Car Registry


The Car Registry is open to all members of the Pagoda SL Group. To include your car in the Registry, please send an e-mail to the Registrar at, and include all the details for listing in the table (use the following template in your e-mail):

Member Name: your name, the way you'd like it. If you like privacy, use your forum name
Year/Model: 1965 230 SL (the year of production please)
Colors: Dark Olive Green, tan leather interior, black cloth soft top (you may include color codes if needed
VIN: in the format 113.044-12-020065 (mind the dashes)
Engine number: in the format 129.982-22-000030 (mind the dashes)
Options: Options your SL was delivered with ex-Factory, e.g: Power steering, Becker Grand Prix
Mileage and Date: what mileage or kilometerage your car has driven and when you checked
Comments: Anything noteworthy you might want to tell us: Barn find, fully restored, whatever.

The Registry is a valuable source of information about W113 Pagodas. Accurate and complete information in the Registry about a large number of cars will allow owners to learn about cars built about the same time as their car; about cars with similar features and options; and to extract statistics about cars with manual or automatic transmissions, as just a few examples.

The Registry will be most useful if it is accurate and complete. Please submit complete information about a car to be listed. Be especially careful to include the entire VIN number, engine number, and options. When describing colors, try to include the Paint Color Codes as well as the color names. For historic purposes, we would always like to know the exterior color when the car left the factory if the color has since been changed.

Please also let us know if there are omissions or errors in the Registry. Also let us know if you sell your car -- it would be really great if the new owner was told about about us, so that he or she can "join the club".

Car Registry

Note: This table is sortable! Each column can be sorted by clicking the name of a column at the top. The sort is according to ASCII sorting rules so an entry with an upper case CAPITAL letter will not always follow a similar entry in lower case. A blank is considered a character and will affect the sort as will a comma, dash, or period. These sort 'spoilers' will be edited by the Registrar.

Suggested uses of the sort function: sort the VIN column to find cars with VIN numbers near your car; or all manual cars; or sort the Member column to see if your friend has listed his/her car. Caution here: some of the MEMBER entries are nicknames, handles, have initial first letters, etc. so this may not be successful.

Another way to locate an item in the table is to use the "Find On This Page" function of a browser. Enter "italy" and "italian" to find Euro cars sold in Italy or located in Italy. Search using all possible variations of what you are looking for since the entries can vary. The "Find" search can locate colors, transmissions, options, owners, and more.

If a "Find on This Page" search does not deliver the result you are looking for, change the "Find" word. An example, when looking for all "euro" cars, a Find for "euro" will bring up every entry with a Europa radio. To avoid this, the Find can be modified to search for "euro " (note the space after "euro". The space will eliminate all "Europa" entries but will deliver all "euro" items. This is just one example to show that a search might need to be refined before it will give the desired result.

MemberYear/ModelColorsVINEngine NrOptionsMileage and dateComments
Richard Madison1971 280 SLTobacco Brown, Cognac int, Tan top113.044 10 021755130.983 104 sp manual, Jump Seat, Becker Europa, heated rear window, PS, AC, Nardi Wheel80,000 orig miles 2/03US Version, Built 10/70, Delivered NJ 4/71, no longer owned by RM
Rodd Masteller1966 230 SL124 Arabian gray body, 158 white-gray hardtop, 219 natural-colored leather113.042 12 018381127.981 12 004028Leather covered parcel shelf rail, Italy-spec fender turn signals.Unknown because I have no records from first 10 years in Italy.I love my car!
Cees Klumper1969 280 SLwhite, blue interior, white hardtop, dark blue soft top113.044 12 008903No engine number - Factory exchange enginePS, Tinted windows, Hard top, 3.69 rear diff, electronic ignUnknownRe-imported to Europe from the US in the 90ies
Leon Lapointe1966 230 SL europastel white DB131 blue int. blue soft top113.042 10 016865 power steering,white steering wheel? 55,000 km 2-03new bare metal paint, new interior, great car !!!!
Robert W Geco1968 280 SL Roadster/coupe158 white grey 040 black top soft top 740 black113.044 12 001906130.983 12 001260tinted glass, emergency seat Automatic electric antenna luggage rack oil pan shield HD springs97,000 March 1 2003European delivery family owned since April 1968 USA model
Albert de la Torre1964 230 SL568 Signal Red, 953 Black Leather, 040 Black HT, 872 Black ST113.042 10 002432127.981 10 002164Power Steering, Ivory steering wheel, 4sp manual, Becker radioEngine rebuilt 5.000 km ago, 03/03Euro version, Michelin MXV-P 185 HR14 Tyres
Jerry W. Pyles1966 230 SLSilver paint, red Int. Black tops113.042 power steering, antenna?Euro...still in paint shop.
Bill Rader1968 250 SLEx-Ivory(for now)/Int- Black leather/Top-Black/Hardtop-Ivory113.043 10 004765129.982 10 002351Nardi wheel,Blaupunkt Los Angeles CD player168,000 ( maybe who knows )Arizona car
Stan Wilson1965 230 SLWhite (717), White (221), White (717)113.042 12 010493127.981 12 002029Automatic, Air Conditioning (added in 1970)112889 5 Mar 03 
Naj Jesani1968 280 SLDark Blue, Cream Leather, Ivory Stg Wheel113.044 20 003469130.983 20 001324Sump Guard97K 08/2004Original Engine/gearbox/diff
Klaus Drexl1969 280 SL906 grey-blue metallic, 145 parchment, now leather, 904 blue hardtop, blue softtop113.044 12 005285130.983 12 003347Automatic, Becker Mexico Stereo116k (03/03)US Version, sold by Benzel-Busch in NJ, 4th owner
Rick Payton1968 280 SLWhite, Black, White hard top Black soft top113.044 10 000157130.983 10 000084 72567Very early 280sl
Bob Billstein1969 280 SL - EuroWhite (717) ext, Navy int & soft top113.044 12 010024130.983 12 006339Ivory Wheel, Becker Mexico w/SW, LW, AM, FM (orig), Headrests, RH mirror43,000 original miles, April 2003An unmolested, pristine beauty!
Bill Greffin1971 280 SLDB423 Tobacco, 250 Cognac, 746 Dark Brown Soft-Top113.044 10 022375130.983 10 007796  one owner
Michael C. Egan1968 280 SL903 - Blue/ 050 White, 8014- parchment, blue top113.044 10 ZF-5 speed, 3.69 rear axle, jump seat, Becker Mex.,  
Walter Klatt1970 280 SL-113.044 10 018312   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1970 280 SL-113.044 12 020623   Junkyard
Niles Hanson1969 280 SLwhite ext, blue int, white hardtop, blue softop113.044 12 006267  189000 December 2005 
Ulrik Moerch1967 250 SLPapyrus white (717)113.043 10 000023129.982 10 000017Power steering, Becker Grand Prix, Whitewall tires, Automatic antenna  
TFL-San Diego1969 280SLSignal Red, Black Leather,113.044    
John J Borg1969 280 SLext cherry red, int white/cream hardtop, soft top black113.044 12 011436 power steering, automatic, LHD, 3 seater, Clarion 4 track radio,reconditioned ~4,000 KMengine rebored/new cylinder head, reconditioned fuel injector and new electrical distributor, total respray, project still to be finished ie interior and soft top
Alan Tabone1968 280 SLChampagne body, brown interior, black hard top, brown soft top113.044 10 011186 Becker Euro radio, head rests, ivory steering wheel, power steering, Electric windows. Left hand drive model
Joe Orman1971 280 SLmetallic silver body and top/blue interior/black conv.113.044 12 020579130.983 12 013759auto,air,factory stereo/elec.antenna,rear window defroster,original seat belts,tinted glass67k 4/03purchased in CA 22 years ago with 28k, a member of the family ever since.Restored by MB to mint condition 2 years ago
Dominique Lee1969 280 SLSilver, Black, Black113.044 10 004334  100,000+ 
Juan Quijano1970 280 SLWhite, red leather113.044 10 011883  200.000 Km April 2003 
Ger Oomen1966 230 SLBlue,brown interior, blue hard top, brown soft top113.042 10 018048 Becker radio, power steering64 K 0403New paint, Every drive is a party!
Bob Smith Handsaus1967 250 SL, RHDPapyrus White (717), Papyrus White (717), MB Tex Black113.043 22 000114129.982 22 000030Blaupunkt AM radio, PS, Auto, Hard top only158750 miles 10/031st Reg 10/05/1967, repaired Soft Top Frame July 2011, Black fabric, Sydney, Australia
Matton1964 230 SLbordeaux/red with beige leather interior113.042127.981 59000in very good shape
Ron Burg1971 280 SLDB423 Tobacco Brown 145 Parchment 746 Dk brown Soft Top DB423 Hard Top113.044 12 020572 Auto, Air Cond, Optional Alloy Wheels chromed, Nardi Wheel, Blaupunkt AM/FM Up grade to 100 watt with CD 6 pack, Power Steering113,030 05/ 2003My second wife: O Gi Gi a real joy to own and drive Summer is not long enough!
Charles Jeannot1968 280 SLRed, Champagne, Red113.044 20 002668 Rear bench seat instead of soft top, ps, RHD85500, May 2003 
Michael Gruber1968 280 SLDB 691 / 131 / 740 / 040113.044 10 002346130.983ZF S5-20 Five Speed Gearbox, Becker Grand Prix, Power steering, Hardtop60,000 km, 2nd Owner, 25 Years one Owner, European Model,My favorite Mercedes-Benz Car.
Phil Neely1969 280 SLBlack, Cognac, Black113.044 12 008307130.983 12 005247Auto, AC,PS125,000Ground Up restoration, Overhauled engine, like new again!
Will W141965 230 SL050 White/040 Black Top/204 Red Leather113.042 10 011245Unknown; 250 Block493 Heavy Duty Heat Exchanger?22,900 Miles 
Randy McEvers1968 280 SL568 red/568 red hardtop,720 black soft top,720 black interior113.044 12 001197130.983 12 000799Black leather,auto,a/c,headrests,both tops,Nardi63,000 June 03Mint/showroom new/
Toine Vos1969 280 SLdark red exterior, top and black interior113.044 12 011568 none32,000completly restored but engine/transmision
Pete Lesler1965 230 SLDB180 silver gray metallic113.042 10 010479130.983Vintage racecar, heavily modified126,000 KMSet up for SVRA vintage sportscar racing
Gary McLeod1971 280 SLIvory/silver/tan113.044 12 020065 Bumper guards auto, soft and hardtop53,000 1/2005Nevada car, original no mods
Daryl Beech1964 230 SLwhite113.042 20 000289127.981 20 005740 70000ah lovely but engine kaput
Michael C. Coup1969 280 SLSignal Red, Black, Black113.044 12 007534 Leather, a/c, automatic67,000 2/06very lovely car
Ola Sjogren1964 230 SLRed body, white interior, black hardtop, tan conv113.042 Hardtop150000 k 2/2006Driving restoration
Blairwag1971 280 SLRed exterior, black interior, black removable hard top, black rag top113.044 12 021126 Headrests, PS, PB, A/C, Rear Defrost, factory stereo88,689 6/20033rd owner (Dad was 2nd owner), Electronic ignition was baked, replaced with MB non-electronic, ow, all original! Bare metal paint 1997
Tom Sargeant1971 280 SLTunis Beige Metallic-Black Interior-Black Hard/Soft Top113.044 12 021224130.983 12 014265rt mirror, Becker Grand Prix, Leather, P/S, A/C, Auto48,000 June 2003 
Andrew Todd1966 230 SL180 Silver ext and top dark red leather int113.042 10 016238 4 speed manual, factory tinted glass, power steering124,000 Jan 07USA car. Imported to UK from New Jersey in June 2006
Martin Ledesma1968 280 SL euroMoss Green with Parchment interior113.044 12 002868130.983 12 001832Auto, PSteering, AC, Ivory wheel, tinted glassNot Sure 
Fabrice Weill1971 280 SLsilver (DB180g), original black interior113.044 12 023054130.983US version, automatic transmission, heated rear window, power stearing, Becker Europa113k4th owner, very good condition, and still getting better!!!
Richard Vezeau1967 250 SLBurgundy (501) tan top, cognac leather int.113.043 10 001854129.982 12 002643P/S, 4 speed, orig. 2+2 coupe, soft top added95K kms. unverified, 06/03 
Douglas Kim1970 280 SL Coupe/RoadsterSilver (180G) body & hardtop, blk sofftop, blk leather interior113.044 10 018260130.983 10 006737metallic paint, leather interior, power steering, 5-pc luggage, spotlight, 3.69 diff, Becker Europa with Olympia71K as of May 2004Delivered to Geneva in 5/70; sold in 2004 to individual in Bellevue, WA
Michael Salemi1969 280 SLSignal Red w/Black Interior113.044 12 007262  118,000 7/03Completely restored
Willy Rams1967 230 SLBlue, beige leather, Blue HT, Beige ST113.042 12 014397127.981 12 003508Automatic Car first delivered in Hollywood CA,
Douglas Dees1969 280 SLbeige grey metallic113.044 10 003105130.983.10.001220Jump seat, Italian deliveryunknownneeds frame straightening and complete restoration
George Davis1969 280 SL Euro050 White, 050 Black H/top, black s/top, black Tex113.044 10 010418130.983 10 004083jump seat, 4 speed manual, heated rear window, coco mats180,000 km, July 2003Driver, w/ engine rebuild at 172,000 km
Pete Lesler1967 250 SLLight Ivory, DB670 Bamboo (120) tex and dark brown soft top113.043 10 000579129.982 10 000375Power steering, Becker Europa TR radio, whitewalls, Ivory steering wheel70,300 July 2003owned since Sept 1971. Mostly all original except paint.
Richard Simonds1965 230 SL#670-Light Ivory Exterior; #896-Marine Blue, Soft Top; #220 Dark Blue Leather; #6117-Granite Gray Carpeting113.042 10 006598127.981 10 005635Hardtop (Light Ivory); Ivory Steering Wheel and Shift Knob; Jump Seat with Rear Speaker; Becker Mexico and Hirschmann Electric Antenna; 4-speed Manual; Bumper Over-riders; Chrome Trim on Wheel Openings101,666 Aug 2004)1st in Class at Palo Alto 2001; 1st in Class at Stu Berry Memorial 1996; 2nd in Class at Stu Berry Memorial 1995
Mark Ravagnani1965 230 SLLight Blue, Brown Interior, Dark Blue Top113.042 22 012948127.981 22 002801Full leather interior, power steering, automatic, jump seat128,000 May 03Purchased in Germany and privately imported into Australia 1966.
Gerhard Radstake1966 230 SLWhite, Black Tex, White HT, Black ST113.042 12 013393127.981 12 003142Automatic, heat absorbing front windshield200.000 km3rd Owner
Belaib A1964 230 SLBlanche113.042 10 007679127.981 10DA 3 Sieges TBE
Belaib A1965 230 SLBronze113.042 10 013389127. 981 10   
Letzjet1966 230 SLWhite113.042 10 012149127. 981 10 120000MNICE
Hans Kollandsrud1971 280 SLSilver, Blue leather, Black Soft, Silver HT113.044 12 023241 Auto, Tinted, Rear fog light, Heated rear window, Becker GP w/auto Hirschmann ant, Fuchs Wheels,75000 May 2003, DocumentedUnrestored car in excellent condition (Original except for the new leather interior)
Arnold Popky1970 280 SLTobacco Brown Int/Cognac Int113.044 10 016964240 Diesel240D Turbocharged, 5SPD Trans, 3.23 Rear, A/C, Two Tops, Nardi Wheel205K 1/10Calif car, owned 31 years, Uses 25% veg oil, 35 mpg
Riskyfiggs1967 250 SL332 Dark Blue/118 MB Tex Light Grey/332 Dark Blue/736 Dark Blue113.043 12 000340129.982 12 000422 62K original miles 9/03built January, 1967; del. March 29, 1967
Joachim Ahlert1964 230 SL573G/040G, 201, black soft-top113.042 10 005917M127II replacement engineleather, power steering, hardtop with chrome strips260'000 kmsEuro version, 1st registered in Bielefeld, DE; 1995 bought in Seattle, WA; fully restored to original spec 2011-2015
Bill Gaffney1969 280 SLDark Green-Palomino Green\Tan113.044 10 008853130.983 10 003473Power steering, Becker Grand Prix Wunderbar96,813 9/2003 
Peter Menger1971 280 SLDark Red113.044 12 018661130.0163201AC48,500 9/03 
Ray Ortiz1969 280 SLSignal red body/Hard top/blk canvas113.044 P/S, A/C, Becker Europa, Power Antenna, Fog Lamps69879 2003 
James Lester1969 280 SLLight blue with matching hardtop. Dark blue soft top. Tan leather113.044 22 013457130.983 22 008000Auto, Power steering. Right hand drive,100,000 Oct 2003 
Ted Coppotelli1967 250 SLBlue, Blue, Blue113.043 12 003362  6175 10/03May have been rebuilt prior to my ownership
Jeff Clute1970 280 SLDark Olive Green, tan leather interior, black cloth soft top113.044 10 015174 4 speed, A/C150,000 m October 2003 
Stig Lund1966 230 SLLight Ivory, Beige, Dark Brown113.042 12 017337 Becker Grand Prix, Automatic, Power steering, Califonia Car/US Model
Jim rosenthal1969 280 SL571 red metallic, cognac leather113.044 12 010004 leather, unusual color combination, AC, PS, radio delete94,000 Nov 2003bought from first owner Oct 03, nicely maintained older car. Updates in progress
Tom Hughes1965 230 SLSignal Red, Black Leather, Red Hardtop, Black Soft top113.042 10 005155004 598Modified to Power Steering and Disk Brakes (280SE 4.5 Axle)Either 138k 0r 238k miles 11/03Originally titled 10/13/64 in Scottsdale AZ Stand up spare!
