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Driveshaft and rear axle

The W113 is equipped with a hypoid gear unit with swing axles, coil springs and a compensating spring to ensure a uniform rear wheel alignment during hard cornering. A single universal joint, incorporated in the right rear axle, allows independent wheel action.


The major components are:

Fault diagnosis

If vibration when car is running on road

  • Out of balance shaft
  • Wear in splined sleeve
  • Loose flange bolts
  • Worn universal joint
  • Worn flex disc

If rumble or whine

  • Lack of oil in differential
  • Dry brake hold down bearing on axle tube
  • Driveshaft bearing dry or worn
  • Rear axle bearing dry or worn
  • Axle positioning strut incorrectly adjusted
  • Axle strut flexible cushions hard or compressed
  • Worn shock absorber flexible bushes
  • Rear axle suspension carrier incorrectly positioned or flexible mountings perished
  • Suspension flexible bushes hard or worn

If ”clonk” on taking up drive or on overrun

  • Worn shaft or gear splines
  • Loose wheel bolts
  • Elongated wheel holes
  • Worn or loose differential suspension carrier mountings or bushes

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