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Credits and acknowledgements

This manual is Copyright, 18 October 2014, at 06:03 UTC, Pagoda SL Group. Much of the content is derived from the Pagoda SL Group forums by a band of merry volunteers. Big contributors to the forum also provided a wealth of information here. Many people helped in putting the information together.

This manual is produced with a Wiki. A wiki is a tried and tested mechanism for collaborating on a body of knowledge. It has a limited, therefore quick to learn and simple set of formatting rules. It makes it possible to create a standard format and a common look and feel to the technical manual.

Writing and adding to the Wiki is simple, after spending about 15 minutes learning about the structure. Using a Wiki instead of allowing pdf's and word docs to be uploaded is a conscious decision. This way we can ensure that the information can be made consistent, searchable, structured and accessible. A single person does not have the time to take the content and add it all to the Technical Manual. That's why it needs to be a collaborative effort... everyone doing their piece.

Those who contributed, and are interested in having their names here are:

ShortnameReal nameContribution
ja17Joe AlexanderMuch technical detail, such as Engine starting aid tour
vanespPeter van EsSet-up of this site and initial structure, as well as Wheels and Tires
KlausKlaus W DrexlData cards
merril Dwell trouble shooting tips and tricks|
najNaj Jesanitit-bits on fuel pump so far, and a humongous amount of data on Distributors

Sources used

The information that is collected here derives from a number of sources, but mainly the old Yahoo W113 Group and the Pagoda SL Group Forums. Additionally, our Documentation page lists many sources of information pertaining to these cars.

The official Mercedes-Benz service manuals for the cars of this era, the so-called Big Blue Book or BBBs are also a prime source of information.

How to use this manual

This manual is a living document, and constantly changing. The main structure will also evolve. The document has many links between sections and definitions. By clicking on these links you can quickly find new bits of information.

Numbering scheme

Many people have suggested that we follow the section numbering scheme of the BBB so that information can easilybe cross referenced between this Technical Manual and the BBB. With a Wiki this is hard to do, cumbersome and it makes maintaining the Technical Manual much more difficult. The reason for this is that Wikis doe not support a fixed numbering scheme, but more fluid links between sections. Once there is much more content in the Technical Manual, it is a (relatively) simple manner to provide a second, high level, cross reference from BBB section numbers to Topics in the Technical Manual. Indeed, this can be used for printing the Technical Manual.

Work in progress

This Technical Manual is constantly evolving. Using it interactively is the norm. It is never finished, and if you find errors or problems, notify or the author of the section, or better yet, Login and update the content yourself. In order to update data on this site, you will need to be a Full Member of the Pagoda SL Group. You log in with your e-mail address and your full member password.

Sometimes you will see a link with a little question mark behind it, like this?. That means the content is not yet added. By clicking the link and pressing Edit from the menu on the left, a logged in user can add content to that section.

Printed Manual

Once this manual has sufficient content and once we have structured that content in a WikiTrail to allow a navigation path through that content, we will create an occasional snapshot of the content which we can print as a bound document. We intend to offer that manual for sale to full, and basic members of the Pagoda SL Group as well as to the general public. For more information and availability, please refer to our website and its shop.

Translation table

To be added.

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