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Pagoda SL Group Technical Manual

This is the Wiki for the Technical Manual for the Pagoda SL Group, the International Club for Mercedes Benz 230 SL / 250 SL / 280 SL Roadsters of the W113 series. The information that is collected here derives from a number of sources, but mainly the old Yahoo W113 Group and the Pagoda SL Group Forums.

This material is of the Pagoda SL Group. You are allowed to post links to our material, but you are not allowed to copy this information in whole or in part.

Gaston Lagaffe © Franquin, Jean De Mesmaeker

In order to update data on this site, you will need to be a Full Member of the Pagoda SL Group. You log in with your username and password at the forum using the Login tab and then return here.

At some point in the future we may allow editing rights to everyone. It is likely that this will not happen until we have structured the information on this site in some reasonably consistent shape. Join us to help create this technical manual.

This is a work in progress. At any time data may be incorrect, incomplete or even plain misleading. Due to the nature of Wiki development things may get worse before they get better. You use this information entirely at your own risk, the Pagoda SL Group takes no responsibility.

Pagoda SL Group Information

This section contains links to information related to the organisation and charter of the Pagoda SL Group. The history of the group is described at this link: A short History of Pagoda SL Group. To see what our web-site looked like through the years, check this Web-site past and present.

Business cards to print out, cut up, and hand out to fellow Pagoda owners to incite them to join us: Carcards


Add your Mercedes-Benz events from around the world to this page (and remember to delete old events)


Most of the content below marked with in the Technical Manual is only available to Full Members of the Pagoda SL Group. If you have not yet logged in on the Forum, you will need to log in with your user name and your password, to access this information. About Membership of the Group.

You log in with your username and password at the forum using the Login tab and then return here.

Parts queries

Research your parts needs on one of these Mercedes-Benz sites

Car Registry

The Car Registry contains a list of all the cars known to us. This list used to be a database which people could add their details to. This lead to inconsistent formatting and out-of-date data. If you'd like to correct an entry for your car(s), please send a mail to

Car Registry

Diversions and Videos

Diversions, detours, divertissements, dead-ends, frivolous stuff. This page leads to interesting tidbits of information about our beloved Pagoda cars and their owners. Feel free to add stuff!

Full member content, topics of interest

These topics are major topics of interest, covering multiple aspects and idiosyncracies of the Pagoda. They are a good starting point for multiple parts of knowledge, branching off into numerous directions...

Pagoda University Blacklick

For Editors

For those of us who edit this manual, here we collect Edit Notes on how to structure and complete the manual. Also see News for editors on how this manual and the Wiki is evolving.

A local copy of PmWiki's documentation has been installed along with the software, and is available via the documentation index. It is available on all pages from the menu on the left. The basic editing page describes how to create pages in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.
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