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Option Codes

This material is part of a chapter on Data Cards.

Many options were available from the factory for the W113; each option has a corresponding code number. Over time, the terms:

  • special version code / option code
  • SA = Sonderausführungen / Sonderausstattungen /
  • SE = special equipment

seem to have been used somewhat interchangeable and indiscriminately to refer to these code numbers. This subject is further complicated because there are two distinctly different types of code numbers used for different purposes. Herein, we will use option code to refer to a three-digit number and SA code to refer to a five-digit number.

Option codes are three-digit numbers used to specify optional equipment either desired or present on a specific vehicle. This number is used to communicate between the purchaser / owner, sales staff, factory, and parts / service agencies. It is present on the sales contract, vehicle data card, and window sticker in the US.

In addition to these factory installed options the dealers could also install factory approved parts at the point of sale. For example, a car was delivered without a radio and the dealer installed a Becker Grand Prix radio at the customer's request. In this case the car's data card would not show option code 51/6 since it was not installed when built at the factory.

Not all options were available in all years of production, and in all countries. Depending on the distribution (Sales Market) area, options in one country may have been standard in another.

There are many more option codes than are shown here, some only applicable to specific countries, and apply only for certain time periods. Thus be careful, one option code can have more than one part associated with it; it depends on the time frame and/or the country.

In extremely rare cases (probably less than 50 out of +45,000 data cards) one might encounter a situation where an installed option was not listed on the data card. But the factory even accounted for those cases by using option codes 991, 992 and 993, (see list of option codes below) or by adding a 1-digit number ("1","2",3") in the "Hinweis" box on the data card. See description under Data Cards.

If you see a code on your data card that is not listed here, we will be happy to try to identify it (via

Additionally, have a look at these sites:

which list a large number of more obscure codes.

SA codes are five-digit numbers used to specify the parts or service literature that describes the actual part or set of parts installed on a vehicle. These numbers are generally only used by the factory and parts / service agencies; they are not exposed to the purchaser / owner.

It might be reasonable to think there is a one-to-one relationship between an option code and an SA code. In some cases this is true.

For example, option code 600 “Garnish mouldings used for hardtop” maps directly to SA 55 629 (contains part numbers for the mouldings and securing hardware) . At other times, one option code maps to multiple SA codes. For example, option code 422 “Power steering” maps to SA 10 560 and SA 10 717. SA 10 560 covers the steering box and other parts that are not engine dependent. SA 10 717 covers the power steering pump and other engine specific parts required to fit power steering to the M129 and M130E engines. There are even examples of an option code which has no corresponding SA code. Option code 744 indicates that the folding top fabric should be dark blue – as there are no special parts required for this option, there is no corresponding SA code.

The following list contains option codes that you may (or may not) find on your data card: (39)

