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Wanted To Buy / WTB Sunvisor set for RHD 250SL
« Last post by hands_aus on Today at 22:26:53 »
Can anyone recommend a supplier of RHD Sunvisor sets for early 250 SL fittings not needed

That really helps!  Turned on ignition all the way before crank for about 5s.

Engine then fires in about 2s of cranking.  Way way better than before!

Thanks fellas!  Been extremely helpful!
Glad to hear.  Good luck.  If you really want to learn about the details of tuning I suggest you turn to our Porsche cousins.  I believe they are more adventurous and enthusiastic about this matter.  Much of my tuning knowledge came from these guys

There is a lot of great information available on this website for Bosch fuel injection systems.  Poke around if you have time using their search engine.  This topic is discussed at length
I can proudly say my thinking was exactly along the lines you described that is exactly what I am going to do before the FIP is sent out.
General Discussion / Manifold torque
« Last post by mazmonza on Today at 18:02:21 »

I can't find the torque setting for inlet/exhaust manifolds to head.

Can somebody help please.

I modified my earlier post.  Sorry for my mistake.  The thumb screw is for idle adjustment only.  Removing the allen screw permits access to the full range screw.  Sounds like you have good control tuning as results are improved.   Like you suggest I would drive it and check the plugs. 

I don't know how the FIP will respond under load.  If the fip richens the mixture a little under load (I suspect this is how it works) I'd say your in good shape.  You don't want to go the other way where the mixture leans out too much under load.  I'd pull the plugs and check color sooner rather then later.  I think you know what a very rich plug looks like
Events / Re: Meeting of the Clans II
« Last post by Tomnistuff on Today at 15:13:09 »
I get confused about where to post.  I just posted our arrival plans and probable realities on Dieter's last thread.  We are still planning to attend everything.

Tom Kizer
Events / Re: Attendees for the Meeting of CLANS II Please Read
« Last post by Tomnistuff on Today at 15:07:29 »
Hi Dieter,

Christian Beaudoin and I plan to leave Quebec City at 7 AM on Thursday (maybe earlier, if possible).  It is supposed to take us 9 hours and 20 minutes, plus gas and food stops.  That yields about 5:30 PM arrival.

That cuts it close to meet at Tim's by 5:30 PM.  We'll try, but our most probable result will be to meet you all at the car show site.  Don't wait for us, but saving us a parking space would be appreciated.

Tom Kizer
Items for Sale / FS: NEW Kolbenschmidt Pistons 230SL 82,5mm A1270300518
« Last post by Sead on Today at 13:47:10 »

I have a new NOS Kolbenschmidt pistons for 230SL
3th generation
1st repair size 82,5mm
1.800,-€ plus shipping
MB price over 600€/piece

Thank you
Photo Gallery / Re: Dutch 230 SL Pagode 1965 restoration project
« Last post by EeVeeWee on Today at 11:25:33 »
The Texas sun had seriously damaged the instruments and the inside was not really clean anymore.
They are now completely cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and equipped with new glass and new seals and chrome rings.

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