Jean-Paul Fouillade1964 230 SLExt white, int tan leather, black hardtop113.042 10 005039127.981 10 0045754 speed manual44,950 (?) 11/03European version
Chris Macha1967 230 SLDB180 Silver Grey Metallic (UT/OT), 119 White Grey Tex113.042 12 019139127.981 12 005559Auto, P/S, Blaupunkt Frankfurt, Kuhlmeister A/C, Seat Belts130K M 11/03restored, 4th owner, delivered new in Texas, in Calif since `77, found build sheet under seat
Goldberg1963 230 SLwhite ext, red int, black tops113.042 10 000024127.981 10 000033 130,000 2003First ever 113 made for and shipped to North America
280 SL1968 280 SLRed w/red HT; tan ST; tan interior113.044 10 001066 A/C89,450 12/2003Rebuilt engine, trans. and clutch. Interior redone
Rod Hersberger1968 280 SLRed w/red HT; tan ST; tan interior113.044 10 001066 A/C89,450 12/2003Rebuilt engine, trans. and clutch. Interior redone, Cal. car
Francisco Vasconcelos1971 280 SLwhite,red,black113.044 12 022129130.983 12 015006A/C love my car
Fred Towers1971 280 SLsmoke grey-beige, cream int, chocolate brown conv., body-colored hardtop113.044 12 019038 A/C52600 12/03 
World Wild1965 230 SLRed113.042 10 009165M 127 2  Very Good Condition
Tom Skrmetti1967 250 SLMidnight Blue/Palomino Interior113.043 4 Speed, Power Steering22905 k 2/06German Model, Later Alloy Wheels
Peter Marten Krahn1969 280 SL Euro modelOriginal Forest Green DB268 (changed to Royal Blue Metallic DB903 on restoration) cognac leather hardtop, softtop113.044 10 007055130.83 10 002378Becker Europa Stereo116000 km Jan 4/04Totally restored 2003
Tom Anderson1967 250 SLdark blue/ parchment leather/ black soft top113.043 12 002650 automatic/ Becker Grand Prix  
Christiaan Engelmann1968 280 SL automaticWhite (050), Cognac Brown leather, White hardtop / darkbrown softtop113.044 12 0064172.8 literAutomatic / Becker radio-cassette player / power steering / leather0 kmWithin a few months full restauration (4 1/2 years) should be completed
Roland Karlsson1966 230 SLWhite w black H/T, red leather interior113.042 10 000637127.981 10 0006384 sp manual gear box. None98594 km Oct 2003 
Larry Frankel1971 280 SLwhite 717, black int, white top113.044 12 022061130.983 12 013972A/C, Auto110,000 2/04 
Piotr Wojasz POLEN1965 230 SLPapirusweiss Leder rot113.042 10 0174442300 0000000After complete restoration, all new
Hans Kollandsrud1968 280 SLBlue met.(387)w/parchment leather, Blue Soft and HT113.044 12 000440 Auto Becker, Hirschmann, Colorglas,150000Miles - 2003Excellent condition, new engine, new interior, SoCal-car. Show Quality Repaint
Evan Lash1967 250 SLWhite113.043 12 003453  50560 2/14/04 
Gijs Dr1970 280 SLblue metallic exterior, dark blue top, cream white interior113.044 12130.983 12automatic gearbox, airconditioning92.000 miles, 2/2004 
Matthew Swanlund1964 230 SLGraphite Gray Exterior, Blue Interior, Black Convertible Top113.042 Loaded79,000 Jan 2004 
Matthew Morrison1964 230 SL (Euro)White exterior, white hardtop, black interior and soft top113.042 10 002285 Kinder seat94,000km (59,000 miles) 02/2004Restored to original specs
Walter Binst1971 280 SLTan exterior - red interior113.044 12 019462 Airco55.000 Feb 2004 
Martin Tengström1969 280 SL670Light Ivory, 140Cognac, 423 Tobacco Brown113.044 10 009445130.983 10 003697Radio, Power steering113.000 km 1/2005Original
Rob Staley1964 230 SL050/050 white top/bottom black leather int black soft top113.042 10 002443replaced w/220SE   
Pierre Marquillanes1964 230 SLtunis beige metallic top as well, brown cognac int113.042 10 004129127.981Becker Europa, Hirschmann electric antenna, kindersitzfeb 2002: 62 250 kmbody restoration, interior needs some work
Norton1971 280 SLDark Red / Red White Top113.044 10 022425 AC Two Tops68000 3/1/2004 
Norton1968 250 SLDark Red Parchment Dark Red Top113.043 12 003785 Auto, Rear Fog Light, Two Tops?Parts Car
Ben Cosgrave1964 230 SLWhite DB 050. Black hardtop, soft top, and interior113.042 20 002068127.981 20 0017494 speed manual130,000 miles, 01/04Engine, tranny rebuilt 2003, all MB parts. Daily Driver, Ireland
Russell Clarke1964 230 SLDark green Cream hard top/ Brown Soft top/ Tan Leather Interior113.042 10 Becker Radio. 4Sp man.90500 kM03/2004Original LHD.
Scott Bass, Mercury71966 230 SL euroext-creme,int-black/creme,soft top-tan113.042 10 012756 jumpseat, ps74,000 km ? 
Daryl Wilson1965 230 SLwhite paint (original Burgandy), black MB tex, white htop, burgundy113.042 10 010639127.981 10 008792 85,139 Mar 1/06true pleasure to drive
Paul Beach1965 230 SLbeige met/black113.042 22 011545127.981 22 002482hardtop,power steering,auto,metallic98,618 4/4/06original UK delivered car,on the road but not perfect.
Mike Hughes1966 230 SLHavana Brown (408) Ext, Cream (121) MB Tex Int, Light Beige (181) Hard Top & Hub Caps, Brown (437/737) ST113.042 12 015466127.981 12 004049PS75,366 miles March 20043rd owner
Luke Charles1967 230 SLred,cream,black113.042127.981PAS,marantz stereo,hard top21,221family owned from new
Barry Clark1964 230 SLMetallic Regency Red (body & top), black soft-top, beige leather seats/trim, MB carpet113.042 20 006498127.981 20 0058134sp manual, p/s full restoration nearly completed
Herbert Wahaus1969 280 SLWhite car blue top and interior113.044 12 Auto and air  
Ulrik Moerch (username mulrik)1967 250 SLPapyrus white, Black interior and soft top113.043 Becker Grand Prix, White wall tires, automatic antenna  
David Tomberlin1968 250 SL124 Arabian Grey113.043 12 003675129.982 12 001838 103987 / 4/1/04 
Chris Earnest1965 230 SL EuroDark green (268) car and hardtop; cognac leather interior; black soft top113.042 10 009575127.981 10 008120PS, alloy wheels, 4 speed manual93,503 km = 58,100 mi 4/04Probably 4th owner. Imported to US 1983. Completely restored 2001-2004
Per Gunnar Birkeland1969 280 SLMoss Green met. 834, Int 834, 2 tops113.044 12 007422130.983 12 004621Becker Europa, Aut, 4.08, A/C, Cruice c.194.010 15 april 2004Paintjob 2002, engine rebuildt winter 2004
Barbie Brennan1967 230 SLDark Tobacco Brown/White113.042 xx 016155 power steering, ivory steering wheel, Blaupunkt AM/FM radio107, 910 4/04 
Morris L. Hamilton1967 230 SLSnow white body,Capri blue HT,mittel blau int.113.042 12127.981Automatic183k, 4/1/04Had and enjoyed since 1986.
David H1968 250 SLcream, Green, Cream113.043 12 004571 not yet availablenot yet available 
John Poirier1969 280 SLExt, white, Hard top White, soft top tan, Int. Gold113.044 12 011616Engine is not the originalnoneNew eng starts at 38900A work in progress, I`m learning
Hauser1969 280 SLDB 728H beige gray, drk. brown leather & top 5spd113.044 10 010663 met. paint, europa II, Retactable seat belts40,500 KM 
Jim Byrum1964 230 SLWas original red, now British racing green on Cognac113.042 10 001467MB replacementPower steering85,000 KMFor a 40 year old car in Germany, this one has almost no rust, yet my California Coupe out of San Diego required frame-off restoration.
Jim Byrum1967 250 SL050 white on 040 black MB Tex Black113.043 10 004404unknownCalifornia Coupe45,000 KMone of 2,890 cars produced in 1967, With CA Coupe option less than 500 built
James Modica1967 230 SL335 Blue, Parchment, Tan113.042 10 018930127.981 10 014167power antenna111,113 June 2004 
Frank Griffiths1971 280 SLWhite; Black Interior; White HT; Black Canvas113.044 12 019020 AC, Becker Radio, 16 inch Mag wheels100,100 June 2004 
Howard Mackley1968 280 SLWhite, Black Hardop, Red HT, Black interior113.044 20  mileage 72,000mls 11/06/044 speed manual, RHD
Peter J. Lange1969 280 SLSignal Red 568, Black MB Tex, Black Soft Top, Red HT113.044 12 007537130.983 12 004702Rear Axle 3.27 AC Located WA USA
Robley Wilson1964 230 SLWhite, Blue, Blue HT & softtop113.042 10 001698  116,300 kms 3/2006 
Mauricio Gutierrez J1971 280 SLNavy/Navy113.044  18000 KmMint condition
Charles Hatfield1971 280 SLTobacco Brown/Cognac/Tan113.044 12 019665  100,138US car; very good unrestored original
Marti1963 230 SL-113.042    
Douglas Kim1970 280 SL Coupe/RoadsterArab Gray/Arab Gray with red leather113.044 12 016220130.983 12 010578leather, power steering, bumper guards, Becker Grand Prix Stereo, automatic trans, gray soft top102K June 2004US-spec model; car sold
David Konell1970 280 SLDark Green/Black w Black Soft and Hard Top113.044 10 013494 4-speed, air conditioned85,320 6/0485,000 original miles, 4-speed. In process of making this a showable car.
Andrew Sayer1969 280 SLWhite, Red, White HT, Black ST113.044 10 007914    
Ken Gear1971 280 SLSilver (db180), red, black top113.044 12 020909 heated rear window, auto, air conditioning70,000 (5/1/04) 
Jerry Hilson1969 280 SLWhite w/ blue interior113.044 12 008743130.983 12Air, hardtop  
Herve Lepissier1969 280 SLDark Blue, light brown interior, Black Soft top113.044 12 009086130.983 10 029339Steering wheel, Hard and Soft Top, Radio, now Manual trans139 000 kms June 2004Fully refurbished late 80, initially white color, motor changed, automatic gear box replaced with a manual gear box
B. Scholten1968 280 SL Automaticsilver gray, black leather, silver gray/black113.044    
Nigel Bramwell1967 280 SLWhite with Blue Interior113.044    
Ronald Senger (Forida) ronaldsenger@aol.com1971 280 SL Roadster/CoupeDB423 Tobacco250 Cognac Leather Interior 746 Dark Brown body, Hardtop, and Soft Top113.044 12 019069130.983 12 012526426; 491;503; 513; A/C68215 7-14-04Very clean original car
Francesco Michele Frino1966 230 SL717 white, bamboo leather, dark brown soft top and matching 717 white hard top113.042 Jan 1966, left hand mirror, auto, white steering wheel72300mls July 2004just completed 2 year restoration - back in storage
Mark in KS1967 230 SLDB050 ext and Hard Top, Navy Blue Soft Top113.042 10 018272127.981 10PS, PB, Blaupunkt 3 band Radio97,000 milesJust finished a topend overhaul.
Andrew R. Martin1970 280 SLRed Int Red Hard top, Blk Convert top, Blk int113.044 12 015667130.988 12 010248pwr str. factory air75,000 August 2004All orginal to include paint
Hassan Ahmed1963 230 SLCopper Ploy, Parchment, Parchment113.042 10 000164127.981Rear Jump Seat51641 KMRecords back to 1970s,and the mileage recorded consistently, believe this is the correct mileage
Jan de Jonge1964 230 SLcolor 180, metallic silver, ext.+top113.042 10 007268 rear seat, manual,PAS36500KM since complete restaurationruns like a swiss watch
Rob1966 230 SL AutomaticRed exterior and black interior113.042  111,213 
Bob Possel1971 280 SLLight Beige, Cognac Interior, Brown Softop, Light Beige Hard Top113.044 12 019097130.983 12 012591AC84,003 - Sep 2004 
Malcolm Vie1965 230 SLwhite, brown, unknown113.042 10 008604  95,000 KmsCurrently a bit of a wreck!
Zafar Idham1964 230 SLSilver/Black/Dark Blue113.042 20 002871127.981 20 002488Air Conditioning RHD, member of MB Classic Club of Indonesia
Dana DuBois1970 280 SL050 White, 132 Burgundy113.044 10 012046130.983 10 0047404spd  
Jim Saylor1965 230 SLWhite,Red, Soft top Black, hard top Navy blue113.042 10 013971  52,900 Sept 2004Awaiting its arrival
Steve Bromfield1971 280 SLMedium Blue w/same H/Top & Black S/Top113.044 12 022562 A/C Becker Radio24,352 on 4/12/06 (Original)Just purchased- was 1 owner car.
Bill & Pat Lindquist1968 280 SLSignal Red Parchment MB Tex Both tops113.044 12 002948130.983 12 001870Automatic Becker Radio44,000 November 2004All original except tires and battery
Luit Kwantes Holland1968 250 SLBaby Blue Int &softtop: dark Blue113.043 12 003388129.982 12 001687Factory Airco Jump seat, hardtop8747 mls 
Ed Cave1971 280 SL158 White Grey w/ 040 Black Top - 740 Black Canvas - Custom leather113.044 12 021005130.983 12 013953249 Rear defroster, 420 AT, 422 PS, A/C, Tinted glass, Roof bars, Becker Europa II136,036 April 2005Born/Built September 17, 1970 - Extensive restoration in 2004 - 2005 on very original car
Kroeze1970 280 SLwhite green interior light green softtop white hardtop113.044 12 018302 becker europa ,airco,automatic29500 mls 29/9/2004interior restored full restoration 2005/06
Anthonie Jansze1968 280 SLoff white, red interior, blue top113.044 12 automatic  
Joe Melton1965 230 SLWhite, Cognac, Tan113.042 10 009112  126,767 KM (78,769 Mi) 10/02/044-speed
Joe Melton1971 280 SLCinnamon, Parchment, Cinnamon113.044 12 023015130.983 12 015648Heater rear window, tinted glass106,962 10/04Automatic
Craig DeVine1970 280 SL Euro180 Silver Gray Metallic, Black interior, Black soft top113.044 10 018260130.983 10 006737Leather, 4-speed manual, 3.69 diff., P/S, fitted luggage, Becker Europa w/ Olympia cassette, heated rear window, rs mirror, spotlight.119,000 km 1/07Delivered to Geneva in 5/70; car sold 2021 to new owner in Germany
Bill Mingst1967 250 SL Coupe Roadster AutomaticExt: Light Blue DB334 Int: Medium Blue MB Tex113.043 12 001183  352,247 10/04original owner; purchased car 6/9/67
DJ de Jesus1971 280 SL903 Blue (body and hardtop), Blue MB Tex interior, 744 Dark Blue Soft Top,113.044 12 021054130.983 12 014053power steering, automatic, front/rear bumper guards, Becker Europa AM/FM Radio, hardtop chrome moulding, heated rear window, passenger side outside mirror, Frigiking A/C18302 indicated - May 2004Seats reupholstered correctly in blue leather, engine reblocked, repainted midnite blue. All by previous owner.
Jose Gallego1964 230 SLred color/black interior/hard top black113.042 10 006622127.981 10becker radio, speed manual100.000 kmrestored 2002 (Madrid)
J. Huber1963 230 SLWhite exterior, Blue MB-Tex interior, Blue soft and hard-tops113.042 12 000871127.981 12 000045Automatic, Euro Model -- No P/S and No A/C!199350 KMs 10/04Sunny Day Driver. Affectionately known as The Guzzi
Michael Romeo1967 250 SLred/ blk conv. (original was green)113.043 12 000938129.982 12power steering- automatic107,000 original milesoriginal drivetrain both engine and transmission. numbers matching
David C Seidman1969 280 SLSilver/Black/Black113.044 10 008697130.983 10 003392A/C (removed); leather; Becker Grand Prix; slvr met.157,318owned since Sept 1970
Milton Bellows1970 280SLFeurrot (Fire Red), Saddle int., tan soft top, red hdtp.113.044 10 019122 P/S, P/B, A/C, Becker, Tinted Window, WW tires88456 Sept 04Purchased 2 years ago, very good restoration
Darin Clause1969 280 SLLight Blue / Beige / Dk Blue Soft113.044 12 009878 A/C, Auto72,085 / Nov 2004 
Homayoun Gabbay1968 280 SLSilver, Navy, Navy113.044 12 002075 automatic +a/c145k Oct 2004what a driver, like a Swiss clock
Lajos Damen1969 280 SL Automatic717 Papyruswhite - dark blue leather seats (5600)- 717 papyrus hardtop113.044 12 001927 MB Power steering, headrestsunknownIn restauration now
Anthony Clay1963 230 SLBurgundy113.042  15900 2004Started everyday driver restoration 11/04
Ray Hays1968 280 SLClassic White 050113.044 10 000176130.983 10 00096A/C180,000 Sept 20044-speed coupe. 2+2 no rag top
Kent Busley1970 280 SLHorizon Blue/Dark Blue113.044 10 016853  81,000 5/2006 
Mark Flaten1966 230 SLGreen, Tan, soft and hard top113.042 10 019459 4 Speed55677 6/1986Build date Nov 1966
Juergen Fritsche1964 230 SLred 568, black leather, hardtop white 050, soft top black, Euro specs113.042 10 002933127.981 10 0026983rd seat,63400 km Nov 2004In Holland 1964-1984, then brought to Houston,TX. Brought back to Germany in 2004
Kayvan Hakim1971 280 SLJaguar racing green, beige interior113.044  95,000All new front end, totally restored body, rebuilt transmission, new top
LFrank1965 230 SLDB334 Hellblau (pastel blue), navy MB tex, black (both)113.042 12 010579 absolutely none53,075 11/04)2nd owner
Larry Hemstreet1966 230 SLpapyrus white, light blue , navy canvas113.042 12 016443   now DB172 Anthracite Metallic ext; maroon leather int, black top; 3.27 rear; new M130.980
Albert Periz1965 230 SLWhite ext. and hard top. Deep red interior113.042 10 010689 4 speed manual45000 km 
Heather Tesoriero1969 280 SLbaby blue and white hard top113.044 12 003755  121000 Sep 2004I love it
Raymond Bragg1971 280 SLchocolate brown exterior, tobacco interior, bamboo roof liner, coupe with roadster top113.044 12 020034130.983 12frig-king AC, Becker radio340,100 Dec 2004I drive my 280 everyday to work, about 35 miles round trip, and mostly on the freeway
Gualtiero Chini1969 280 SLExt: Sandbeige Metallic, Int: LDark Red113.044 Power steering, el. antenna, leather, Becker Mexico, Headrest  
Neil Rote1964 230 SLHorizon Blue body and hardtop (304) with Cream MB-tex interior (121); original soft top (Option 723) in original navy blue fabric (896)113.042 20 006985127.981 20 005985461 English instruments; 471 Export version for bad road conditions and oil bath air filter); 619 halogen assymetric headlights, manual transmission78260 original, 12/04Totally original, mint and unrestored. A true gem!
