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Commercial Advertising / Re: 230 engine for sale on FB for £1100
« Last post by SEB on January 21, 2022, 16:36:14 »
Many thanks for help, my son tried also to see this add and person on FB- with the same result.
Please send me a PM - it allways good to have a Pagoda friend in the UK. If you will need some items from Germany I can help you as well.

General Discussion / Re: option code 110 MB-LEDER TWIN
« Last post by Jonny B on January 21, 2022, 16:27:32 »
Most interesting. I have a copy of the options list the German group put together some years ago, and it has a listing for 000 - steuerungs code fuer die fahrzeugproduktion translated to control code for vehicle production.

The first code after that is 200 for antifreeze.

Can you post a scan of the portion of the data card you are asking about?
General Discussion / option code 110 MB-LEDER TWIN
« Last post by john123 on January 21, 2022, 16:07:52 »
On the data card for my 66 230sl  box #22,  which is often labeled Scheibenwischer (windscield wiper), it is not labeled as such.  Instead it has no label as the other boxes do, but it does include  what looks like 110. I have searched the internet and only found one German site which states that since Bosch was the only supplier of wipers that box was left unlabeled and instead Mercedes used that box for additional option codes. That same website indicated that (110.) referred to MB-LEDER TWIN which my research leads me to believe means twin leather where the seats were real leather and the rest was MB Tex.  I have not been able to find option code 110 on any other lists. Is anyone able to confirm or contradict that information?
Electrical and Instruments / Re: New tumbler ... new problem
« Last post by BartSt on January 21, 2022, 15:48:55 »

Good afternoon.

As you saw in the thread I had problems with my ignition.

Bought a new one, build it into the dash, but it stopped turning.

Sent it back to SLS shop and they reimbursed me.

But now I'm without a tumbler ...

Problem is that I can not find a replacement for my w113, 230sl, 1967 in Europe.

Who could help me?


Ive tried some of those. Mr clean is worth a try. I think it is too far gone though.
The FI pump is a magnificent piece of machinery. I know enough about it to be dangerous but am interested in learning more. Can someone explain what the space cam is, what its function is and why a space cam from an earlier pump is advantageous. Thanks in advance.   Lee
Yes, crossed my mind, thank you. I thought M10 would be my last resort.
You could try Mr Clean magic eraser.  It is great for cleaning vinyl so it may work on the plastic window.
Wanted To Buy / Re: Linkage part
« Last post by Anosh on January 21, 2022, 13:29:13 »
Hi Stick.
Thanks for your reply. I am interested in buying the part. Could I please have a picture of the part? Just confirming its for a RHD 230SL.

I tried calling but you all were at lunch just now. Will call back from India. My WhatsApp number is +91 9820040505. Could you please give me your WhatsApp number or will call you on your land line.
Best regards,
Body, interior, paint, chrome, and cosmetic items / Re: Upholstery
« Last post by Garry on January 21, 2022, 13:23:39 »
Did you try

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