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Drive train, fuel, suspension, steering & brakes / Re: What’s this for?
« Last post by Garry on August 09, 2022, 21:55:17 »

I think Katie has a RHD 230sl so it does not have that and bracket slot is not used.
Electrical and Instruments / Re: Original Radio
« Last post by Charles 230SL on August 09, 2022, 20:25:48 »
hello OldGuard, Go to Option Codes at:

Scroll down to Boxes 510 - 519 and you'll see Option Codes for the various radios:
510   Radio Becker Mexico (Olympia with stereo-cassette)
511   Radio Becker Mexico (LMKU)
512   Radio Becker Europa cassette
513   Radio Becker Europa stereo, USA
514   Radio Becker Europa LMKU (LW, AM, SW, FM)
515   Radio Becker AM, FM, USA
516   Radio Becker Grand Prix (LMKU)
517   Radio Becker Monte Carlo
518   Radio Becker Europa stereo
519   Radio Becker Grand Prix, USA

Find box 51 on your data card and match that particular digit with the 3rd digit in the list above; i.e, if there's a "5" in box 51 of your data card, your car was equipped with a Becker AM, FM, USA (option code 515)
Electrical and Instruments / Original Radio
« Last post by OldGuard60 on August 09, 2022, 19:55:30 »
I have a 1971 280SL Data Card (Version 4) for my vehicle and I am trying to figure out what the original radio was that came with it.  I can't figure out where it states this on the data card.  Can someone direct me to where I can find this. 
Thanks in advance.
You are going to have a 235sl now.
I got a report on my longblock from Metric Motors yesterday and its worse than I thought (I guess it always is :-\)
Looks like I'll need a new crankshaft and head. Appears the head was at some time in the past cut down below 84 mm and is now at 82.90 mm. Since Metric doesn't have a viable core on hand, I'll be getting a brand new OE head. The crankshaft has several issues including the common rear seal corrosion. I didn't realize the block had also in the past been bored to 82.5, and it now needed to be bored to 83 mm to clean up damage from some broken piston ring lands.

I'm glad Metric has the engine - the damage (above) is probably pretty routine for those guys. I know a number of members of this Group have had their 230/250 blocks bored +1.00 mm over.
General Discussion / Re: Differential
« Last post by teahead on August 09, 2022, 17:21:34 »
Are you saying a new ring (crown) and pinion will cure the noise?  Are your current gears really that worn out?

Going to a 3.92 will make highway driving even more unbearable. 

Unless you have a 5-speed w/OD.
General Discussion / Re: Restoring a 230sl in the UK
« Last post by JC50UK on August 09, 2022, 17:10:54 »
Thanks James
Commercial Advertising / Re: Make your own colored striped wire?
« Last post by wwheeler on August 09, 2022, 16:36:57 »
Pretty cool and inventive. I suppose you only really have to do the ends because that is where you see the wire and where identification is made. Ok now for a real feat. Double stripe twisted!  :o 
General Discussion / Re: Restoring a 230sl in the UK
« Last post by JamesL on August 09, 2022, 16:27:01 »
Thanks James

It's not currently running and the I was given the whole things needs rebuilding report when I had it properly surveyed.  Albeit it looks ok.  But it has been just standing for 25 years +

This forum is encouraging me to get it mechanically sound and working and safe so I can drive it around and then take it from there.

Just need to hope that I get an honest and fair price for engine to be fixed and other requirements done - guessing that could be 30k+?

Hopefully, it’s been stored in a dry place (and rodent free) and wasn’t rusting away before storage

If it’s been sitting, the fuel system will need draining and cleaning. Possibly a new tank.
FI pump will likely also be a bit gummed up and in need of (specialist) work.
If you assume the gearbox is ok but 8n need of new fluids etc. assume radiator is in need of a recore as a min.
Engine rebuild is normally a known quantity and do-able if the block is standard. Go to someone who knows the engines, not your local garage.
The rest, shocks, rubbers, tyres, pipes, etc will need replacing. Brakes will need a pads, lines etc

The search function will help you get your head around brining a car back to life.

I’d like to think £30k woulD be close to enough but parts prices are rising and labour rates are not as low as they were when Stick did my rebuild.
You’ll have a perfectly driveable (in all traffic conditions and in lane 3 of the M6) car that puts a huge grin on your face for that money.

Caeveat… if the front end is rotten, putting a nice new engine on rusty mounts and frame is silly so then things could get really pricey… one thing you could think about… if the engine and box are out/subframe off, do any repair/resto work in the engine bay etc while it’s accessible. You might be able to avoid pulling it all out again should you opt to do more work later. But it depends on what you want from the car and is the juice worth the squeeze (cost of concours type resto worth it to you)?

It’s very rare to cover the cost of a restoration from a sale.
General Discussion / Re: Differential
« Last post by Anosh on August 09, 2022, 16:19:39 »
Thank you so very much for your very prompt response. Will check the nut first.
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