Ernie Brodersen1970 280 SLSilver w/silver hard top & black soft top, dark green interior, car was orignally dark green113.044 12 014265 automatic transmission, bumper overiders, power steering, Frigiking AC114,578 miles 1/05family owned since 1976
Glenn Fiscus1964 230 SL 113.042 10 006576    
Bob MacCormac1964 230 SLSignal Red, Black int, Red hard top113.042 Automatic140000Beginning restoration
Tom D'Agostino1969 280 SLTobacco Brown, Cognac Lthr, Tan soft top113.044 10 004586130.983 10 0019134sp manual, RH mirror, leather int28,368 original (documented) 12/04Original carpets, seats, chrome etc. Repaint 94
Mubeen Khadir1966 230 SLHorizon Blue (Navy Blue Hard top)113.042 22 018748    
Vince Canepa1967 250 SL568H Signal Red, 116 Caviar MB-Tex, 720 Black soft top113.043 10 001543129.982 10 000813Hard top, 4 spd manual, PS, Tinted Glass146,000 Jan 2005Located in CA
Carl T Fisher1965 230 SLPapyrus White, Dark Blue Top, Graphite Carpet, Blue Leather, Marine Soft Top113.042 12 013919127.981 12 003361Becker Mexico Radio (replaced orginal radio), Alloy wheels With the exception of the additional radio and wheels, this vehicle is 100% original.
Phillip D. Ferguson1966 230 SLblue blue113.042 12 016382  135,000 July 2004 
Robin Knapik1967 230 SLred/red113.042 10 017393 A/C63,800Original Tucson AZ car
Garth Norton1967 250 SLBlack over Tan113.043 12 003021129.982 12 001474Air conditioner, First sold in 1968136566 Jan 2005 
Jeff Paquette1965 230 SLWhite exterior & hardtop113.042    
Ron Kuligowski1967 230 SLDk. Olive/ cognac113.042 12 018857127.981 12 005480Becker Mexico TR, WW, Kuhlmeister A/C39084 5/2008 
Colin Woodburn1968 280SLwhite,white top113.044 10 4sp manual.rear bench seat ,no soft top55,150 Nov 08Car would benefit from a 3:7 or a 3:4 Diff. v
Steven Murphy1970 280 SLTobacco with Cognac leather113.044 12 015374 Auto, Air, Leather118,422, 1/05Recent cosmetic and partial drivetrain restoration to spec. Original California car (San Francisco) with original blue/gold California plates. Beautiful #2 driver
Kevin Alcock1967 250 SLGreen (DB268), cognac leather, black top113.043 12 004218129.982 12 002186restored 2004, 4 spd auto,166,000km(unverified) 
Alain Rentsch1968 280 SLlight blue met. 906 / navy blue leather / dark blue113.044 10 004522130.983 10 001897power steering, righthand side mirror, Becker Europa126.000 kilometers (service booklet)I have added alloy wheels and inertia seatbelts
Juan T. Santos1969 280 SLtobacco brown - cognac - beige113.044 10 005089130.983 10 003158   
David L. Shapiro1971 280 SLdark olive 291 cognac leather interior113.044 12 020588130.983 12 013700a/c rh mirror tinted glass bumper overrides chrome bars euro headlights added40,000 miles January 2005great condition, great driver , engine redone@36,000mi.
Jissi1968 280 SLSilver 180/Leather 3001/9001113.044 10 005788130.983 10 002396PS/HT/AW/HR 10/6840,275 Kms4 speed manual,2 owners, all records, original, excellent condition
Robert Millis1968 250 SLdeep red (non-Benz), red hard top, black int, black soft top113.043 12 003136 automatic120k (guess)Nearly all original, touch-up work done
Andrew Crowley1971 280 SLsignal red 568 beige int 141 (hard top should be 542 dark red)113.044 12 018644130.983 12 022282256 lmtd slip diff,641 wht walls,515 becker,608 roof mouldings.57050 miles 01/05honest,low milage beauty,with all books,records,tools,and orig spare phx w.w.
Vincent Sy1969 280 SL304G horizontblau, Black Int. 904 midnight blue (dunkelblau)113.044 12 006508 Automatic144,000 2/27/05I love this car!
Mark Jewett1970 280 SLall Blue113.044 12 016604130.983 12 010609automatic, rear jump seat91,000 km 03/2005European model, 2nd owner
ZwoachtzigSL1970 280 SLDark-Red, Interior MB-Tex brown113.044 12 002380130.983 12 007824Air-Conditioning, Becker Grand Prix Mexico86,000 Miles 
Karel Plz1968 280 SL PagodeWhite, red interior, hardtop white, softtop black113.044 10 001205130.983 10 000499Becker radio, Alum wheels, 4speed manual gearbox79000 kms 3/2005All original, European version
Arjun1967 250 SLIvory113.043 5 spd  
David Pineda1967 280 SLsilver,black,silver113.044 10 013489130.983 10 005257manual62347miles 2005in perfect condition
Marty Heaton1965 230 SL050 White113.042    
Paul Haems1968 280 SLWhite ext., beige leather int. navyblue softtop113.044 10 000302130.983 10 000144Ivory steering wheel77,420 3/2004Is undergoing full restoration and will change color to DB 180 (silver) and wine red int.
Graham Keene1970 280 SLred with parchment interior, black soft, red hard top113.044 12 015542 becker, A/C, ivory steering wheel130,000 
Bruce Springate1966 230 SLTan w/navy int. navy soft top, tan hard top113.042 10 016800 power steering, ivory steering wheel, 4 speed manual130,000 4/05purchase 10/24/83
Bruce Springate1967 230 SLWhite w/navy int, White hard top, navy soft top113.042 10 017983500 V8 from 1981 500 SECauto trans.100325 4/05 
Mike Webster1966 230 SLSilver, Red Interior113.042 10 014654    
Max Oldfield1964 230 sldeep blue113.042    
Leslie Schlebaum1969 280 SLruby red113.044M130 36000 6/2008 
Visitor vidsal at execpc.com1965 230 SLwhite113.042 10 0099456unknownunknown 6-21-08spotted vehicle in private salvage yard 6-21-08
Hans Kollandsrud1968 280 SLSilver metallic113.044 10 001022 Red leather, Becker Grand Prix, No AC, 4spd. Both tops170K miles?Black plate CA car,
Mark Sean1971 280 SL576 Red, 241 Blk Leather, Both Tops, Blk Canvas113.044 12 023170130.983 12 015330USA, RW Def, A/C, PS, Becker70,108 April 2005Original, great car and getting better thanks to the W113 Group.
Jim Hunter1970 280 SLExt incl top - Moss Green, Int Tan Leather113.044 12 002072? Alloy Wheels87387 km Apr 05 
Jim Corbett1966 230 SLDB408 Havana Brown, DB181 Lt Beige, Tan113.042 10 013208   Purchased in 1983 from original owner in Washington D.C.
Chris Kaiser1971 280 SLMetallic Blue, Gray Interior, Gray SoftTop113.044 12 023842 Automatic, A/C74,000 in 1979, 112,500 in 2005Second owner, purchased Sept 1979
Ian Wheatley1967 250 SLWhite with white hardtop, red MBtex interior113.043 122496cc, automatic transmission2nd door mirror82,000, April 2005 
Steve Griswold1970 280 SLSignal Red/Black soft, hard tops and hubs, bamboo leather113.044 12 017461 PS AC AT Becker Europa stereo?65000 4/05complete restoration 1993-1997
John Mancini1969 280 SLHorizon Blue/Blue Tex/ Dk Bl soft top/Horizon Bl HT113.044 12 011208130.983 12 007105hardtop, PS, AT, bumper guards, outside mirror, paintcoat preservative, heat insulated glass, ww tires, USA version, interference suppression without radio41,000 original, documented milesOriginal collector kept car in climate controlled garage since day one, time capsule with extensive records, completely original interior, engine compartment, trunk
Fred Ollewagen1967 250 SLdark blue (DB 332), tan (219), tan top113.043 10 001535 ww tires, full leather, tinted glass all around, special order colour combo165 000 miles, unrestored complete original condition. Alloys, seatbelts added.owned 11 years, bought from fastidious 1st owner
Raymond Roks (The Netherlands)1966 230 SLWhite Ext, Blue Int, Blue Soft & Hardtop113.042 10 015816127.981 10 0124894sp. manual, Becker Mexico39450km May 2005 
Terry Shores1971 280 SLred, black leather, black softtop113.044 12 022512 leather, a/c, auto44,460 5/05 original!!one repaint in correct color. rest is excellent!!
Danny Ventura1967 250 SLExt:Blue, Int: Black113.043 10 000141088.291.104Power Steering146'000kmRuns very Well in Switzerland
Dana DuBois1969 280 SL906 metallic blue ext. 145 Parchment int.113.044 12 005265130.983 12 003332Becker Cassette, Passenger side Mirror78k original 05/053rd owner.
Stacey E. Bueche1967 230 SLAlpine Green, Beige, White113.042 10127manual trannie, no air19K original miles/although it is most likely 119Kgorgeous rare car
Will Samples1971 280 SL180G silver body, 040G hardtop/hubcaps, black leather, black top113.044 10 022760130.983 10 007896option code 256 limited slip differential, Mexico cassette radio, heated rear hardtop glass, tinted door glass,US delivery, 11-70 prod date, dlvd 12-14-70, bumper guards,chrome strips on hardtop66,500 as of 6/05near perfect car with new Glasurit paint applied to bare metal, painter reports body was most perfect he has seen, car looks and drives like new
Ccdavis at 230 SLBlue, Black, Black, Black113.042 10 018567  80,000 7/05 
Paul Sorgen1963 230 SLArabian Gray, Black Leather, Soft Top-Black113.042 10 000312127.981 10 000195 63,754 KM ? OD was not connected when entered US 7/05Restoration 90% complete
Gary Brown1965 230 SL180 Silver black interior113.042 power steering  
Frank Funkel1970 280 SLHorizontblau, Cognac int113.044133.044 12 09458AT, AC, PS, Headrests, Becker Europa155000km 
Parry Chana1970 280 SL717 Papyrus White Ext & HT- 740 Black ST, Dark Blue Carpet113.044 12 015669130.983 12 010222PS, Becker radio, Tinted glass, AC7,451 Miles 5/2005Under restoration
Robert M Watkins1967 250 SLwhite,black, blk/blk113.043 12 002736 ps,auto,radio,us import75000 7/1/2005owned since 1972
Terence Dittman1970 280 SLRed, Black, Black113.044 10 014565130.983 10 005568 106000 
Walter Klatt1967 230 SLDB180, DB180 top and hubcaps/ black MBtex interior113.042 12 019022Diesel 190D 2.2L5 speed ZF, electric antenna, USA model4818 7/2007Diesel conversion completed
Scott Williams1965 230 SLDk Red, Tan int. both tops113.042 10 010291unk??134000just bought, good original
Elliott Avery1969 280 SLSilver, Black, Hard-Silver, Soft-Black113.044 10 004338130.983 10 001771PS,PB,AC,Becker Mexico146,272 July 2005 
Paul Kellogg1964 230 SLsilver , blue was originally white on white113.042 12 005862    
Eduardo Redondo1967 230 SLwhite, navy blue, white hard top, navy blue soft top113.042 10 017286127.981 10 013389a/c, right tinted mirror, elect. antenna53,000 originalamerican specs, rust free, showroom cond. purchased new in memorial motors, houston, tx. in the family since 1968, tools, records, manuals, 2 major overhaulings, mexican resident since 1983, weekend waxed car living happily in dry garza garcia mexico
Steven Hodgson1966 230 SLcherry red / ivory interior/ cherry top113.042 22 008159127.981 22 001474very original84053this car was owned by the Prime Minster of Australia Harold Holt before he died in office
Rob Walker1968 280 SLPapyrus white, green leather, green soft top, Papyrus hard top113.044 12 001862130.983 12 001231leather,green tinted windows, alloy wheels, passenger door mirror, Blaupunkt radio/tape Originally registered in France by a lady hotelier. She took it to Southern Spain, stayed in the family until purchased 2 years ago by second owner. I purchased the car in July 2005, and she currently resides in either Spain or the UK
Venderink, Dick1965 230 SLsignal rot113.042 12 002982127.981 12 000400 42526 on dec 2003imported from oregon, usa
Bob Killam1968 250 SLWhite, Red Int. Black ST White HT113.043 12 002991129.982 12 001475Auto, PS, Jump Seat140000 Sept/20052nd owner, Stored for 20 years She Bought it 9/22/67
René Schouten1967 250 SLIvory with red interior, brown soft- & hardtop113.043 12 000208 Automatic, power steering, mirror right, electrical antenna, 3rd seat55.000 10/2005)Original Dutch car (!), original plates, 3rd owner (since April 2005)
Kizilsakal1963 230 SLGunmetal with silver hardtop and cognac interior113.042 10 003119130.983 10 0255714sp manual120000 km.I drive it daily
Hans A Strom1968 250 SLred113.043 10 004052   Original Swedish sold W113
Gus Monahu1968 280 SLsignal red, beige, red ht, blk st113.044 12 001084130.983 12 000711p.s., auto, insulated (tinted) glass, dealer installed Becker Europa, dealer installed Frigiking a/c77,000 (belive correct, but cant document) 8/05.Repainted in original color, but otherwise original
Declan O Brien1970 280 SLRed113.044 22 018655130.983 22 000011A/C. Automatic111000 Aug/2008Car will need full restoration.
William M. Harward1969 280SLBlue113.044 12 009453 A/C, Radio110,250 Sep 2008Excellent condition
Gary Osterberg1967 250 SLDark Blue113.043 12 002650 Becker Radio, Passenger mirror, Power Steering  
Jmbour1971 280 SL304 blue ext 904 blue top MBtex blue int113.044 10 020085130.983 10 007243becker radio rear defrost, 4 speed manualunknown, but more than 200 k milesdelivered in germany under the european delivery program on aug 6 1970. bought in Washington DC from first owner in 1997. In France since 2004
Andrew Todd1969 280 SL568 signal red with MB-Tex black113.044 12 009549130.983 12 006095PAS and auto. Alloys, Frigiking a/c and Becker Mexico.113,000 Sep 2005USA car. Imported to UK from California in June 2004. Acquired by me in Feb 2005. A work in progress
Christopher St Lund1966 230 SLWhite, black tex, black top113.042 10 014206  95000 kmtwo owners since new, sold in Sweden new, fantastic condition
Christopher St Lund1969 280 SLBaby Blue113.044 10 005027  106.000 milesOne owner car since 1969, since new owned/driven daily by Professor Whitman at Princeton University. Always used with its hardtop, never without. Now in Sweden, and parked in another university town Uppsala
Jens Hahnel1966 230 SLSignal red with blue MB Tex113.042 10 018976 nov 6652000perfect restauration
Graham Keene1967 280 SLred ext, black int, black top (hard and soft)113.044 10 000723 5 speed trans97,000 migood driver, rare yr and tranny
Kameron Kashani1969 280 SL0268 Dk.Green w/Cognac Tex Interior113.044 12 005945 Automatic, Factory AM/FM Radio,A/C60,600 MI Love it since the 1st Day I bought it when I was only 18 Yrs old
Brian Judd1969 280 SL euro387 Blue Metalic - int: cognac - tops: blue113.044 10 007025130.983 10 02794# 2227 5 speed ZF transmission62000 Oct 2005 
Herb Konrad1971 280 SLTobacco Brown, Cognac113.044 12 019780130.983 12 003131AC, Right mirror64995 4/2005 
David Sholes1969 280 SLWhite, black, white113.044 12 008762  58,544 10/05All original
Harry Mead1970 280 SLHorizon Blue 304, Parchment 144, tan soft top113.044 10 014224130.983 10 0053804 spd manual, Becker Europa, bumper guards90,013 miles, Oct/05I have added the factory light alloy wheels, 6-1/2 x 14
John Hudoklin1964 230 SLDark Brown, Tan Leather, Tan Soft Top113.042 10 005675 4 speed, Both Tops, Becker Radio143,000 kmFully Restored / Documented / 4th Owner
Frank Denner1971 280 SLSilver (180), Black, Grey113.044 12 019325130.983 12electronic ignition64,455 miles on nov 2005 
Ted Scheuermann1966 230 SLBeige Exterior, Tobacco leather interior, Tobacco hardtop, goldenrod softtop113.042 10 014851 Tobacco colorkeyed hubcaps, Becker Europa radio, jump seat, four speed transmission, ivory steering wheel,68,284 10/05Purchased from orginal buyer on 10/17/05. All original including carpeting, outstanding condition, never been wrecked or damaged, bought in Conn on 4/22/66. Ted sold this car in 2005
Fred Jostmeijer1969 280 SL A/TSilver met., blue leather, blue softtop, hardtop silver met.113.044 12 power steering, pass.side outside mirror, elect. antenna, Becker radio Imported from Germany, repaint
Matthew W Merrill1966 230 SLwhite, navy, navy113.042 12 015813127.981 12 004199   
Kelly McEwan1969 280 SLRed, black, red with crome113.044 Becker AM/FM, Jump Seat, Ivory Wheel, Retractable belts, leather75000 gen miles 12/05Excellent original car.
Walter Klatt1964 230 SL-113.042 12 001834   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1964 230 SL-113.042 10 005543   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1966 230 SL-113.042 10 016362   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1963 230 SL-113.042 10 000199   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1967 250 SL-113.043 10 003022   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1969 280 SL-113.044 12 005252   Junkyard
Walter Klatt1969 280 SL-113.044 12 008989   Junkyard
Mike Rutledge1966 230 SLDark Bordeaux Red (573) top/bottom cream int.Tan soft top113.042 22 010884127.981 22 002291autometic power steering radio53887 mls 12/05Lady owner for 30yrs then one previous owner, all documents are with the car from date of registration including service book with plate.All orig
J. P. Mose1968 250 SL291 Dark Olive body/top; Cognac MB Tex; Dark Brown Soft Top113.043 12 003010129.982 12 001485P/S, Auto, Rear Fog Light, USA req., Becker Europa, Tinted Glass, 50L gas,133061 01/06Very correct original rust free car that will clean up to 90+ points easily!
Bartjebal1971 280 SLTabakbraun, cognac leather, brown top113.044 12 023645 frigiking, colorverglasung, Becker Europa II ,heizbare Heckscheibe190235Imported from California to Holland in October 2005, in mint condition, no restoration required
Abbas Taher1969 280 SLIvory, Blue, Navy113.044 12 008005130.983 12 005070Automatic, Becker Europa radio, Head rests, Ivory steering wheel, Power steering125,255 miles 3/2006USA car. Imported to UAE from Newport NC in Dec 2005 - Arrived in Dubai Feb 28, 2006. Joy of all members of the family.
