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The Electrical System

The electrical system provides a number of important elements of the car. It starts the engine, and it generates the sparks needed for combustion in the cylinders of the engine. It illuminates lights and provides signals to others, an essential element of safety.


The electrical system of the car provides electrical power to start the car, to fire the cylinders, and to illuminate lights.


The electrical system comprises a power source, the battery, and a means of generating additional power when driving (the alternator). These power sources are connected to users of power via a wiring harness and a negative earth. The electrical system drives the ignition of the car.

All lights, indicator (blinker lights) and radio and antenna are also electrical components. Fuses protect the electrical system.


The following are major components of the electrical system of our cars.

Users of electricity


Many electrical problems are caused by Improper Grounding. Troubleshooting electrical problems is typically quite difficult too.

Other maintenance activities are described in the appropriate component sections.

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