003 - 059Steuerungscode ProduktionLogistics code for production
200FrostschutzfuellungAnti-freeze (code used 1968 - 1972)
201 - 209Betriebsanleitung, Wartungsheft, Hinweisschilder in versch. SprachenOwners Manual, Service booklet, various labels in various languages
212Hinterachse 1: 3.92Rear axle ratio 1: 3.92. This ratio was standard in the US from 280SL 011132 until end of production.
With codes 212, 232, 255 various rear axle ratios were available. The actual ratio is stamped on the rear axle housing itself; the early location of this number was in the rear, the later location on the left side of the differential (40).
215Federn haerterStiffer springs
222VerbandskastenFirst aid kit
224KofferraumbeleuchtungTrunk lighting (optional early, standard later)
226Befestigung f. WarndreieckMounting hardware for warning triangle
227Waermedaemm. Glas, Coupe-DachTinted glass, hardtop, 230 SL
228Waermedaemm. Glas, Seiten,HeckTinted glass, side+rear windows, 230 SL
229Waermedaemm. Glas, WindschutzscheibeTinted glass, windshield, 230 SL
230ZF 5-Gang GetriebeZF 5-speed manual transmission (only available in comb. with code 232)(available May 1966 - Feb 1971 (worldwide) perhaps until late 1969 for the US) "There were about 850 Pagodas built with 5 speeds. Total production that includes 113, 112, 111, 108 and maybe 109 was around 1,400 so they're very rare regardless of what car they were used on." (66)
232Hinterachse 1 : 4.08Rear axle ratio 1: 4.08. This ratio was standard in the US from 250SL 002442 to 280SL 011131
246-247Heckscheibe elektr. heizbar (Coupedach)Rear window electr. heated, safety glass (hardtop)
248Heckscheibe elektr. heizbar, 280SLRear window electr. heated, compound glass, 280SL
249Heckscheibe elektr. heizbar, waermedaemm. Glas, 280 SLRear window electrically heated, tinted glass, 280SL
254Wegfall Schriftzug "Automatic"Omit lettering "Automatic" (trunklid)
255Hinterachse 1: 3.69 (km-Anzeige)Rear axle ratio 1: 3.69 (reading in kilometer)
256HA mit SperrdifferentialRear axle with limited slip differential (250 SL/280 SL)
260Wegfall Typkennzeichen HeckElimination of model designation on trunk lid
269GepaeckgalerieRoof rack; only possible in combination with code 600
269Optional roof rack (1)
 Besides the optional Hardtop-mounted roof rack a trunk lid mounted rack was also available in the aftermarket (41)
279Antenne mech. ohne RadioAntenna, mechanically operated, when no radio is ordered
279Alternative code: BehördenfahrzeugPublic Authorities Sales
280Koffersatz, 3-teilig, alleTrunk set, 3 pieces, 230/250/280 SL
281Koffersatz, 4-teilig, 230 SLTrunk set, 4 pieces, 230 SL
282Koffersatz, 3-teilig, 250/280SL mit FondsitzbankTrunk set, 3 pieces, 250SL "California Coupe" (see code 417)
283Koffersatz, 4-teilig, 250/280SL mit vorgeklappter FondsitzbankTrunk set, 4 pieces, 250 SL "California Coupe" with folded rear bench(code 417)
288Tonneaudecke (mit code 417)Tonneau cover (California coupe)
289SkihalterSki rack; only possible in combination with code 600
289Installing the front part of the optional ski rack (18)
291Kleiderkoffer grossGarment trunk, large
292Waeschekoffer, mittelLinen case, medium size
293Waeschekoffer, kleinLinen case, small
294HutkofferHat box
295NecessaireBeauty case
297Schnallriemen und BefestigungStrap and mounting material for trunk
298Schnallriemen und BefestigungStrap and mounting material for rear seat area ("California Coupe")
305Luefterkupplung ViskoseFan clutch, viscous
315Warnblinkanlage USAHazard warning light, US-version
319Kiste fuer Coupe-DachBox for hardtop
323Verpackung fuer ExportSpecial packaging for export vehicles, Paintwork preservation
3241 kg Lack1 kilogram paint
3252 kg Lack2 kilogram paint
328Spezialverpackung ExportSpecial packaging for export vehicles
345Nebelscheinwerfer Halogen 280SLSeparate halogen fog lamps, 280SL
345Fog lamps on bumper (43). Usually, European cars had the fog lamps integrated in the lower part of the headlight unit. US version units did not have the integrated fog lamps. These separate fog lamps could be ordered.
350FrostschutzfuellungAnti-freeze (see also code 200)
401EinzelsitzeSingle seats (as opposed to bench)
411Schiebedach mechanischManual sliding roof in hardtop (as of 1970)
411There were two suppliers, Golde (crank operated) and Webasto (T-handle). On special order, an electrically operated Golde sliding roof was also available. (13) However, Jens Rath of Kienle Automobiltechnik GmbH writes that he has information from Mercedes Benz Classic, Stuttgart, Germany, that option code 411 is not valid for the W113 model series, and that only a few cars were converted with a mechanical sunroof by the system supplier Webasto after delivery.
414Coupe-Dach (lose)Hardtop (separate)
415Coupe-Dach ohne Roadster-VerdeckHardtop, but no softtop.
This code was available for the 230SL; the car did have the softtop compartment (i.e., no California Coupe, see code 417)
416Coupe-Dach montiertHardtop, mounted
417Coupe-Dach mit Fondsitzbank anstelle von Verdeckkasten und Verdeck"California Coupe", hardtop and rear bench seat instead of softtop compartment and softtop (available for 250SL and 280SL)
417California Coupe, leather. The seat back can be folded down and luggage stored on top of it(-)