David Glaser1963 230 SL598 signal red with 953 black mb tex and 720 black top113.042 10 000366127.981 10 0004613rd seat118,300 mar 2006very good body, almost all mechanicals rebuilt, daily driver in summer instesd of showroom
Marti Potter1963 230 SLwhite ext, blue interior, soft top? original white steering wheel113.042 10 0002446 cyl, 4 speedSoft top, original radio, clock, etc. leather seats147700 kilometershas round lights in the front next to headlights
Carl Gossard1967 230 SLWhite (717), red mb tex, black st113.042 10 018190127.981 10 013937PS, 4 speed, 3rd seat with seat belt, kuhlmeister54,350 Sep 1996 (when I got it); 85,000 April 2006Runs and drives excellent
Louis Leung1970 280 SLRed Ext. Red Top Beige leather interior113.044 12 012036130.983 12 068724?A/C; Automatic; Side facing seat in back48203 4/2006First shipped to Hawaii in 1969; 3rd owner; bought from a Navy Captain in 3/05
JimJ1968 280 SLOriginally dark red, black interior, black top... Now white with black interion and black soft top, white hard top113.044   first mercedes. It will be fun, once I get it sorted out. Supposedly restored car, but you know how that goes.
Alexander Westphal1971 280 SLsignal red on tan with tan top113.044 12 019254 A/C, automatic, hard top, becker am/fm77,800 apr 2006car sat for 14 years in a barn, and am beginning restoration now.
Chris Tietz1969 280 SLRed (Orig. Moss Green Metallic),Cognac, Black113.044 12 006919 A/C, Automatic, Power Steering, Bumper Over Riders, Tinted Glass, White Walls (per sticker) Second Owner/All Documentation Maintained to Original Sticker at $8,108
Tim Cherrett1970 280SLWhite/Blue113.044 22 017350130.983 22 011393 67,000 2008Sabine is lovely little looker and everyone loves her
J.Barton Jones1965 230 SLRed113.042 10 010636 Both tops26352 1986Car in storage since 1986 Not running presently
Hans Kollandsrud1971 280 SLBeige metallic w Brown leather113.044 12 020243 Automatic, both tops, Becker radio etc. Complete restoration started in 2006
David Whiteside1964 230 SLSignal Red, Palomino (MB Tex), Black Hard and soft top113.042 12 005605127.981 12 000898Becker Mexico TR, automatic, power steering, right hand side mirror, jump seat(1)58617km May 06Originally put in service as a company car to BERU in Ludwigsburg, W. Germany on August 14, 1964. Engine was replaced by MB for reasons unkown at 56471km June 1968.
Jaime Laya1970 280 SLmetallic red113.044 12 015507  79674 
Wapter Lo Prete1964 230 SLinterior cream, exterior pearl metallic113.042 12127.981 12hard top power steering, air conditioner, automatic74.000sold email
Rob Savelkoul1969 280 SLSilver,black,silver113.044 12 007753130.983 12 004889Becker Mexico, Automatic,A/C,headrests97500 miles May 2006Imported from California end of 2005
A.A. & Ian Christopher Collins1966 230 SL Coupe/RoadsterDB 050 White, DB 122 Light Red MB-TEX, Navy Blue113.042 12 016338127.981 12 004412English Inscriptions, 226-Tinted Glass, 227-Tinted Glass for Hard Top, 229-Special Windshield Glass, 420-Automatic Transmission with Floor Shift, 491-U.S. Equipment, 492-Enlarged Heat Exchanger, 515-Becker Europa radio, 835-Coco Mats13,XXX, 1979Grandmother passed down original invoice typed on rice paper along with all the original books, dealer offerings booklets, and available 230 SL options card with 1966 prices
Steven Adam1966 230 SLWhite Ext, Cream Int, White HT, Brown ST113.042 10 015911 ZF 5 Speed169,000 KM 0R 103,000 MNew delivery in Paris, sold into Germany, imported to California, now lives in NY Bought on Ebay 3 years ago. Awesome driver. Perfectly stable over 100mph!
A.J.Koeneman1965 230 SLExt.: Red. Int. black leather. Hardtop-Red. Soft top-Black113.042 10 0089776 cylinderAir conditioning1003095Orginal paint & technical complete overhauled.
Cortez-Campos1969 280 SL172 Anthracite, red MB tex - red carpets, Black top113.044 12 012140  73000 miles jun 2006 )newly restored, new wings, repainted etc.
Roman Bartl1967 230 SLivory/black leather/chocolate brown top113.042 12 017310 A/C, Headrests  
Daryl Spadaccini1968 250 SL906 light silver blue (originally dark olive)/cognac/black113.043 10 004802 tinted glass, hardtop trim, Europa, PS, PB, OSRV on both sides,around 688,000 6/2006. Speedo has been out the last month, so I haven't figured it carefully.What a great ride! Drive it every day. Purchased off a lot here in Seattle in September, 1975. 149,000 miles sep 75 4-speed.
Noel A O'Reilly1967 250 SLIvory, with ivory HT and Maroon Soft Top113.043 22 000019129.982 22 012688 146500 June 2006Excellent Condition
Keith Brooks1966 230 SL334/334 light blue with navy tex113.042 12 015113127.981 12 003867ps,auto t, tint,ac173000 6/06in excellent shape,marine blue/gray leather
Rick McCarthy1969 280 SLSilver113.044 12 014503130.980 12 007210Californian American Spec, Left hand drive, Living in South Africa, currently restoring
Tony Quinn1968 280 SL568 Signal Red, Parchment interior, Red hard top, Black soft top113.044 22 002738130.983 22 001730Auto, A/C, PAS, Becker Mexico135833mls 6/2006 
DeBois, John1969 280 SLGray, Brown113.044 12 007296 Dealer A/C Becker Europa43,000 6/06Orginal mileage, 3rd owner.
Kris Wehe1969 280 SLblk rag top & burgundy hard top113.044 12 011309    
Evelyn Broxterman1969 280 SLSilver with black interior113.044 12 006360 Automatic trans23K June 2006 
T Z1967 230 SLtan113.042 12 015543    
Nils-Olof Irwang1966 230 SLBlack113.042 10 015637   Restored motor, chassis, interior etc. Very good condition
Michael del Marmol1969 280 SLBlue/blue/blue113.044 12 004893unknownA/C84570 7/06 
Bill de Kretser1969 280 SLWhite, Blue, White113.044 22 006554130.983 22 004157AC58004 6/06Original delivery books, previous owner history, comprehensive service records supported by receipts
Bill Simaz1966 230 SLSilver exterior, Grey interior113.042 12 019806127.981 12Automatic~89,000Purchased in 2005 after a head-on crash. Quite rusty and needed some TLC. Replaced fender, front end, one frame rail, floor boards,on fire wall, both rocker panels. New radiator and misc. parts. Still runs great. Hope to be driving by 8-06.
Cmillard1965 230 SLRed, Graphite, Black113.042 10 009167  120,000 July 2006 
Alfonso Estevez1969 280 SLDolphin Blue with white bone leather113.044 12 009508130.983 12Factory A/C/ Leather / Rear kid seat50.500absolutely wonderful and original
Angelo Picareli1964 230 SLLight beige,Black, brown, Beige113.042 10 001207127.981 10 001039leather interior90000 k 2004currently being restored changed color to 040 scwhartz(black single stage)
Johan & Danielle Fransen1968 280 SLgreen, white, beige113.044 10 002163  46286 july 2006 
David Burrell1967 230 SLWhite, Red, White113.042 10 019620    
Steve Kamieniecki1966 230 SLWhite exterior, Blue interior, Blue hard and soft tops and wheel covers113.042 10 015120127.981 10 012124Ski Rack, Becker Europa AM/FM/LW/SW Radio61,801 August 2006 documented4 speed European model brought over in 1977. Documented ownership since purchase in 1966
James Walker1965 230 SLWhite, Black, Black, Black113.042 10 010333127.981 10 0125015 speed ZF, pagota & soft tops, Euro delivery170076 km, 8/06 
Uwe Heine1965 230 SLWhite, Cognac, Black113.042 12 008427127.981 12 001408401,416,426,600,73042880original MB 280 exchange engine, restored
Jbe1970 280 SL568 Red w/red HT; tan interior113.044 10 020299130.983 10 007308tinted glass, Becker Europa, ivory steering wheel, power steering, headrest, righthand side mirror, 4sp manual,unknown, at least 107000mlsre-imported from California to Germany, mint condition, no restoration required
Olaf Eidsaether1970 280 SL USAWhite / Green / White113.044 12 016155130.983 12 0106103 seater95K 08/2006 
SMS1966 230 SLGray w/ White top + wheel covers, Red Leather interior113.042 10 015339 AC, Leather67,532 8/2006 
Donald Almquist1970 280 SLLight Beige113.044 10 013342 4 speed, A/C  
Mike Knowler1966 230 SL AutomaticRed with cream interior113.042 12  53850 Sep 2006Unrestored but not neglected
Joseph C. Costa1971 280 SLArabian Grey - Black - Tan113.044 12 019790 Hardtop135000 9/2006Restored 1998 used as daily driver
Al Lieffring1966 230 SL396 Blue metalic, 904 dunkelblau hardtop, white Tex interior, blue canvas top113.042 10 014715MBZ factory replacement short blockkinder seat, came with a Kuhlmeister air (I have removed)speedo has been packed away for 20+ years, around 120,000 milespurchased car May 76 from a salvage yard in Texas, was daily driver about 8 years, in storage since 1983. My son and I are working to get it drivable again. Will never be a show car though.
Malcolm C Richardson1966 230 SL AutoNavy body, navy top, grey MB tex interior113.042 22 018671127.981 22 003840Becker Mexico radio cassette73000 Dec 2006 
Shamshul Baharain Sulaiman (Malaysia)1967 250 SLWhite Black interior,Black ST113.043    
Dora19971967 250 SL050 115 720113.043 10 000108129.982 10 000107230 232 720 very fast car with five speed gear box ZF
Steve Iatrou1964 230 SLWhite (050), Black (116), Black (roadster)113.042 10 001515 Very basic roadster. Dealer installed 1964 Blaupunkt Frankfurt US radio  
David Wyner1965 230 SL AutomaticPagoda Top - DB040 (schwarz) over DB671 (light ivory) body, black leather interior113.042 12127.981 22 002021First Aid Kit, Becker Grand Prix, Trouble Light.200,004 miles Sep 2006A lovely car fully restored 15 years ago and showing a pleasing patina. Immaculate rust free example.
Jerry L. Robinson1964 230 SLcreamweiss, cognac leather, havana brown top113.042 10 001023not availablerear seat91908 miles Sep 2006Car purchased in Southern California from 2nd owner in 2003: just finishing complete restoration: very early car, built November, 1963. .
Roy L. Brownie1970 280 SLGold, Brown, Brown113.044 12 012219130.983 12 007772 155551 Sep 06 
Carl Luttrell1968 280 SLDark Blue ext, white int, hard & soft tops113.044 12 000827130.983 12Automatic, ps, pb, radio19,755 km showingResonably solid body, some rust repairs done
Waqas1965 230 SLMoss Green Metallic - Tan Interior113.042 10 010052 kinder seat, hardtop, softtop  
Waqas1965 230 SLSignal Red (originally Papyrus White) - Navy Blue interior113.042 10 008522 hardtop, softtop, retrofitted MB seatbelts  
A A Pauli1968 280 SLRedD Exterior Red Top/Blk Top113.043 12 004575 Auto74,000 2006Good Shape
Paulr1970 280 SLnavy (duncan) blue with tastefully retrimmed biscuit leather. Navy tops.113.044  approx 107,000Looks and drives beautifully and used daily in and out of London.
David Brough1969 280 SLMetalic Silver Gray/Black Tex113.044 22 007400130.983 22 004634Auto/Power Steering107,000 10/06Engine rebuilt 6/06
Ken Deter1966 230 SLWhite, Dark Blue, Dark Blue113.042 10 012445 power steering euro; rear disk brakes with 3.92 ratio
Leandro fernandez1969 280 SLsilver blue blue113.044 12 008983 automatic, air conditioner  
Gendron Michel & Ginette1970 280 SLWhite, MB Tex Blue, Blue top113.044 12 018257130.983 12 011805401, 416, 426, 440, 461, 491, 503, 515, 524, 598, 600, 641, 669, 74495500 miles, nov 2006owned the car for a year, still very much concerned by the overheating when stuck in city stop and go traffic. I have had the M-B recirculating kit installed in November and hope the problem is cured.
Fred Hayes1967 250 SLCream Bamboo interior, Blue folding top113.043 10 002729129.982 10 0014754 speed,Becker radio(replaced by prev owner) Hard top55KUnlicensed in collection since 1991 appears as older cosmetic restoration
Eugene Lyle1968 280 SLSilver Metalic113.044 12 000488    
Sterl1967 250 SLDB304 Horizon blue body and hardtop, navy interior and conv top113.043 12 004370129.982 12 002210Originally soft top delete, auto, p/s.117,000 miles Nov 06)2 California owners until mid 2005. Imported by me to UK. Now in fine condition.
A.J. Merrifield1967 250 SLLight ivory, black interior, black top113.043 10 003295 4-spd manual, European car, U.S. headlights, Euro taillights Same owner since 1971, original engine blown in late '70s, replaced with 250SE engine
Danilo N. Galura1970 280 SLTobacco Brown/ cognac113.044 12 013238130.983 12Automatic121,990 12/2006)overall in good condition, eventually will need new paint and a new softop
Fswarr1971 280 SLlight blue ext, dark blue int & softtop113.044 12 a/c, automatic restored
Francisco Prieto1969 280 SLIvory/Ivory113.044 12 010286 A/C, PS, AT, M-B Alloy Wheels, Becker Europa,35230 Dec 2006Original California Blue Plate
Douglas Tuttle1967 250 SLOrient Red (501 - Maroon), Red Interior , Black Top113.043 10 000989129.982 10 000554Whitewall Tires, Leather, Right Side Mirror, Power Steering,144,000 11/06) 
Charles Karolos Lambrou1968 280 SLMidnight blue (orig. White), blue soft top,beige interior113.044 10 001648130.983 10 00146Becker Europa radio, driving & spot rally lights205,000 Km 2006European version imported to US, presently in Athens,Greece used frequently in Historic Rallies
Harold Sanderson/denver co1971 280 SLteal blue/beige leather both tops wtite/blue canvas113.044 10 019940 jump seat,becker,roof trim105687previous owner '91,all records there mechanic
Aapo Pispa1968 280 SLLight blue (Horizonblau 304) exterior and hard top. Blue MB Tex interior. Dark blue soft top.113.044 10 005027130.983 10 002102Headrests, Becker Europa radio113000 Sep 2006U.S. specs. One owner from 1968 til 2005. Well maintained and all receipts kept. Good original condition. Manual transmission.
Stuart Bailey1968 280 SLIvory outside, tobacco interior113.044 10 003966130.983 10 0016054 spd, frigiking, leaking power steering pump28,000 miles odometer not movinga bit trepidatious but willing to give it a go for some repairs
John Mancini1968 280 SLsignal red/congac MB Tex/Black soft top113.044 10 002553 4-speed, tinted windows, radio, limited slip optional rear axle, kinder seat plus ordered with parts to leave kinder seat out, two tops105K 1/07California car, pristine original condition including paint, glass, interior, soft top, hard top, ordered directly from MB factory and includes factory window sticker and all correspondence
Erik Pat1970 280 SLwhite with black hardtop113.044 12 019709280A.C Becker radio82555 1/2007 
Bruce Morse1966 230 SLDark Olive Green, Tan Interior, Black Top113.042 12 015007127.981 12 003799   
Sandy Patrick1968 250 SLJet Black, Red, Black113.043 10 003670129.982 10 001929Blaupunkt New Yorker, 4 Speed, Sideway Jump Seat31,567 2/2007Purchased from original owner in 1978, complete body restoration in 1987
Zeyad el Tawil1968 280 SLmoss green,parchment,tan113.044 12 005615 automatic, power steering, leather, radio, whitewall tires Egypt,2nd owner,mint condition
Egbert van Zeijts1968 250 SL124 Arabergrau, black leather, black softtop113.043 12 003675129.982 12 001838aut, becker grand prix, tinted windows+/- 105,000 2/2007Prev. own. David Tomberlin member pagoda sl group
Otto Danner1969 280 SLDB 467 Sand Beige Metallic; dark, brown; dark brown113.044 10 007086130.983 10 002853AC, PSunknownRestored
Rick Bogart1970 280 SLBlack, Parchment Leather, Black Top113.044 10 018286 4 Speed No Air83000 
Rick Bogart1969 280 SLSilver, Green Tex, Green Soft Top113.044 10 008024 4 Speed No Air109000 
Frank Lauerbach1965 230 SLred, beige leather, black soft top, hardtop113.042 12 011106127.981 12 002345automatic, a/c12306Thailand, fully operational after owner change 3 years ago
Andres Tahy1964 230 SLsilver/black113.042 12 008175 automatic2007 
John R. Solis1971 280 SLIvory exterior, chestnut MB Tex interior, beige soft top113.044 12 001499ReplacementA/C and automatic120,000 
John Woloszyn1970 280 SlMidnight Blue Metallic113.044 12 018484130.983 12 012180A/C, Hard and soft top7189 Since restorationOne sweet car
Benzportland1965 230 SLRed, black113.042 10 009988129.980 10 014426jump seat49,000 k 12/07Euro Version originally purchased on fly/drive
Daniel Walsh1968 250SLWhite/White hardtop& black softtop113.043 12 003070129.982 12 001441 367,000 1/08Purchased from original owner 1981-77,000 miles
Alan D. Clark 1-705-684-88871966 230 SLMoss Metallic Green,Cognac Leather,Green soft top,Black hard top113.042 12 012169 Automatic,PS, jump seat, leather,chrome roof bars Car stolen 1996 from barn in King Twp,Ont. Canada, Reward call 905 888-1414
Christos1967 250 SLbeige -braun -braun113.043 12 004444  120000 2007fine condition import from USA to Greece at 2006
Ron Roberts1968 250 SLWhite, camel, white113.043 12 003740| unknown  
Jay Picotte1971 280 SLDark Green, Cognac, 2 tops113.044    
Mark Flaten1970 280 SLSilver, Red, Silver113.044 Ltd Slip Diff43,100 Aug 2006 
David Pease1966 230 SLBurgundy body and ht, black softtop, off-white interior113.042 12 015461127.981 12 003868  Originally sold in Paris; French taillights, horns, wiring
Paul in Oregon1966 230 SLCurrently Wh/BL/Wh/Bl orig was Bl 50/Bl/Bl 50/Bl113.042 12 017185127.981 12 004795Auto, (body VIN hammered off),(rear end appears to be a 1967)19K 4/07 from condition probably 119KBEWARE! Questionable title?/Dealer sold as a 1967 250SL -- returned when discovered as 1966 230SL/Dealer likely to try to resell
Redouan El Younsi1968 250 SLWhite, Black, Black113.043 10129.982Shift in Morocco
Celebrity Entry1965 230 SLmedium blue exerior and hardtop, gray interior, dark blue soft top113.042 22 010632 auto trans, RHD, Coupe/Roadster Ex-John Lennon Pagoda
Pedro Faria Blanc1964 230 SLLight Ivory, Black, Blue Hard Top113.042    
Leo Klijn1969 280 SLSilvergrey Metallic DB180/MB Tex Blau DB 135/DB 180/black113.044 12 014174130.983 12 008905401, 416, 426, 629, 665, 254, 74078500/29042007none
Carolyn1963 230 SL EuroWhite ext, Red int. Black hard and soft top113.042 10 000091 4 spd manual76,541 km?|Sold in PA, then to CA
Frank Deutsch1966 230 SLwhite, red, black113.042 12 015293 automatic137,000 kmparted out and rusty corpus crushed 10 APR 08
Harry L.1971 280 SLsignal red,Gray interior, red hardtop, tan softop113.044 12 020844 Automatic trans, A/C, Becker Mexico el. ant. Bumper gds Rt.hand mirror euro lts60600 May 2007 
Tom Osborn1966 230 SLwhite exterior, cognac interior both tops113.042    
Garry Marks1969 280 SL Manual ex Scotland now in AustraliaDark Olive Tan leather int & tan S top. H top dark Olive113.044 20 007785130.983 20 003056Data Card showing 5 Speed with 4.08 differential. Changed to 4 speed67000 miles Nov 07No longer own this car. See Nich Bartels here.
