Pagoda University Blacklick

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Here is a video showing the atmosphere and some technical sessions from PUB Virginia 2017 (appx. 30 min).

One more video with aerial footage (appx. 6 min):

Another video showing the post-PUB activity driving the Blue Ridge Mountain Highway, which two pagodas and one additional car participated in (appx. 3 min).


Here we have a number of presentations from the Pagoda University Blacklick. They are SWF files, giving you the opportunity to page through the pages. Note that videos may be linked from a different set of pages once they appear and that content from this page, once added to its appropriate place in the Wiki, may be removed from this section.

The following pages takes a while to load as the presentations are quite large. If you have a slow internet connection, please do not click on the following links unless you are sure.

Part Numbers and the deeper meaning - Dave Gallon

Upholstery - Bob Hyatt

Driveability Improvement Revisited - Jim Villers

Jim Villers -

Drill no holes, cut no wires and do nothing that cannot be returned to "original".

Seat Belts: Three Point retractable seat belt, $119/each, http://


Headlight Warning Buzzer: GM # 999373 $20, available from dealership

LED Lights: Three watt tail light $19, other LED bulbs $2 to $9 each, LED flasher $13:

Foot Well Lights: LEDs or anything from an auto parts store

Stainless Steel Fuses: Non-corroding glass tube fuses; Copper-Bussman Mini-Fuse GBC 8, 16, 25; 5pk for $2.30;

Four-Way Emergency Flashers: Relays $1.39/each, sockets $1.75, LED flasher $13 .

Cruise Control: Audiovox Dash Mount Cruise Control, $125,

Radios and Speakers: Becker adapter cord, $100 Hidden radios, Deck speakers, iPod connections, Console modifications

Passenger Side Heat: Thermotec exhaust pipe wrap, $36

Period correct coco mats: $130

Clock Alternatives: Quartz movements, VDO Series 1 #370 301, $100

Electronic Ignition: Pertronix #1864A, $89 (I donít Recommend Crane Cam)

Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter: Available from the 190SL Group, $100

Silicon Hoses & Zebra Clamps: Various sizes, available from industrial hose supplier.

Starter: Bosch permanant magnet gear reduction starter, 1.4KW; 1988 Audi 90 Quatro 2.3L L5 (requires pig-tail adapter), new NASA STR2004 $124

Tires and Rims: Various products and sources. 2001 CLK 16 inch rims with 205/55/16 or 205/65/16 tires (reduces RPM 4.7%). Warning: Please read this forum message on how this modification is unsafe!

Sway Bar: 30mm sway bar from Cox Racing; Rare. Polyurethane sway bar bushings $15, End link bushings $15

Rear Axle Ratios:

  • 4.08:1 all 5-speeds;
  • USA 230SL 3.75:1;
  • European 230SL 3.69:1;
  • 250SL 3.92:1;
  • Optional 250SL, 3.69:1;
  • 280SL 3.92:1 or 3.69:1;
  • W108 280SE 3.5 or some 111 3.46:1;
  • 3.27:1 W108 280SE 4.5

Brakes: High friction lining material (Carbon-Kevlar) or

Shock Absorber: Koni Classic adjustable shock absorber #80-1415, #80-1416 $225/pr

Spring Alternatives:

Convex Outside Mirror Glass: (fits late mirror bases only) M-B #115 811 01 66, $20

Other Nice Items:

  • 3W LED Flash Light, $30 at Lowes
  • Alumium axle stand, $40/pr Harbor Freight
  • Alumium floor jack, $80 Harbor Freight
  • Power Probe, Electrical trouble shooting tool, $90 Snap-on
  • Jointed Long Pliers, Snap-on

Each owner adapts his car to meet his driving expectations and it is hoped that each modification is done in a manner that retains the originality of the car.

The Great Unknown - Jon Bernardi

Show and tell presentation on documentation, unlikely to be added here

Buds Benz - Dave Latham

Very entertaining, photograph rich presentation that was more in the category of "You should have been there..." than worth adding here.