 This photo shows a California Coupe, without its hardtop, with the rear bench seat back folded down and a softtop that was added at a later time. You can only sit on the rear bench seat when the softtop is up.(18)
420Automatisches Getriebe, MittelschaltungAutomatic transmission, floor shift
422ServolenkungPower steering
423ServolenkungPower Steering
426Code 420+422 zusammenCombination Code 420+422
429Code 230+422 zusammenCombination Code 230+422
431Sicherheitsgurte vornSafety belts, front
434Sicherheitsgurte vorn, USASafety belts, front, US version
440Stossstaenger mit Hoernern, v+hBumpers with guards, front and rear
441Stossstaenger mit Hoernern, USABumpers with guards, US-version
441Front bumper guards, US version (44)
451Windschutzscheibe VerbundglasWindshield, laminated glass
452Fanfare ZweiklangTwo-tone horn
453Code 451+452 zusammenCombination code 451+452
461Instrument Meilen-Anzeige und englische BeschriftungenInstrument with mileage reading and English lettering
462Zuendkerzen fuer Touristenfzg.Spark plugs for tourist vehicles (up to 3/66)
462Nebelschlussleuchte, 280SLRear fog lamp, 280SL (as of 68)
462Rear fog lamp under the bumper(18)
462Attach:Fog.jpg ΔFog lamp installation instructions (65)
473Motor mit niederer VerdichtungLow-compression engine (low octane areas)
481UnterschutzUndershields (aka skid plates)
492Groesserer WaermetauscherHeavy-duty heat exchanger
493Groesserer Waermetauscher USAHeavy-duty heat exchanger, US-version
502Aussenspiegel rechtsOutside rear view mirror, on the right side
503Aussenspiegel linksOutside rear view mirror, on the left side
506Aussenspiegel links und rechtsOutside rearview mirrors, left and right
506Right outside mirror, later version, on a left hand drive vehicle. The location is often critizised as ineffective. (18)
508Aussenspiegel links im Beipack, Fuss montiertLeft outside rearview mirror in bypack, base installed on door
510Radio Becker Mexico (Olympia with stereo-cassette)
511Radio Becker Mexico (LMKU)
512Radio Becker Europa cassette
513Radio Becker Europa stereo, USA
514Radio Becker Europa LMKU (LW, AM, SW, FM)
515Radio Becker AM, FM, USA
516Radio Becker Grand Prix (LMKU)
517Radio Becker Monte Carlo
518Radio Becker Europa stereo
519Radio Becker Grand Prix, USA
524LackkonservierungPaintcoat preservation
525Reparatur Lack-SetPaint repair kit
531Antenne automatischAutomatic antenna
532Antenne automatisch ohne RadioAutomatic antenna without radio set
533Entstoerung ohne RadioInterference suppression w/o radio set
534Antenne mechanisch ohne RadioManual antenna without radio set
535Code 532+533 zusammenCombination code 532+533
536Code 533+534 zusammenCombination code 533+534
550Anhaengevorrichtung, 280SLTrailer coupling, 280SL
551Lenkrad elfenbeinfarbigSteering wheel, ivory colored
565Fondsitz querRear seat, sideways
565Rear seat, sideways, occupied (45)
566Fondsitzbank und Lehne anstelle GepäckablageRear seat bench instead of parcel shelf
571Kopfstuetze rechtsHeadrest, right
572Kopfstuetze linksHeadrest, left
573Kopfstuetzen links und rechtsHeadrests, left and right
582 From 01-04-1970 to 31-05-1972 Air Conditioner (Frigiking)
590Waermedaemmendes Glas, FrontTinted glass, windshield, 250/280SL
591Waermedaemmendes Glas, Front,BandfilterTinted glass, windshield, darker on top (US)
592Waermedaemmendes Glas, SeitenTinted glass, side windows, 250/280SL
593Waermedaemmendes Glas, HeckscheibeTinted glass, hardtop rear, 250/280SL
594Waermedaemmendes Glas, Front+SeiteTinted glass, windshield and doors, 250/280SL
595Waermedaemmendes Glas, Front+Seiten, BandfilterTinted glass, windshield and doors, darker on top
596Waermedaemmendes Glas, Seite+HeckTinted glass, doors and hardtop, 250/280SL
597Waermedaemmendes Glas rundumTinted glass, wrap-around, 250/280SL
598Waermedaemmendes Glas, rundum,BandfilterTinted glass, wrap-around, darker on top
600Zierstaebe fuer Coupe-DachGarnish mouldings on hardtop
600Hardtop with garnish mouldings. These mouldings are necessary to attach the optional roof rack (code 269) or ski rack (code 289).(13)
601Oel fuer SperrdifferentialOil for limited slip rear axle
608code 600+601 zusammencombination code 600+601
610Scheinwerfer gelbHeadlamps with amber lenses (e.g., France)
611Leuchteinheit sealed beam LinksverkehrSealed beam headlights, left-lane traffic
612Leuchteinheit sealed beam RechtsverkehrSealed beam headlights, right-lane traffic
613Leuchteinheit asymmetrisch LinksverkehrHeadlamps asymmetric, left-lane traffic
615Zusatzblinkleuchten f. ItalienAdditional turn signal lamps for Italy
616Leuchten f. Australien, Italien, EnglandLights for Australia, Italy, GB
617Spezialleuchten fuer ItalienSpecial lights mandated in Italy
618Leuchteinheit Halogen (Fern-, Abblend-, Nebellicht in Leuchteinheit)Halogen headlamps (as of 4/70) (high-, low-beam and fog lamp in headlamp unit)
 Standard European headlamps (18)
618Optional European halogen headlamps (flat lens)(18)
620Italien-AusfuehrungVersion for Italy
621Kennzeichenschild ExportElimination of license plate moulding
622England AusfuehrungVersion for GB
624Schweden-AusfuehrungVersion for Sweden
629Frankreich-AusfuehrungVersion for France
630GuertelreifenRadial ply tires
631VerbandskastenFirst aid kit (as of 1970, prev. code 222)
640LeichtmetallraederLight alloy rims "Bundt cake" (as of 10/69)