Garry Marks1965 230SLLight Blue Ext 334, Medium Blue 350 HT, Natural Leather Int113.042 22 012948127.981 22 002801RHD, AT, PS, Becker Europa, Kinder Seat52,000 miles 11/13Engine rebuilt 2013, now in Australia
Donnie Carney1971 280 SLExterior Red, interior cognac, rag-Black , hardtop Red113.044 12 019267130.983 12 012727576, 140, 401, 416, 426, 440, 461, 491, 503, 515, 524, 595, 600,641, 669, 249, 740138,910 May 8 1971Colors listed are from data card, the present colors are exterior Red, interior Palamino, ragtop Tan, hardtop Red hub cap polished on color on them. but I will be making changes as time goes on and the color will be different!
Bob G MN1965 230 SL717 white Black top Black leather113.042 12 009558127.981 12 001903auto, kinder seat78,800 May 07owned since Mar. 68
Dick Dolan1968 280 SLMaroon Ext; black interior113.044 12 000842 black soft top; maroon hardtop108,000 May 2007rebuilt engine and restoration at 96,000 miles
Warren Hewitt1968 280 SLex-silver int- burgundy113.044 12 001461  79500 
Hans Uitermark1971 280 SLwhite113.044 12 022972130 016 32 01 280 SE/A 002771 (04/2007)Netherlands, Amsterdam DL-52-20
Rafael Pantin1969 280 SLRed exterior, black interior, black soft top, red hard top113.044 10 011664130.983 10 004550Air condition, 5 speed manual transmision 4.08 rear, kinder seat, headrests, power steering, power antenna, leather upholstery, tinted glass, right mirror, rear mechanical ABS, Alloy wheels53.203 KUndergoing complete overhaul
Giancarlo Vinacci1965 230 SLExt silver, Int red, Top bordeaux113.042    
Peter Dendrinos1969 280 SLRed, Black/dark gray, Red Hard, Black Soft113.044 12 008176  104750Completly refurbished, like new!
Bill Bryant1970 280 SLMetallic Blue/Blue/Blue113.044 12 016408 Auto,A/C,PS,Leather113,000 05/2007Daily driver, excellent conditon
Mark de Leon1970 280 SLWhite / dark blue interior113.044 12 018547  69,000 
Victor Antonio da Silva1965 230 SLWite,Red,Dark Red113.042 10 013696  92576 KmExcellent
Mathieu J. Cama1970 280 SLSilver113.044 10 017981  56,278 Jun 2007Three owners from new, in family since the mid-1970s, rare 2+2
David Culpepper1966 230 SL181H light beige 181 hardtop black interior/soft top113.042 12 015321 Automatic66132 mi.all original paint etc.
Rob Milesi1968 280 SLWhite Black interior113.044 20 001968130.983 20 000578rear seat840000 1/2007 
Frangoulopoulos Dimitros1964 230 SLIvory / Red /113.042 10 004240127.981 10 0038736J 14 Ronal wheels800,000 k (3 motor changes) 
Skyline-GTR1966 230 SLSilver,Red,silver113.042 12 012431   First Pagoda in Qatar
Robert1967 250 SLDark Red113.043  83000 July 2007 
Nathaniel t. Osborn1966 230 SLwhite exterior, cognac interior, black softtop,white hardtop113.042 12 016560 automatic100591 July 2007great fun! summer driver! in decent shape
Vincent Langan280 SLWhite, Black, Black113.044 Jump Seat35070Still running
Victor Hess1967 250 SLWhite/Red Interior/Black Soft top/White Hard Top113.043 10 000382 Power Steering/Safety Belts/Trim Strips on Hard TopTMU at 58,348 (with one turn around the odo.) 
Dave Arnold1967 250 SLDark Green Exterior and Roof, Bamboo Interior, Brown Convertible Top.113.043 12 0012482.5 literAutomatic143,000 km Aug 2007 
Bartjebal1969 280 SLHorizontblau113.044 12 010135  127700 
Marco Micheletti1969 280 SLSandbeige met., MBTex braun, braun113.044 Power steering, headrests, Beker Grand Prix, tinted Windows, 4 speed Restored int/ext, engine rebuilt
Mherman21968 280 SLWhite, Black, White Hard Top, Black Soft Top113.044 12 000857130.983 12 000554Auto, PS, PB, Leather,127640 KM 8/07Euro Version
Charlie Kicklighter1964 230 SLBeige, Palomino Int., Brown Hard and Soft Tops113.042 10 003606  115,000 km 1981 
Jeff Sandoval1969 280 SLExt Silver, Int MB-Tex 145 Parchment, Hard top silver, Soft top Dark blue113.044 10 009189130.983 10 003583401 Single seats, 416 Hardtop, 422 Power steering, 524, Paintcoat preservation, 598, Heat absorbing glass, 620 Italy version, 665 Mode of packing, 744 Folding top fabric 5010 dark blue151,320 8/18/2007Original paint was DB903 blue, Has after market air conditioning
Diehl and Pat Jones1970 280 SLBlue/Grey/Blue113.044 12 010564130.983 12 006692A/C, Auto, Hardtop121000 11/07 
Miroslav Mick Anic1966 230 SLivory exterior & hard top; tan soft top and interior113.042 10 4 speed manual (boy, I wish it had 1 more gear!) What a joy to drive!
Carlo Stradi1969 280 SLblue, hard top blue, soft top biege113.044 10 008879  50000kmwe need help please, I search engine or engine base for my car
Mike Haney1966 230 SLorignally blue w/ white int. now green w/ cognac int.113.042 10 017008 none, not even a radio! all business  
David Doherty1971 280 SL EuroSignal Red/Cognac Leather/Red Hard/Black Soft113.044 12 023703130 016 1101 (replacement)auto,rear fog lamp, heated rear window, 510 Becker97,685KM 5/07Partially restored
Forest jean-guy1970 280 SL automblack113.044 12 014197 2 tops130,000 miles documentedrestored to original
Mark A Camilleri1964 230 SLWhite113.042 10 009669   Former RAC registered Race Car
Ron Penzel1964 230 SLred113.042 10 006495 Sat. radio, 4 speed63,571 k Aug 20072 tops
Ann L. Neftin1970 280 SLSilver/black int./Silver hardtop/ Black soft top113.044 12 001700130.983 12 002196Automatic, leather seats, no radio-heater-air cond.79,300 Kilometers Sep 2007Euro model. Fresh paint (down-to-metal resto.) July 2007
Kevin Gardiner1968 280 SLForest Green exterior and hard top, black soft top, tan leather interior113.044 12 002972????67010 Sep 2007 
Barry Huff1969 280 SL460/460 dark maroon / black canvas top113.044 12 006326130.983 12 004028Auto, AC, radio delete84260 9/20073rd owner, all from the same county in NC.
Stepehn V. Jacquemin1971 280 SLIvory with Chocolate Brown Interior & Top113.044 12 021451 AC61KExcellent Condition and totally restored
John Harkin1964 230 SL Eurosilver blue exterior, blue leather113.042 10 006424129.980 (250SE installed by previous owner) 98088KM on engine 9/07, ?? on chassiscar sold
John Harkin1968 250 SLpapyrus white, dark blue MB Tex113.043 10 004450129.982 10 0022544-speedMileage 143708 
Alex Hidalgo-Gato1967 250 SLSignal Red, Biscuit Int, Black Conv., Red Hrdtp113.043 5-Speed ZF, AC, Becker Radio, Euro Model105,0003rd Owner
Barry Pitcher1970 280 SL AutoRed Parchment Leather Black Soft Top113.044 22 014188130.983 22 009037 127000 25/09/07original car in great condition
Robert Smit1967 250 SLExt 542 (Dark Red), Int 201 (Black), Tops 872 (Black)113.043 10 004935 Power Steering83711 (km) Aug 2007in Switzerland
Drew Salisbury1971 280 SLArabian grey, dark red MBtex, black soft top113.044 12 020639130.983 12 002356Becker stereo85500 10/2007 
Christoph Wesselburg1967 250 SL334 Light Blue Body and Hartop, parchment Leather interior113.043-Becker Mexico Automaticmotor 0 miles, body n/aeuro Model (Italy). Second owner. All restaured.
Bob Mulford1971 280 SLSilver paint, body and hard top, black soft top, black and gray interior113.044 12 023421originala/c130,000Second owner, purchased in 1980 w/55k mi, repainted 1985 original color,beautiful all original incl chrome, only MBZ parts, runs like a jack rabbit and purrs like a kitten. Garaged, head turner, driver and lots of fun
Masao Adachi1970 280 SLPapyrus White113.044 12 015387130.983 12 010029Frigiking / Becker Europa Radio26,800kmBecause a part is not sold in Japan, I am troubled.
Richard Lewis1971 280 SLRed 516, Cognac, Black113.044 12 023276 Automatic, AirUnknownBeing restored
Richard Lewis1967 230 SLWhite/Red Black top113.042 12 019654 Air, Automatic and Original Side SeatUnknownComplete restoration completed in late 2006
Phil Auldridge1964 230 SLWhite exterior including hardtop. blue interior soft top113.042 12 003139replaced with 280SE engineA/C Power Steering Auto52000 (per odometer) 10/07 
Pascal Feraud1965 230 SLWhite, red leather113.042 10 009316127.981 10 65000 kms 
Yngve Falk1963 280 SL568(red)113.042 10127.981 10 0002724 manual118.000 kmunrestoret incl. engine
Dionisotti Jean1967 250 SLSilver grey, black, black113.043 10 002606 Leather, power steering, ZF 5 speed gearbox68000kmHardtop coupe (less soft top), called California Coupe
Robert Hyatt1970 280 SL180 Silver Grey Met. ext., 242 Leather Red int., 9001 Black soft top, Silver Hard top113.044 10 015779130.983 10 005917422 PS, 431 Safety Belts, 462 Rear Foglamp, 516 Becker Radio ,111,252 Km Oct. 15, 2007Euro Car is European Specs/w European delivery. Orig owner Dr. John Horst, 2nd owner Fraulein Ingo Loffler, 3rd owner John Berry.
Mark Dubin1970 280 SLOlive/Congac/Parchment113.044 12 012574130.983 12 000080auto/becker mexico/ac100,900 10/07 (purchased 2 yrs ago with 86,900 ma driver's car and a great deal of fun
Christopher Burghardt1966 230 SLoriginal: beige, MB tex cognac, now red/beige leather/black tops113.042 10 016920 5 speed ZF, hardtop166218 on 07 Nov 20074 owners, originally Italian car, in US from 1984-91, in Belgium since 1991
Anfinn Emberland1970 280 SLMet. Grey (180), Red, Met. Grey (180)113.044 12 021752130.983 12 014678Auto, AC, US-version56829 mi.Being restored to original colors, metallic silver, red MB-tex interior.
Richard Madison1969 280 SLTunis Beige Metallic, tan soft top113.044 10 007007130.983 10 002821Euro version, Becker Europa II Stereo, elec antenna, wood Grant wheel, front fog lights,65,000 km 10/2007An Italian stallion from Genoa
Susan Adler1970 280 SL350/medium blue; grey MB Tex, light blue carpet113.044 10 016420 4 speed manual transmission, becker radioapprox 20,060 when stolenblack soft top; slight damage to undercarriage at passenger side back of car
John Lewenauer1967 250 SL# 568H Signal Red, #116 Caviar MB-Tex, 4 speed manual, #720 Black soft top113.043 10 001543129.982 10 000813Hard top, Power Steering, Tinted Glass, Blaupunkt radio, WISI antenna149K 12/19/07Formerly belonged to Vince Canepa, club member
John Collins1965 230SL050 White, 201 Black Leather, Both tops113.042 10 010563127.981 10 008901Jump Seat, European delivery May 17, 1965, Becker Mexico Radio, Power Steering, A/C, Fitted Luggage - I have all of the items, including the luggage145,685 as of 4/23/2006Bought it on 4/23/2006 from original owner with all original paperwork
Tony Haris1967 250SLBlack, Red Interior113.043 10 002914129.980 10 68,000 
Michael Coffman1968 280 SLPapyrus White 717; Dark Blue Top 904113.044 10 001713130.983 12 006320Becker Europa radio; hardtop roof trim112654Euro version California hardtop. Engine has been replaced.
Jaco van der Walt1964 230SLRed, Black leather interior, Black softtop, Black Hardtop113.042 10 002525127.981 10 002324Power steering, Garnish mouldings on Hardtop117200 km 1/2008)Imported from Germany to South Africa 1968
Johan Boers1966 230 SLaubergine red113.042 10 015565m127 llhard top73896 
Tempur1965 230 SLmedium red 516, eggshell 230, blk top113.042 12 012205127.981 12 002698auto, leather, power steering, radio AM/FM, safety belts16406 2/08Fully documented
Joe Bahout1964 230 SLsignal red,int black, top black113.043 auto recently restored, in lebanon.
Romary1970 280SLSilver 180 / Silver roof 180113.044 10 018617130.983 10 006813hydraulic control / emergency seat00007 k Sep 2008 / Restoredaluminum rims restored
Michael D. Hakkert1969 280SLDB180113.044 10 011109 4 Spd Manual51K 9/2008Restoration Completed April 2008
Darren Thomas1970 280 SLWhite/Blue113.044 22 018542130.983 22 012241Automatic, Leather, Becker Radio, iPod Jack28437 m Feb 2008)All original, our family project, won MB Club of Victoria Concourse D'elegance 2007 Show and Shine SL Category, Maybe will win Concourse Competition in the future.
Jon Svensson1965 230 SLbluegray/white113.042 12 01208   being restored
Camilo Saiz1969 280SLSilver, Black, Black113.044 12 006687 Auto, original Becker, A/C31000Ground up restoration 1000 miles since.
