain OE on every part, was able to dig up a OEM MB part for $800.00
Thank you for the reference.
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