"Here's an interesting excerpt I found from an old "Star" magazine that gives some history on these "old style" alloy wheels: The old style alloy wheels were initially a dealer installed option in the fall of 1969 on 1970 models. The part # 108 400 0902 is stamped on the inside of the rim. These wheels were painted silver, but not treated with a clear coat. After July 1970 cars ordered with the alloys were delivered direct from the factory with five alloy wheels." (46)

641Reifen WeisswandWhite-wall tires
6412-piece hubcap, whitewall tires (18)
6411-piece hubcap, whitewall tires (18)
642Code 640+641 zusammenCombination code 640+641
642Light-alloy wheels, whitewall tires (18)
645Reifen M + SWinter tires
663Kraftstoff 50 Liter50 liters of fuel
664 to 669Verpackungsartenvarious modes of shipping protection (styrofoam, cosmoline etc.)
671Keine Varta BatterieNo Varta battery
680D-SchildD-sign (nationality label req. in Germany)
681Betriebsanleitung, Schilder englischOwners Manual, labels in English
682FeuerloescherFire extinguisher (code from about 1970 on)
687Typschild mit BaujahrModel plate with production year
720Verdeck-StoffFolding (Soft) Top Fabric Black
746Verdeck-StoffFolding (Soft) Top Fabric Dark Brown 8023
820Touristen-Fzge USA, Japan, AUEuropean Delivery for US, Japan, Australia
835KokosmattenCoco mats
836FeuerloescherFire extnguisher (code up to about 1970)
875HaftsuchscheinwerferSpotlight, suction cup
980Kfz-BriefGerman registration document
991Fuer weitere codierte Sonderausfuehrungen siehe Produktionsauftrag IFor other coded options see production order I
992Fuer weitere nicht-codierte Sonderausfuehrungen siehe Produktionsauftrag IFor other non-coded options see production order I
993991 + 992
994Standwagen f. Ausstellung (Motor & Karosserie nicht ausstellungsmaessig)Stationary car for display (engine and chassis not prepped)
995Standwagen f. Ausstellung (Nur Karosserie ausstellungsmaessig)Stationary car for display (chassis prepped for display)
996Vorfuehrwagen fuer AusstellungDemonstration & test drive car at exhibitions
997Standwagen f. Ausstellung (Motor & Karosserie ausstellungsmaessig)Stationary car for display (engine & chassis prepped for display)
998Weitere Sonderwuensche siehe Produktionsauftrag IFor further special requests see production order I

Dealer-installed options are not coded on the data card. The most popular dealer-installed option in the US, actually for some time installed before the car was sold, was Air Conditioning. In other countries, including Germany, non-Becker radios were often installed by the dealer or by the owner (never at the factory).
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