Hans A Strom1967Green metallic     
Luca Nencetti1968 280 SLMetallic Silver 180db, Black, Black113.044 10 001915 Becker Europa98000, 3/2008 
Craig Matthew1968 280 SLsignal red113.044 10 00058  27,458 
George Henne1965 230 SLGreen, tan interior113.042 10 09872  235,000 km April 2008Owned it since 1978
Courtney G Jones1970 280 SLSilver Black Black113.044 12 013303 automatic/ air40,185 April 2008 
Ismael Acevedo1967 280 SLExt:: Beige/Braun. Int: Tan113.043 12 003466 Air conditioner, hard and soft top beautiful impecable car
Walter Thomas1964 230 SLWhite with tan interior, black ragtop113.042 10 010752153 127896 k 4/08Decently restored daily driver
Bovagnet1969 280 SLGray metallic113.044 10 008368  2008 
J.Barton Jones1970 280SLBlack-Tan Interior113.044 12 017148 Both tops, AC,PB,PS65,678 May 2008A one of a kind-
Michael Carr1968 250SLOlive113.043 10 004900 US delivery 4spd119,000 6/08 
René Bourdages1967 230 SLWhite Ext / Blue Int.113.042 12 018203  59000 miles June 2008 
Richard & Nancy Diefenbach1964 230SLLight Ivory, Black HT ST, Red MB Tex113.042 10 011477127.981 10 009624 250,000 km, 2006Euro model, Restored 1993. Rebuilt engine 2008
Dana C. Lutes1969 280 SL Euro050 White, 050 Black H/top, Black S/top, Black Tex113.044 10 010418130.983 10 004083Becker Europa Radio, A/C 4 speed100,000 KmJust put on a vintage 1969 Oregon plate
John Szemansco1963 230SLGraphite Grey, Red Leather, Cream Soft Top, Graphite Grey Hardtop.113.042 10 000671127.981 10 000542WW Tires, Hardtop, Leather Upholstery107,000 7/08Production no. 000236, build date 8-63, US version
Brian Aitken1965 230 SLwas maroon now medium blue113.042 22 013585127.981 22 003082 67k june 08 
Jakob Dahl Knudsen1970 280 SL568 H 568 H Signal red/ Signal Red, black MB tex.113.044 12 016545 Automatic, power steering, Hard top rails, AC, Left Mirror, Europa radio (replaced)100100 M Aug 2008Texas car imported to Denmark, europe August 2008
Romary Vincent1970 280 SLSilver / Hard Top Silver / Interior MBTEX dark red113.044 10 018617130.983 10 006813Power steering / 3rd seat00007 Sep 2008 after full restorationAluminium wheel added / Mercedes engine exchange
Ahlheim, Norman1967 250 SLDark Blue, Parchment Interior113.043 10 002485129.982 104 speed shiftest. 197000 k 2008Euro car--Euro lights, body excellent condition. left hand drive--orig sold in Rome, Italy 1967
Andrew Wolff1969 280 SLwhite exterior, burgundy interior113.044 10 005494130.983 10 002241PS, A/C67000 10/20084-speed, 3.27 rear axle
Philip Watts1968 280SLwhite113.044 original becker, jump seat, auto92000 
Jackson Schwartz (jaxxonia)1970 280 SL462 Tunis beige metallic, 140 Cognac tex113.044 12 017543MB replacement 7/5/73 130 016 32 01automatic, A/C, PS, tint, Becker Europa, whitewalls94480resprayed original color, recovered seats, survivor
Don D. Evans1967 250 SLDB180 silver body &hard top; 122 Red interior; 720 Black soft top113.043 10 003168129.982 10 001704factory ZF 5-speed transmission; 4.08:1 limited slip differential; alloy Bundt wheels (later); rear Kinder seat; AC (after market)New engine has 71,000 miles as of 10/11Euro version originally sold in Italy, in California
Michael Benét1966 230 SL181 Lt Beige ext, 131 Bronze Brown MBtex int, 408 Havana Brown hardtop, Parchment softtop113.042 10 014851 Havana Brown hubcaps, Becker Europa radio, heavy duty heater, jump seat, four speed manual transmission, ivory steering wheel70,050 11/08Purchased from orginal buyer on 10/17/05. All original including carpeting, factory condition survivor. Bought new in CT USA on 4/22/66
Wittich Mueller1970 280 SL542 Dark Red ext, Cognac MBtex int, Lt Brown carpets113.044 12 014627 Chrome strips on HT, Auto transmission Purchased 2003, undergoing teardown and body work. Engine exchanged. Exterior now Sand Beige
Larry Goldstein1971 280SLTobacco Brown Ext and HT, Dark Brown Soft Top, Bamboo MB Tex int113.044 12 018803130.983 12 012434Auto Trans, A/C, PS, Becker Europa, HT Trim Strips14168 1/09Orig paint, interior and carpets
Peter van Es1971 280SL903 Blue, Blue MBtex interior, Dark Blue Soft Top113.044 12 019212 249 heated rear window and tinted glass; 426 Auto Trans, PS; 491 US version;515 Becker AM/FM radio132,000 miles 1/09Bought July 2001, imported from the US by a previous owner
Tony Mascaro1969 280SL717 Papyrus White, Blue MB Tex interior, Blue Soft Top113.044 10 013893 Manual trans, Becker radio, First Aid kit109,863 miles Feb 2009Euro version (Germany), now Silver Grey Exterior, New York
Mario Nardi1970 280SL 113.044 12 012577130.983 12 008032  Florence Italy
Craig Layman1966 230SL158 White/Grey Ext and HT, Creme MB Tex113.042 10 014608127.981 10 011836No Soft top, HD Heat Exchanger, Manual Trans103,000 miles Feb 09Now Black ext, Brown Int, CA USA
Samer Al Abed1964 230SLEgg White Ext, Lt Brown Int113.042 12 002987127.981 12 000394Euro Version, Leather seats, Orig Becker Radio, PS, RH mirror114,633 Km 2/09Amman, Jordan
Mark Wendlinger1970 280SL181H Lt Beige113.044 12 012580 AT, PS118,444 mi Mar 09US Version, CA style (no top), repainted Signal Red
Mark Wendlinger1969 280SL834 Moss Green Metallic113.044 12 005801   Orig color, tool kit
Frank Gimpel1968 280SL050 White, Black Int, White Hard Top, Black Soft Top113.044 12 003189130.983 12 002031Euro version, AT, 3 seats, Headrests,168,000 kmFirst registry: June 1968, Freiburg Germany
Drew Fox1966 230 SL050 White 050, Tan Int113.042 22 017337127.981 22 004874AT, PS123,000 miles? 2009Int was originally Black, off the road for 18 years, located in UK. No longer owned by Drew
Timo Ala-Heikkila1966 230SLExt Arabian Grey, HT Black, Int Cavier113.042 10 018126127.981 10 013828PS, Tinted Glass now in Finland from the USA
Guillermo Fernandez1968 250SLDark Olive, Beige Int113.043 10 004013129.016 0301Manual 4 speed92,000 Miles 4/09 
Charlie Rowlands1968 280SLSilver Ext, Brown Int113.044 12 004717 Auto 4 speed161,000 miles 4/09HT, Ivory wheel, Jump Seat
Chan Johnson1967 250 SLWhite Ext and HT, Navy Blue Int and Soft Top113.043 10 003650129.962 10 0018604 speed Manual102,000 km origItalian version Euro car from Naples, Italy
Jose Valdes1964 230SLSignal Red 568 Ext and HT, Black Soft Top113.042 10 007604127.981 10 0066164 Speed manual, AC original paint, Jump Seat, Nardi wheel
Ken Harkema1966 230SLWhite ext, Bamboo Int113.042 10 015735 4 Speed manual, PS located San Diego CA
Ken Harkema1965 230SLSignal Red ext, Black Int113.042 10 011401 4 Speed manual, PS kinder seat, located San Diego CA
Stan Popow1971 280SLAnthracite Grey 172H ext and HT, Black int113.044 12 023798130.983 12 016159Auto Trans, AC, Heated HT Rear Window, Fog Lamps, USA Version41,000 on odometer 2009located Poland
Leo Vossen1967 250SL181 Light Beige ext, 542 Dark Red HT, Brown Soft Top, Brown Leather int113.043 10 001789129.982 10 0010154 speed manual102000 Km 5/09restored 1996, located Netherlands
James Howard1966 230SL334 Light Blue Ext, 115 Dark Blue MB tex Int113.042 10 019694127.981 10 014725PS, No Hard Top170,000 miles May 09First registered NJ USA
Jim Pancoast1966 230SL178 Med Gray Ext, Black MBtex Int113.042 10 016982127.981 10 0131665 spd ZF Manual, Kinder seat234,026 KmEuro Italian version, very original, Virginia USA
Ken Wiginton1966 230SL050 White Ext and HT, Tan Int113.042 10 015077  Shows 46,346km 7/09Euro version
Mort Polsky1967 250SLDB-050 White Ext and HT, Dark Brown ST, Bamboo Int113.043 12 000510129.982 12 000250PS, Becker radio  
James Donati1970 280SL728H Beige Gray,138 Dark Brown MBtex Int, 746 Dark Brown ST113.044 12 018253130.983 12 0120274 Speed Auto, PS, AC, Becker Europa Radio61,500 miles Oct 2011US Version, 3rd owner, very original condition
Peter Maathuis1966 230SL396G Blue Metallic Ext and HT, Blue softtop113.042 10 019072 Kinder Seat, Roof Rack, Blaupunkt radio4700 miles plus 193,000 kms 8/2009STOLEN in NL 8/09
Matthew Epstein1967 280SLTobacco Brown Ext, Beige Int113.044 10 000080 5 Speed ZF Manual78000 KM 8/09KM shown believed to be total mileage, Euro version, owned by same family since new, bought in Geneva, went with family to FL then to NJ
Christian1970 280SLWhite Ext, Black MB Tex Int, Black HT and Soft Top113.044 12 012086130.983 12 007646Auto Trans, AC, PS, PB, Power Ant. USA Version now in Cyprus
Raymond Schlicht1967 250SL268 Dark Green (orig 158 Grey) Ext; Parchment MBTex Int.113.043 10 001519129.982 10 000854 OrigCoupe (no soft top); ZF 5-spd trans; PS (added); 3.69 rear axle Del new in Germany, came to U.S. 1968; one U.S. owner for 17 years. Sold to present owner 1985
Mark Roter1970 280SL173G Anthracite Grey Ext and HT; 132 Red Int; 741 Dark Grey Soft Top113.044 12 012160130.983 12 007721598 Tinted Glass; 641 WW Tires; Auto Trans78,000 miles 9/20092nd owner;USA version; All numbers match
Norm Glorioso1966 230SL162 Blue Grey Ext and Soft Top; 221 White Grey Int113.042 12 018378127.981 12 005349AT, Becker Radio, Power Antenna106,000 miles 2/2016Euro version, now in TX USA, restored
Peter Maathuis1967 250SLDark blue Ext and HT, Grey 118 MBTex Int113.043 12 001147129.980AT, Becker Europa radio, PS166,000 kms 10/2009Euro version, orig colour 268H, restored in USA 1985-1990
Marianne Kieffer1970 280SL268 Dark Green Ext, Creme Leather Int113.044 12 015193130.983 12 009840AC  
Sandy Sternig1971 280SLDark Green Ext, Cognac Int113.044 12 023590 AT, Becker Europa, PS, Heated rear window69,000 org miles 10/09Unrestored, orig del Smithtown L.I. NY USA
Mike Davis1971 280SLTob Brown Ext, Tan Top, Cognac Int113.044 12 019763130.983 12 013133AT, PS, AC, Heated rear window, Becker Europa151,000 miles 10/09Ext now White DB 737
Lance Guilford1970 280SLSilver Grey Ext and HT, Red Int, Black Soft top113.044 12 012993130.983 12 008251AT, Becker Europa with Cassette, AC, PSshows 26,630 miles 11/09US Version, Euro del
Brad Badali1966 230SL050 White Ext, Caviar MBtex Int113.042 12 013302127.981 12 003059AT, PS, Becker radio58,000 miles 11/09Unrestored, repainted 1990; soft top added. PA USA
Bernd Lauber1968 280SLWeissgrau Ext113.044 12 001518130.983 12 00103AT, AC, Becker Europa49,000 miles 11/09USA Version, was Black MBTex now Parchment Leather, Grey Sq Weave Carpet
Jean-Luc Gavelle1967 250SLRed Ext, Biscuit Int113.043 12 002871 Leather Int, AT, PS, Becker Grand Prix58,000 KM 1/10Swiss veteran status
Wes Bender1970 280SL268 Dark Green Ext, 134 Green Int, Dark Green ST, 717 Papyrus White HT113.044 12 015585130.983 12 010170Becker Europa radio, Frigiking AC119,000 miles 1/10Originally in New Mexico USA
Al Frey1971 280 SL387H Blue Ext, HT; 80144 Parchment Int113.044 12 021192113.044 12 014210Rear Window Heater, AT, PS, Becker Europa, Pwr Ant96,000 miles 1/2010USA Version, California Coupe, original window sticker
Ricardo Clements1971 280SLWhite Ext and HT, Tan Int, Dark Brown Soft Top113.044 12 018631130.983 12 012283AC106,500 miles 2/2010 
Djhakhak1971 280SLHorizon Blue Ext,Navy Blue Leather Int, Navy Blue Soft Top113.044 12 023343130.983 12 015137AT, PS, AC, heated rear window, Becker Europa, Tinted Glass, WW Tires110,000 miles 3/2010US Version from Texas to Belgium
Erik Van der Cruysse1966 230 SLBurgundy Ext and HT, Black ST, Black MBTex int113.042 12 016408 AT, PS, Blaupunkt, jump seat USA to Belgium
Allen Penfield1968 280SL906 Light Blue Ext, Black HT, Blue MBTex Int113.044 12 000009130.983 12 000003AT, Becker radio72,000 miles 5/10Euro version, early 280SL, all orig except paint
Lloyd Williams1965 230SL568 Signal Red Ext and HT, Bronze Brown MBTex Int113.042 22 012001129.980 2 027830Kinder seat, AT168,000 miles 5/10250SE engine installed 2004, restored and rebadged as 250SL
John Peter Gaustad1964 230SL717 White Ext, Blue Soft Top, Blue leather Int113.042 10 005206127.981 10 004663Manual trans, Kinder seat73,400 miles 5/10From New York to Oslo, being restored
Michael Hundrup1970 280SLWhite Ext, Blue leather INT, Dark Blue HT113.044 10 018079130.983 10 006630PS, Alloy Wheels, Manual trans70,000 miles 5/202020 years in RI USA then back to Germany
Mark Brower1970 280SL050 White Ext and HT, 744 Drk Blue ST, Lt Red MB Tex Int113.044 12 012204130.983 12 007718AT, PS, Right Side Mirror118,000 miles 7/10Orig sale: Hollywood CA USA
Gert Junes1967 250SL542 Dark Red Ext and HT, MB Tex Cognac Int113.043 10 004829129.982 10 002398Manual Trans,PS,USA version, tinted windows, WW tires82,020 miles 7/10Exported from USA to Belgium 1995, Int now 210 natural leather
Dean A1968 280SLWhite Ext, Black Int, White HT, Black ST113.044 12 00857130.983 12 00554AT, PS, Leather Int132,000 KM 7/2010Euro version, Europa Radio, auto ant, Nardi Wheel
Robert Larkin1970 280SLBlue metallic Ext and HT, Dark Blue ST113.044 12 013098130.983 12 008486AC, PS, AT60,250 miles 8/2010USA version, Becker radio, Auto Ant
Carl De Meulder1970 280SLWhite Ext, Tan Int113.044 10 0014895 PS, Manual Trans, Euro Version55,000 KM (not verified)Orig delivery France
Christopher Heg1969 280SLTobacco Brown Ext & HT, Cognac Int, Brown ST113.044 12 008190130.983 12 005156AT, PS, AC137,000 milesUS version, delivered Seattle WA 6/69, Blaupunkt cassette radio
John Brown1965 230SL332 Dark Blue Ext & HT, 727 Light Grey ST113.042 12 011628127.981 12 002514Becker Europa, 221 White Grey Leather, Creme carpet72,00 miles 11/2010South Bend IN USA 6/65. Always in same family
John (Ed) Hill1969 280SLWhite Ext, Beige ST, Cognac Int113.044 10 003820130.983 10 0015754 spd Manual, PS, Tinted Windows70,400 miles 11/2010Orig owner, purchased 18 Sep 68, unrestored, CA USA
John MacKinnon1970 280SLLipstick Red Ext (originally 181H Light Beige); Soft top was Tobacco Brown; Bamboo Tan Int113.044 12 013473 AT93,500 miles 12/10 
Jacob Vargis1964 230SLWhite Ext and HT, Caviar MB Tex Int, and Black ST113.042 10 001028127.981 10 000843Becker Europa, Manual82,000 miles 1/2011USA version, Manual changed to Auto Trans, was CA now VA
Marie Scherb1966 230SLWhite Ext, MB Tex int Caviar, Black ST113.042 10 011828127.981 10 0097494 speed Manual, Becker Europa Radio, Euro Model, PS170,000 miles 1/20113rd owner, HT was Black, CA USA since 1970
Mike Cosgrove1967 230SLSilver Ext, Red Int, Black HT and ST113.042 12 019703 AT, PS, Blaupunkt radio103,000 miles 3/2011 
Peter Jedicke1965 230SLWhite Ext and HT, Cognac Leather Int113.042 10 009474127.981 10 008043PS, 4 spd Manualmany miles2020 completed restoration project. Body completely rebuilt, original colour. New softtop, leather interior and carpets. Mechanical reassembly by Dan Caron. Blaupunkt radio.
Mike Saich1969 280SLBurgundy Ext and HT, Black Leather Int113.044 22 011711130.983 22 007203PS, AT, Becker radio96,000 miles 4/11RHD Euro version
Geoffrey Baur1968 280SL460 Dark Maroon113.044 12 003185 PS, HT moldings, Kinder Seat  
Alan Sarquis1969 280SLWhite Ext, Black Int113.044 10 012058130.983 10 004696AC, PS, Becker Europa radio69,000 miles 6/2011 
Frank Mallory Jr1968 280SL050 White Ext and HT, Black MB Tex Int113.044 10 003084130.983 10 001230PS, PB, Becker Mexico Olympia56,500 km 7/11Stuttgart delivery, to CA USA 1970
Cascadia1963 230SLWhite Ext, Black ST, Red Int113.042 10 000015127.982 10 013642PS, PB Barn Find, Ext repainted Gold
Tony Edelbrock1964 230SLWhite Ext113.042 12 008215  69,000 miles 9/2011Now in Arizona USA
Jon Bernardi1967 250SLSignal red DB568 ext, Black leather Int, Black top113.043 10 001344 PS, Tinted windows176,000 miles Oct 2011restored 2000
Jon Bernardi1970 280SLDark Blue (Dunkel Blau) 904 ext, red leather int, Dark Blue top113.044 12 012730 PS Tinted windows, Becker Europa136,000 miles Oct 2011Bought from owner of 40 years
Richard Rose1965 230SL717 Papyrus white Ext and HT, Caviar 116 MBTex Int113.042 22 012936127.981 22 002875AT,AC, Right side mirror Converted from miles to KM, RHD, Adelaide Australia
Jeff Garner1970 280SLSandy Beige Metallic 467 Ext and HT, Dark Brown Int and ST113.044 12 013260130.983 12 095715Becker Grand Prix, orig Alloy Wheels, Ski Rack43,000 miles Oct 2011Orig Firestone WW spare, MB Gas can, Hella Aux lights, Wind Screen
Henri Spijkers1964 230SL268 Dark Green Ext, 121 Cream Int113.042 12 007722127.981 12 001370AT, PS98,000 miles 10/2011Netherlands
Basem Aldarwish1967 250SL180 Silver Grey Ext, 116 Caviar Int, 571 Red HT113.043 12 004186129.982 12 002149PS, AT Now Red Ext, Black Int, Euro Version, Kuwait
John Koeppler1968 280SLSilver 180 Ext, Black Int113.044 22 007362130.983 22 004516RHD, AT68,000 Miles 11/11UK version, located Australia
Bob Patchett1962 230SLPapyrus White Ext, Red MBTex Int113.042 10 008312127.981 10 007145PS192,000 miles 11/11Restored, Canada
Mark Flaten1970 280SLDB180 Silver Grey, Black HT ST, Red Int113.044 10 014672 limited slip differential, Becker Grand Prix62,000 miles 11/11restored, changed to Euro version
Jordan Posmyk1965 230SLWhite ext, Black HT113.042 10 008890127.981 10 006783PS, Manual, Becker radio75,000 km 1/12Restored, Euro version, has 280 SL engine, now Poland
Tom D'Andrea1969 280SLTunis Beige Ext, Tobacco Brown HT, Cognac MB Tex Int113.044 10 008623130.983 10 0086234 Sp Manual, AC, Trans80,000 miles 1/2012 
Ian Steward1970 280SLWhite Ext & HT, Black ST, Black Leather INT113.044 10 0014686130.983 10 005499Euro version, Manual, Spotlight, Limited Slip Diff130,000 Km 1/2012In the Family since 1988
Frank Marsanic1965 230SLBurgundy Ext, Light Grey Int113.042 22 009057127.981 22 001741RHD, Auto Trans, Becker Europa, Tinted Glass65,500 miles 2/2012Australian car, now Black Ext and Black Int
Chris Miller1969 280SL396 Med Blue Metallic Ext, Grey (7000) MB Tex Int, Blue (5003) Carpet113.044 10 003397130.983 10 001355ZF-5 Speed, Becker Europa, PS145,000 Km 2/2012Italy Euro version, Nardi steering wheel, now San Diego CA
Rob Bujis1970 280SL304 Horizon Blue Ext and HT, 135 Blue Int,744 Dark Blue ST113.044 12 016856130.983 12 011042Becker radio, Tinted Glass, PS, AT200,000 Km 2/2012Ext color changed to Signal Red, US Version in Netherlands
DOK1967 250SLWhite Ext & HT, Black ST and Int113.043 10 003901 PS, Manual Trans, Euro version, Becker Europa, AC99,000 Km 2/2012German car now in NJ USA
Sassan Behnam1970 280SL180 Silver Grey Metallic Ext & HT, 131 Black MB-Tex Int113.044 10 013216113.983 10 0051744 spd Manual, US Version, Becker Europa Radio, Ltd Slip Diff, Ski Rack36,280 miles 2/2012 
Charles Blackwell1964 230SLDark Blue Ext (332), Lt Blue ST (723)113.042 10 003548127.981 10 003227Becker radio52,000 miles 3/2012 
Jerome Phaneuf1964 230SLPapyrus White Ext,Dark Blue HT, Dark Blue Int, Navy Blue ST113.042 10 006466127.981 10 005717Kinder Seat, Manual Trans, Becker Europa radio, Leather Int87,000 Km 6/12Euro version, Del'd Cologne Ger 9/64
Brady Ratliff1969 280SLCream Ext, Black Int113.044 12 010731 Auto, AC, orig Radioshows 43,000 miles 6/12USA Model, now in KY, being restored after 8 year rest
Gabriel Birnie1971 280SLTobacco Brown Ext, Cognac Int, Tan Soft Top113.044 12 022725130.983 12Auto, PS, Becker Europa, heated rear window, AC86,000 miles 8/12Jump Seat, USA model, built 10/70, delivered FL USA 4/71, in VA USA since 2004
Christianroosvall1970 280SLRed Ext, Black HT and ST, Beige Leather Int113.044 12 015127 Kinder Seat121,000km 10/12German delivery, then to Sweden, from 1988-2011 in car collection, driven only 2500km in those 23 years
Donald Mann1969 280SLSilver Ext and HT, Black ST, Red Int113.044 10 003965 Leather Int, Becker Mexico, 4 sp Manual, PS, AC51,600 mi 12/12US Version
Gary Hayes1970 280SLWhite Ext and HT, Black MB Tex Int113.044 12 018485130.983 12 012192Auto, PS, Becker radio, HT Strips102,000 miles 12/12Texas USA
Phil Ernst1965 230SLHavana Brown Ext, Ivory HT, Black ST113.042 12 006337 Kinder Seat, Becker Radio Now in CA, was resting for 12 years
Brian Bauske1964 230SLSignal Red Ext, Black ST, Black Leather Int113.042 10 007985127.981 10 006974Manual trans, Becker Grand Prix, ST now Tan, Int now MB Tex being restored
Artur Moscicki1970 280SLMoss Green Ext and HT, Black MB Tex Int, Dark Green ST113.044 12 013976130.983 12 009185Becker Europa, Alloy Wheels, PS101,000 miles 1/13US version from MA USA to Poland
Fred Zwicker1968 280SLMercedes Silver (originally White) Ext113.044 12 000090130.980 12 000020PS, Radio, Euro Version  
Car sold to unknown owner nov 20201968 280 SLPapyrus White Ext, Dark Blue ST, Black Leather Int113.044 12 000971130.983 12 000651Auto, AC, Becker Europa141,000 miles 2/2013 
Harry Simeonidis1970 280SLFire Red Ext, Black ST, Black Leather Int113.044 12 015354130.983 12 009946Auto, AC, Becker Grand Prix112,000 miles 2/2013 
Simon Arnold1968 280SLSilver Grey 180 Ext and HT, Blue MB Tex Int113.044 10 000226130.983 10 000039ZF 5 Speed trans, 1:4.08 Rearend56,000 Km 2/13Euro version, now Leather Int, delivered Jan 68 Geneva
Julian Berry1964 230SLLight Blue (334) Int and HT, MB Tex int113.042 20 005088127.981 20 004559RHD100,000 miles 2/13no soft top, Euro model, UK
Enzo Lubusch1965 230SLWhite 050 Ext, Black ST, Bamboo Int113.042 10 009830127.981 10 008175 30,000 KmEuro version from Germany. Engine replaced. Now in MS USA
Past member1969 280SL903 Blue Ext and HT, Dark Blue ST, Blue Int113.044 12 007259130.983 12 004506Becker radio, AT, Headrests70,000 total milesFrom Florida to Canada in 1990. Partial restoration 1992
Ron Kratschmar1970 280SLTobacco Brown Ext, Beige MB Tex Int113.044 12 013276130.983 12 008513AT, WW tires135,000 miles 8/13Located in Canada
Armin Hummel1968 280SL903 Blue Ext, Beige ST, MB Tex Beige Int113.044 10 000160130.980 12 0486564 speed Manual trans151,700 miles 9/13Now Orient Red Ext, Drk Brown ST, Cognac Int, USA version back in Germany
Camille Chebeir1968 250SLBlue Ext and HT, Light Gray MB Tex Int113.043 12 003591129.982 12 001786---
Philip French1967 280SLTunis Beige Ext and HT, Dark Brown MB Tex Int, Dark Brown ST113.044 22 00210113.983 22 000049RHD, AT, Becker Mexico, PSshows 43,000 miles 11/13orig sold York UK, now Australia, Bundt Wheels, total mileage may be 143,000
Pascal Decoussemaeker1967 250SLWhite Grey 158H Ext and HT, Dark Blue MB Tex Int113.043 10 004306129.982 10 002000Euro version-Repainted 2002, Belgium
Johan Westling1964 230SLExt and HT White (50) Black Leather Int, Dark Brown ST113.042 10 003221127.981.10 0027804SP Manual, PS, Blaupunkt Euro Version
Geert de Lange1967 250SL716 Grey Beige Ext, 268 Dark Green Top, Green MB Tex Int113.043 10 003857129.982 10 001950Radio delete, Kinder Seat94,000 miles 6/2014All original. A soft top is being added to the empty soft top compartment, CA USA
Paul de Geus (paladin)1967 250SL050 White, 040 Black, Black MB Tex Int113.043 22 001943129.982 22 000096 130,000 miles 8/2014UK car, lots of owners (mainly Scottish), lots of history, lots of regular use - love it
Mike Joyce1968 280SLLight Beige 181H ext, Dark Brown HT and ST113.044 12 001576  42,000 miles 8/14original preserved car, second owner
Nasser Almaadheed1970 280SLTobacco Brown 423H Ext, Parchment Leather Int113.044 12 015359 PS, Becker Radio, AC, Soft top, Hard top  
Mark Gibson1970 280SLMoss Green Metallic 834, Green HT and ST 834, Black leather Int 241113.044 12 013628130.980 12 008603PS, Becker Europa radio, Tinted Glass, Chrome Roof bars, WW tiresEst 150,000 miles 8/142nd owner, unrestored, in CA
Thomas Ray1967 230SL463H Copper Metallic Ext and HT, Black ST, Black leather Int113.042 12 019291127.981 12 005766PS, AC, Blaupunkt radio120,000 6/14with family of orig purchaser
Nicholas Bartels1969 280 SLDark Olive Tan leather Int. Tan ST, Dark Olive HT113.044 20 007785130.983 20 0030565 Speed Manual, 4.08 Rear77,000 miles Jul 14Sold Scotland, now in Australia, restored, now 4 speed, See Garry Marks here
John Byrne1970 280SLDark Green Ext, Beige ST, Bamboo MB Tex Int113.044 10 005702130.983 10 0057044 Speed Manual, Becker radio, WW tires43,500 9/14US version, NC USA
Mark Evans1968 280SLSilver Metallic 180 Ext and HT, Black ST, Black MBTex Int113.044 22 00783130.983 22 000487Auto trans, auto antenna130,000 orig miles 9/14Engine rebuilt at 100,000 miles, Euro version from UK, now Australia
Mario Munoz1969 280SLTobacco Brown Ext, Beige ST, Cognac Int113.044 10 004924130.983 10 0020134 sp Manual, PS94,000 miles 9/2014interior, engine restored; now Beige Ext, will repaint to orig color
Michael Monahan1971 280SLMoss Green Ext and HT, Cognac Leather Int113.044 12 021759130.983 12 014715Heated rear panel, power antenna100,000 miles 9/2014Minnesota USA, extensive restoration
Jaroslaw Monka1966 230SLColor was 268/268 Cognac MBTex, is 040/040 Cognac Leather113.042 10 012491127 981 10 10362US version, manual, PS, tinted glass, heated rear window; Becker Mexico70,000 miles 4/2014Back in Europe since 2012 all numbers matching
Brian Akre1967 230SL050 White; 116 Caviar (black) MB-Tex interior113.042 12 017030127 981 12 004752PS, automatic, whitewall tires102,327 miles 14/11/2014Built in June 1966, U.S. export; full restoration completed in 2013; two-owner car, in my family since 1970; originally sold in California; now in The Netherlands
Jim Sandherr1967 280SLIvory Ext and HT, Tan ST, Bamboo Int113.044 12 005590 PS, Becker radio 88,000 miles 11/14
Enrique Garcia1968 280SLWhite 050 Ext, Horizon Blue 304G HT, Tan ST113.044 10 0001264130.983 10 000514Bundt alloy wheels, Nardi wheel82,482 miles 12/143rd owner, Euro version, repainted Signal Red
Manuel Gonzalez Laguillo1966 230SLHavana Brown Ext, Papyrus White HT, Black ST113.042 10 0016701127.981 10 012878USA model, manual transmission121,000 miles 1/15repainted, now in Spain
Dave Tobin1965 230SL571 Red Ext, Bamboo MBTex113.042 10 011027 Manual, Kinder Seat, Euro Version87,000 KM 5/14imported to USA 1984
Ron Zammit1966 230SL181 Light Beige Ext, Havana Brown HT, 737 Brown ST, 1098 Brown Leather Int113.042 10 012999 Euro version, PS, Becker Mexico, 4 speed Manual69,000 KM 2008located CA USA, engine not original, total mileage unknown, replaced radio now Becker Europa II
Nigel Lapping1971 280SL180 Silver Grey Ext, ST and HT Blue, MBTex Blue Int113.044 10 023384113.983 10 008061Radio MB Blaupunkt w/auto antenna105,000 Miles 2/15located Australia
Dave Tobin1965 250 SL040 Black Ext and HT, Black ST, 201 Black Leather Int113.043 12 005195129.982 12 002721AT100,000 miles 2/15Next to last 250SL produced
Matthew Smith1970 280SLExt: originally Blue (now Silver), Black HT, Red Int113.044 10 019438130.983 10 007006US Version, 4 Spd MT, HT heated glass,tinted glass, Becker radio117,000 miles 11/2012now located in Europe
Juan Manuel Castelli1970 280SL467H Sandy Beige Metallic Ext and HT, Dark Brown ST, Brown Int113.044 10 016435130.983 10 0061115 speed Manual, Becker Euro Grand Prix, AC114,000 KM 3/15Euro version, Argentina
Bruce Wood1967 250 SLEXT and HT Silver (now Signal Red), INT Black (now Natural)113.043 12 001783 Euro version, Becker radio, AT Restored, now in NC USA
Keith Benbenisty1967 250SLExt and HT 040 Black, Int 210 Brown Leather113.043 12 002057129.982 12 000907Cal Coupe, AT, AC, Blaupunkt radio96,000 miles 6/15
Roland Boucher1970 280SLExt & HT 571 Red, Int Cognac Brown113.044 10 012094130.983 10 004763PS, Tinted Glass, Limited Slip Differential Located MA USA
George Meimetis1969 280SLExt 906 Grey Blue, HT Light Ivory, Int Cognac Leather113.044 12 009877130-983 12 006281Becker Mexico radio, CA Coupe, Tinted windows, PS Euro Version, Concours restoration, located Athens Greece
George Lollar1970 280SLExt 050 White, HT 134 Green, ST 747 Dark Green, Int 134 Green113.044 10 013591130.983 10 0052104 Sp Manual, US Version, AC70,000 miles 7/2015located VA USA
Harry Rose1964 230SLExt White, Int Red, HT and ST Black113.042 10 000886 4 SP Manual, Becker radio, PS63,000 miles 7/2015located FL USA
Dirk Schmeissmeier1970 280SLDark Blue E XT and ST, Dark Red INT113.044 12 016390130.983 12 010774Lmtd Slip Diff, Becker Mexico Cassette radio30,000 km since rebuildArizona car now in Germany
Barry Pope1967 250SLoriginally White, changed to Red EXT,Black HT, Black Leather Int113.043 22 004273130.983 22 015673Becker Mexico Radio70,000 miles 12/15has rear axle from a 280SE 3.5, develops about 200hp, located UK
Koen Buyse1969 280SLPapyrus White 717 EXT and HT113.044 12 013050130.983 12 008362Rear window heater, French version now located in Belgium
Nobert König1965 230SLPapyrus White 717 EXT, Blue 335H Int113.042 10 008538127.981 10 0074104 Spd Manual, Becker Grand Prix, Auto Antenna38,000 km 12/15Orig sold Argentina, now in Germany, Euro Version
James Graham1968 280SLHorizonblau DB 303 Ext, Mittleblau DB 350 HT, Dark Blue Int leather (was MBTex)113.044 12 000781130.983 12 000530AT, PS, AC Behr, HT Chrome Strips, Radio Becker Grand Prix, Electric Antenna, Tinted glass142,650 miles 12/2015started watching this car in 1971, owned since 1979, US version w/Euro lights
Wojciech Ficek1964 230SLLight Ivory Ext, Havana Brown HT, Brown ST, Natural Int, Brown Carpet, Ivory Wheel113.042 10 03060129.981 104 SP Manual, Becker radio155,000 Km 1/16From NH USA to Poland in 2015, restoration underway
Pierre Scottorn1970 280SL717 Papyrus White Ext, 132 Red MBTex Int113.044 12 013798130.983 12 008806 59,000 miles 1/16Euro version. Germany delivery then to FL USA now in UAE
Peter Perry1965 230SLLight Ivory 670 Ext and HT, 124 Green MB Tex Int, 730 Beige ST113.042 12 012208127.981 12 002691No PS. Radio Delete, Kinder Seat70,000 miles 2/2016restored
Peter Perry1966 230SLHavana Brown Ext, Light Beige HT, 121 Creme/Beige MB Tex INT, Beige 730 ST113.042 10 013877127.981 10 0113534 Speed Manual, PS75,000 miles 2/2016in storage for 30 years
Ralph Neely1969 280SLDark Olive 291 Ext, Dark Green 747 ST, Parchment 256 Leather Int113.044 10 007749130.983 10 0029014 speed manual, Becker Grand Prix, Auto Antenna, Tinted Glass48,500 miles 3/2016Orig owner, factory delivery, now AL USA
Michael Nielsen1968 280SLGrey 180 Ext and HT, Red Int113.044 12 003444130.983 12 002183AT, lmtd slip diff, Becker Europa radio, Kinder Seat, Euro version? mileageLocated Denmark, gear box replaced
Mark Roter1970 280 SLGrey Blue 906 Ext and HT, Dark Blue 744 ST, Blue leather Int113.044 12 012287130.983 12 007748Tinted Glass, Auto Ant, AT49,000 miles 6/2016Located IL USA
Ryan Lawrence1967 250SLDark Olive Ext (291H), Black ST113.043 10 002000129.982 10 001092Calif Coupe, Kinder Seat, 4 spd Manual, Blaupunkt Radio, Rear Fog Light, Euro Version58,000 KM 7/2016Located CA USA
Mikael Nordan1971 280SLTunis Beige Ext (492), Dark Brown leather Int, Dark Brown ST113.044 12 020178130.983 12 013407AT, PS, Heated Tinter rear window, Becker Europa radio, Auto Antenna, Jump Seat98,000 KM 8/2016Euro version
Ray Nash1969 280SLWhite 050 Ext and HT (now Ivory 670), Cognac leather Int,Dark Brown ST113.044 12 003807130.044 12 002332AT, Becker Europa Radio116,000 miles 8/16US version, to Holland in 2012, to UK 2015
Paul Phipps1966 230SLHorizon Blue 304G Ext and HT, Navy Blue 723 ST, Med Blue MBTex Int113.042 10 013398 PS, Tinted Glass54,850 miles 8/16Orig owner, Rust free desert car in Nevada
Marc Lewis1968 280SLGrey Beige Metallic Ext, Brown ST, Brown Int113.044 12 000870130.983 12 000540AT, Becker Europa radio (now Becker II Stereo), Auto antenna, Tinted glass, roof bars,78,000 8/16Restored, orig sold MA USA, now in NJ USA
Peter Brunklaus1969 280 SLPapyrus White Ext, Black HT, Midnight Blue Int 241113.044 12 007197130.983 12 004499AT, PS, AC, Becker Europa TR, Tinted Glass, WW tires51,000 miles 9/2016Originally sold in CA USA, now in the Netherlands, restored
Gareth Brown1964 230SLWhite Ext, Blue Int113.042 00 01889127.981 11 015000LHD, 4 Spd67,000 KM 12/16in Sydney Australia
Bruce Kaiser1968 280SLWhite Ext & HT, Dark Green Int113.044 10 000455130.983 12 013001AT, Becker radio, PS120,000 miles 1989repainted cream, engine rebuild. Located NY
Lars Bjaelkvall1970 280SL568 Red Est, 040 Black HT, Blk leather Int113.044 12 014150130.983 12 009096AT, PS, LH drive, USA model Orig sold USA, to Sweden 2007
Nicholas Apostol1967 250SLSilver Grey 180G Ext & HT; Dark Blue ST, Euro Model113.043 12 001659 AT, PS, Kinder Seat, Blaupunkt Radio, AC, 3 piece luggage95,700 miles 2/2017Sold in Germany, now in FL USA
Jim Schuman1966 230SLWhite Ext and HT, Black ST, Cavier Int113.042 10 015848127.981 10 012559Becker Grand Prix radio, automatic antenna, 4 sp manual, PSmiles unknownrestored 1990's, located NY)
Ali Baysal1967 250SLWhite Ext and HT, Red ST and Int113.043 12 002999129.98 12 001455Becker radio, AC, AT PS74,000 miles 4/2017USA model exported to Turkey 2013
Haluk Acar1966 230SLIvory White Ext, Black HT, ST, and Int113.042 10 016636127.981 10 012944Manual trans, Euro version, AT, PS, Jump Seat, Becker radio102,000 Km 4/2017restored, located Turkey
Borja Travesedo1966 230SLWhite Ext, HT and ST Black, Black Leather Int113.042 10 16856 Blaupunkt radio, 4 sp manual, PS, auto antenna, Euro version14,000 KM (after restoration) 5/2017Restored 2011, located Spain
Matt Rogers1965 230SLDark Green 268H Ext and HT, Natural Int113.042 12 008417127.981 12AT Located Hawaii
Mason Branstetter1967 250SLWhite Ext, White HT, Blue Int, Blue ST113.043 10 001427129.982 10 000818Euro version, 5 speed ZF Manual trans32000 KM 11/2017Purchased in Swizterland 1982, now in OR USA
Loďc Onillon1966 230SLWhite 158 Ext, Leather Cavier 116 Int113.042 12 016740127.981 12 004645Euro version, PS, Auto, Right side outside mirror, WW tires, Becker Europa210,000 KM 5/18Original engine rebuilt, repainted to: Magnatite Blue 931 Ext, now Black Int, originally del in Germany
Stephen Kassinger1971 280SLSilver Blue 906 Ext, Parchment leather, Blue carpet 145 Int113.044 12 019478130.983 12 012919PS, Auto, Tinted Windows, Heated rear window, AC, Becker Europa75,000 miles 5/18Added Euro headlights, located CA USA
Bob Burritt1967 230SLWhite 050 Ext, HT, Caviar 116 MBTex Int, Black 720 ST113.042 10 019619 Tinted windows, Blaupunkt SW,AM,FM, AC; Manual Trans128,000 miles 6/18Sold Boise ID USA, stored since 1977
John Danner1966 230SLIvory White Ext and HT, Camel Tan ST, Light Grey/Tan interior, Camel Carpet113.042 10 005021 Becker Radio, Euro Version, 4sp Manual58,000 miles 8/2018very low original mileage
Hugh Whipple1970 280SL113.044 10 019962130.983 10 007143Beige Grey (728) Ext, Dark Green Interior, Dark Green ST (now Black)Limited Slip Differential (256), ZF 5 speed trans, Becker Grand Prix, Autom Antenna, Heated Rear Window74,500 km 8/2018Euro version, Swiss delivery, now IL USA, Restored. Best in Class Karl Benz Award, Geneva(IL) Concours d’ Elegance, August 2018
Jeff Trepel1964 230SLD50G White Ext. (now Light Ivory), Black ST, Int. Caviar 2100 MBTex113.042 10 000249127.981 10 000285HT added, Radio, Euro Version71,000 miles 8/2018Now in NC USA, Orig Owner GP Driver Karel Godin de Beaufort
Devlin Wing1970 280SLWhite 050 Ext, Black ST, Black MB Tex Int113.44 12 019453130.983 12 010923AT, PS, Stereo Radio, Heated Rear Window, Seat Belts62,000 miles 10/18Located BC, Canada
Kenneth Bourque1970 280SLSilver Grey DB180 Ext, Blue leather Int113.044 12 015063 Kinder Seat78,000 miles 1/2019Euro headlights, Located MA USA
Chris Yaw1964 280 SLWhite Ext & HT, Black ST, Red Leather Int (now Tan)113.042 10 004444127.981 10 002639Euro Model, engine replaced, Becker Grand Prix, WW tires, Man Trans Located MI USA
Leonard Reppond1971 280SLRed 576G Ext, Beige 141 Int, MB Tex 740 Black, Tan Soft Top113.044 10 022320130.983 10 007777Auto Ant, Becker Gran Prix, USA ver60,000 mi 9/19Coco mats, 4 piece luggage w/strap, orig owner, located CA USA
Erik Reurekas1966 230SLWhite 050, MB tex Caviar, code 116113.042 10 016294127.981 10 012748PS, Becker Europe, 5-speed, hardtop157.000 km, 10/2019ZF S5-20 5-speed gearbox, full history, original mileage, located Netherlands
Taleb Bahman1969 280SLWhite 050 Ext, HT Black 040113.044 12 005066130 983 12 003181US version44,000 mi 11/19 
Greg Thorne1970 280SLWhite ext, Black HT, Black MB Tex Int113.044 10 022679130.983 10 0078784 sp manual, Ltd Slip Diff, Heated HT, Tinted Glass, Becker Mexico radio39,500 milesLocated NJ USA
Dave Robinson1965 230SLAnthracite Grey Ext113.042 10 010107127.981 10 10008536Becker Radio142,000 km 3/2080orig Ext Blue Grey, Restored 2019
Pawel Szczesniak1970 280SLSilver- Grey Metallic 180 Ext, Leather Blue 245 Int, Dark Blue ST113.044 12 016726113.983 12 010982Heated Rear Window, Tinted Glass, Fog Lamp under rear bumper, Euro Model, Auto Antennamileage unknown3,000 KM since restoration, located Poland, no Soft Top, No radio.
Patrick McHugh1967 250SLWhite HT, Black ST, Beige Int113.043 12 001395129.982 12 000628Becker Europa14,000 miles 4/2020Located UK, correct mileage unknown
Pieter Snoeren1969 280SL387 Met. blue HT, Met. blue ST, Cognac Int113.043 12 012014130.983 12 007605Kinderseat Rare 3.69 axle ratio
Saman Behnam1970 280SL180G HT, 180G ST, Black leather Int113.044 12 009150 Automatic  
Saman Behnam1970 280SL050G HT, 050G ST, Cognac113.044 10 011814 4 speed manual  
Janice & Dan Streisel1969 280SLDark Red, black Interior113.044 12 010540130.983 12 006703Automatic, Power Steering, ski rack, had cassette deck109995 km ?2nd owner, parked for 15 yrs, repainted, semi restored, daily driver between repairs
Bill Greffin1971 280SLDB423 Tobacco, 250 Cognac, 746 Dark Brown Soft-Top113.044 10 022375130.983 10 0077964-speed manual, no air, both tops, Becker Europa112,000+ original milesbuilt 11/1970; purchased new in Sacramento 4/14/1971; original owner
BeachBear (David White)1969 280SLLight Ivory (670), Dark Brown MBtex (138)113.044 12 010269130.983 12 006497Folding (Soft) Top Fabric Dark Brown 8023236400 4/2019Complete engine/fuel injector pump rebuild finished May 2020. The dark brown soft top (included per data card option: 746) and a frame was added to an empty compartment in 1985
Xhafer Orhan1967 230SL040G Black, Black leather interior113.042 10 018472127.981 10 014069Becker Europa TR138265 05/2020Engine,transmission,brakes,clutch,suspension, steering, fuel system completely overhauled at mileage 136,267. Becker Europa TR added. Leather Seats replaced. Runs like a top. Same owner since 1971. Original manuals.
Paul Ardito1970 280SLDark Red exterior and hard top, Cognac interior, Tan cloth top113.044 12 017539130.983 12 010825Power Steering, Automatic, Becker AM/FM, Nardi Steering Wheel120282 5/2020Complete numbers matching, purchased in 2013, prior owner purchased in 1972
Don and Mary Bepristis1965 230SLwhite with blue hardtop, softtop and interior113.042 10 009412127.981 10 008018 68288 km 5/2020Purchased from a private party in Point Loma Can in 2008
Rod Lilyquist1967 250SLLight blue, dark blue interior, dark blue soft top113.043 10 003562129.982 10 001881Power steering, Becker Europa, tinted glass161902 at 5/2020Purchased in San Francisco 11/18/1967 by my father; given to me 4/30/1970 as a wedding present
Frans Douma1968 280SL717 Papyrus White 040 Black Top 740 Soft Top113.044 10 002974130.983 10 001210A/C, 4 Speed, Becker Radio, White Wall Tyres87500km 5/2020Euro Spec, Left Hand Drive
Maurice Demblon, Belgique1967 230SL906G Grey Blue113.042 10 019257127.981 10 014506Volant blanc -Cuir bamboo 8011 – Hardtop – Feux brouillard (43)(= ivory colored steering wheel, leather bamboo 8011, hardtop and additional fog lights (43))152'000 km 11/2020Euro Spec, restoration completed at 152'000 kms in 2019
Paul Cain1965 230 SLWhite, blue leather, blue canvas soft top, white hardtop113.042 10 010467127.981 10 008827Kinderseat, Hardtop, Becker Grand Prix AM-FM, 4 spd manual transmission82,502 actual mileage as of January 2021US Spec, was originally Red/Tan but a full conversion to white with white hardtop and blue leather interior was performed from 2011-2019. Extensive mechanical rebuilt, installation of Getrag 5 speed with original 4 spd MB gearbox retained
Andrew Birrell1969 280SLPapyrus White (717 UT and OT), Dark Blue MB-tex interior code 135, Dark Blue cloth soft top code 5010113.044 22 008684130.983 22 005494Automatic trans, PAS (401, 416, 426, 461, 622)92,243 miles October, 27 2020Original, never restored, matching numbers, full service history
James R. Dexter1970 280SLmoss-green metallic 834G, 834G, interior 141 MB-Tex beige 8000, 745 Soft top 8022 beige113.044 12 022673130.983 12 015359US Version LHD, auto transmileage: (1)39,400 knownUS Spec, Left Hand Drive
George Gower1969 280SL050-white body 542-dark red top 132-red MB-Tex113.044 12 010590130.983 12 006451USA version, white walls, black soft top, trim strips and heated glass on top, auto trans-001322, options: Becker, air conditioning91,750 miles as of 2021engine rebuilt 2005 at 90,996 miles, new AC 2021
Francisco Pereira do Valle1970 280SLBody 181 Light beige, top 423 tobacco brown, soft top 8023 dark brown113.044 12 021859130.983 12 014790LHD, 491 US version, 249 heated rear window, 426 Auto, power steering, 503, 515, 746Mileage: 4000 as of June 1, 2016; 87077 as August 17, 19813 owners in the US, imported to Portugal in 2006
GVDK1968 280SLSilver, red leather interior, red hardtop113.044 12 005444130.983 12 006374Becker radio, hardtop8311 KM as of 24/06/2021Fully restored, concours
Rahul Patel1971 280SLMetallic Red (571), parchment MBTex interior, red carpet, black cloth soft top113.044 12 021695130.983 12 014628US-delivery, Automatic, Power steering, Heated rear-glass, Left mirror only, Becker AM/FM (US), W/wall tyres, Tinted glass, Hardtop + softtopshows 126k in 2021, TMUOriginally bought by Jean Terrell of The Supremes!
Riga Master Workshop1969 280SLMidnight Blue 904, Parchment 8014, Blue 5003 carpets113.044 12 012839130.983 12 00814340/ 1, 41/6, 42/6, 46/1 ,49/1, 50/3, 52/4, 59/8, 64/1, 66/9, 257, 744unknownBarn find, now fully restored
Riga Master Workshop1970 280SLDark Green 268, Cognac 8006, Brown 8008 Tufting carpets113.044 12 016068130.983 12 01094640/1, 41/5, 42/6, 44/0, 46/1, 49/1, 50/3, 52/4, 59/8, 60/0, 64/1, 66/9, 745unknownBarn find, now fully restored
Randall Baer, Altadena, CA USA1964 230SLWhite Grey 158H, Blue Leather113.042 10 0005400127.981 10 004708Becker Europa Radio, Rear Jump Seat, Convertible Top, 4 manual speed transmission177930 miles, Oct 20214th Owner
Allison & Wickham Zimmerman1966 230SLWhite with Blue MB Tex interior, Blue soft top, and white hardtop113.042 10 017883127.981 10 013397 124974 km as of 11/1/2021A Euro car with the round side markers on the front, so it was likely an Italian car initially. It is a remarkably original car that is in great shape for an unrestored car.
Bardia Manafi1968 280SLTan soft top, factory hardtop Tobacco brown 423113.044 12 00871130.983 12 000574Power steering, Automatic, mirror option on the right, Bosch halogen headlights147000 km documenteddelivered new to Mercedes Benz of Toronto, all original and not restored matching body and powertrain 2 owners ca
Bardia Manafi1967 250SL304 Horizon Blue113.043 10 001802129.982 10 001013Factory hardtop with roof rails167981km documentedDelivered new to MB of Toronto, never restored all matching 3 owners from new
Bardia Manafi1965 230SLSilver on Green 180G (body), 226H (hardtop)113.042 10 010909 third seat leather interior  
Patrick Van den Acker1967 250SL CaliforniaBody: White (050), Hardtop: White (050), Interior: Black Caviar(116), Carpets: Black (116)113.043 12 002066129.982 12 000924254, 25587930Km, 28/12/2021Full restoration project
Lars Lagstrom1966 230SLOrient red, 501, boddy + HT, Black MB-Tex, Black soft top113.042 10 019114127.981 10 0143744-speed, Blaupunkt Frankfurt, Tinted windscreen, Bumper guard, Hazard122517 miles July 3 2021Factory complete Now 24 1966, First registration 09/1967 in Connecticut. Imported to Sweden from Phoenix Arizona 07/2021, 230SL with 1980s restoration, no rust, patinated car
James (Jim) Mullen1966 230SLOriginally DB332 Midnight Blue (exterior), now Bohemian Blue (Deltron colour), DB118 Grey (interior)113.042 12 014625 Power Steering, Automatic, Becker Europa TR, Whitewall Tyres151824 February 2022Ex Worcester, Mass. vehicle, imported to the UK in 2014
Nick Trump1964 230SL(040) Black (040) Hard top (720) Black soft top (117) Red interior113.042 20 002961127981 20 002824Delivered with a hard top on68k original and documented, Feb 2022Barn find. 4 speed right hand drive; in America my 11year old and 7 year old sons car: Noah & Sam
Mark Davie1969 280SL(571H)Red Metallic Black soft top Tan interior113.044 22 014767130.983 22 009556Options: Tinted glass, Power Steering, RHS mirror, Paint coat PreservativeMileage: 170,725 miles (June 1, 2021)Comments: Fully restored by MB Queensland and Austar in 2010. (at 169,000 miles)
Steve Fischer1971 280SL396 Medium Blue Ext/hardtop/hubs, 744 Dark Blue softtop 145 parchment interior, 5003 blue carpet113.044 12 022750130.983 12 015421Power steering, auto trans, Becker Europa stereo, A/C63,911 miles 5/30/21 
David Cleghorn1964 230SL050 white exterior and hardtop, new red leather interior, new black soft top,113.042 10 002101127.981 10 001982Options: Becker radio129,000 kms (3/10/2022)Italian delivered (Salerno), fully restored in Germany, shipped to Florida USA, Boston USA, shipped to Sydney and now lives in Adelaide, Australia
Edward Schroder1967 230 SL717 Papyrus White body and hardtop, 116 Caviar MB-Tex interior, 720 black cloth soft top113.042-10-017138127.981 10 013259401 single seats,493 USA version, 508 left side view mirror, 524 paint-coat preservation, 641 white wall tires, 669 mode of packing VE I, 226 heat insulated side glass, 229 heat insulated windshield, 720 soft-top fabric, blacktotal mileage unknownUS delivery
Russ Munson1969 280 SL670 light ivory body, hubcaps and hardtop, 135 Blue MB-Tex interior (5000), 744 dark blue soft top 5010113.044-12-010080130.983 12 006378Options: (from data card) automatic transmission; power steering; front and rear bumper guards; instruments showing mileage and in English; US version; outside rear view mirror left side; paint coat preservation; interference suppression with radio set; Steering wheel ivory colored (but actually black); tinted glass wrap around, darker on top; garnish mouldings on hard top; white wall tires (currently black)77,000 5/1/2022Comments: Inherited from my uncle in the late 1990’s who bought the car new in 1969. Had 32,000 miles at that time. Have been getting on top of deferred maintenance past 3 years. Drive regularly May through October.
David Michael1964 230 SLPaint code 304 with 050 hard top and blue soft top113.042-10-001660127.981 10 000769Options: Ivory steering wheel, hard top with garnish, whitewallsMileage unknonwnThis is a barn find that sat since 1989. The car was originally purchased in Germany, then brought to California in the early 1980's. I purchased it in June 2022 and in the process of restoring it. It was repainted (poorly) white, so I'm removing the paint, trying to uncover the original paint. The interior is supposed to be blue MBTex, but it was replaced with brown leather, so I'm in the process of replacing it.
Brandon Smart1964 230 SLOriginal paint code is 568 (signal red), Original interior code 221 (white gray leather) - still on the car113042-12-005525engine no. not knownOptions: 4 speed manual, jump seat, antenna, ivory steering wheelMileage: 45,636 KM as of 11/5/22Work in progress
John Betsch1965 230 SLMetallic Red-UT & OT: DB571H, Black Soft top (720), Upholstery Summary Code: 213, 1065-Light Antique Yellow Leather113042-12-010662127981-12-002173Options: Euro Version, Becker Grand Prix Radio (516), Automatic with Power Steering (426), Rear Sideways Seat (566), Hardtop (416), Ivory Steering WheelTotal mileage unknownDelivered Köln, Germany 17 May 1965. Rare combination of DB571 with Antique Yellow Leather Upholstery, Rear Fog Light, Hella Driving Lights, Trailer Hitch, Kinder Seat removed. Nicknamed: "Sadie", owned over 30 years.
Jay Olson1969 280 SLOlive Green (291) exterior, Olive Green (291) hardtop, Black soft top (740) originally, but changed to Robbins tan soft top in 1995, Black (131) MB Tex upholstery originally, but seats changed to black leather in 2019113044-10-009340130983-10-003675Options: Hardtop (416) and Power steering (422)Mileage 59,500/July 2022 (am pretty confident these are original total miles)Minnesota car all of its life - I’m the 4th owner. Built in April 1969. Delivered in April 1970
Steve Barrett1968 280SLDark Olive Green body and hardtop, bamboo MB TEX interior, tan cloth soft top113044-12-002223130.983-12-001273Options: Power steering, Becker Grand Prix, A/C, tinted windows, white wall radial tiresMileage: app. 150,000 milesOriginal well maintained car but has not been driven in a few years. US version, 3rd owner.
John Meister1970 280SLBlack, Cognac leather interior, black cloth soft top, (originally Papyrus White with Blue MB Tex (135)Interior113044-10-017819130.983-10-006567Options: US version. Manual, Power steering, white wall tires, hard top, originally nylon loop carpet (blue), walnut color wood, Becker EuropaMileage: 138,620 miles until 1/23Transmission no.: 006258. Purchased in 2007 out of San Diego. It's a very nice driver.
Paul Buck1965 230SLwhite, black MB Tex interior, black cloth soft top,113042-22-013608127.981-22-011443 tbdOptions: hard top, automatic, power steering, mirrors, tinted windscreen , MB tex interiorMileage: 38,500 miles (138,500) March 2023UK car, one owner from 1966 to 2011. Second owner to date. Never restored, very good overall condition, FULL service and parts history from original owner.