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Paint Codes

This material is part of a chapter on Data Cards.

In this chapter we plan to show a photo of a W113 vehicle in each of the originally available colors.

  • If you have a W113 in a color of which we do not show a photo, please insert it here. If you have a better photo than we do, please mail it to
  • Light during photography, the camera used, the post-processing of the photograph, the screen used to view it on all have a very significant effect on the way colours are displayed and perceived. Real-life results will always vary!

As we have seen above, the paint codes are listed in field 10 (version 1) or in field 7 (versions 2, 3 and 4) of the data card.

Body and hardtop could be ordered in different colors ("UT" and "OT"). If the hardtop had a different color, the hubcaps were painted in that color. Any combination within the available colors was possible, but some were recommended by the factory.

There were two paint suppliers, Glasurit and Herberts:

 G supplier Glasurit
 H supplier Herberts

Mixing formulas are available from these suppliers, e.g.
click on "Farbtonsuche"
select your language
click on "special search"
select "passenger car", click on the forward arrow
select "MERCEDES", forward
enter your color code; e.g. 180, forward
select "Basislack", forward.

For Glasurit visit their Color-Online tool.

Due to new technologies and VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations of course the paint materials and buildup is now different than in the 1960s.

The paint codes and the suppliers are shown on the vehicle's Body and Paint Number Plate, see separate chapter below.

Additional colors used on W113 vehicles:

Kofferraum innen: Tiefdunkelgrau, DB 164Trunk inside: 164 dark grey
Heckdeckel innen: Tiefdunkelgrau, DB 164Trunk lid, inside: 164 dark grey
Radkasten: Wagenfarbe UTWheel wells: body color
Schweller: matt schwarz DB 169Rocker panels/Sills: flat black 169
Bumper innen: weissgrau DB 158Inside of bumpers: white grey 158. Apparently RUST-OLEUM Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2x Almond Gloss is a good match in color and affords more rust protection (see

(According to discussion on, there are many cars out there where the rocker panels are in another contrast color, or in body color. Any color other than black is not original.)

(According to another discussion starting in January of 2011 titled Rocker Panel Color, the idea has been presented that the rockers were, in fact, a dark grey, and not black. Also, they seem to be more of a semi-gloss than a flat finish. Original cars, with an original owner in one case, give good evidence that the rockers are dark grey. Additionally, there is evidence that there was paint brushed on the light colored screw heads to camouflage them.)

But keep in mind that "seeing pictures on a computer monitor is no way to pick a color for a car. There are way too many variables that can possibly distort the accuracy of the color, including the settings on your monitor, the particular print of the photo, the scan, the way the sun was hitting the car in the photo, etc." (51)

Solid Colors

The years available pertain only to the W113. (12) Numbers in parenthesis see chapter "Sources".

040 Gblack1963-1971 (13)
050 Gwhite1963-1971 (14)
124 Garabian grey1963-1971 (15)
 140 Hlight grey1963-1965
158 Hwhite grey1963-1968 (16)
162 Hblue grey1963-1965 (42)
173 Ganthracite grey1968-1971 (69)
181 Hlight beige1963-1971 (63)
190 Ggraphite grey1963-1965 (71)
 226 Hmoss green1963-1965
268 Hdark green1963-1968 (20)
291 Hdark olive1965-1971 (59)
304 Ghorizon blue1963-1968 (18)
332 Gdark blue1963-1967 (52)
334 Glight blue1963-1967 (47)
335 Hblue1963-1965 (72)
350 Hmedium blue1963-1968 (74)
408 Ghavana brown1963-1967 (18)
423 Htobacco brown1968-1971 (45)
460 Gdark maroon1963-1968 (50)
501 Horient red1965-1968 (22)
516 Gmedium red1963-1971 (23)
 519 Glight red1963-1965
542 Gdark red1965-1971 (24)
568 Hsignal red1963-1971 (25)
573 Gburgundy red1963-1965 (70)
576 Gred1968-1971 (55)
670 Hlight ivory1963-1968 (56), although we have received reports of 1970's cars with this color as well (73)
716 Hgrey beige1963-1965 (27)
717 Gpapyrus white1963-1971 (64)
726 Hbeige grey1968-1971 (22)
903 Hblue1968-1971 (28)
904 Gmidnight blue1968-1971

Metallic Colors

The years available pertain only to the W113. (12) Numbers in parenthesis see chapter "Sources".

172 Ganthracite grey1963-1971 (53)
178 Hmedium grey1963-1967 (57)
180 Gsilver grey1963-1971 (18)
387 Hblue1963-1971 (68)
396 Gmedium blue1963-1971 (18)
 461 Gbronze brown1963-1968
462 Htunis beige1963-1971 (18)
463 Hcopper1963-1965 (18)
467 Hsandy beige1968-1971 (33)
567 Gglazing maroon1963-1965
571 Hred1963-1971 (29)
728 Hbeige grey1968-1971 (30)
834 Gmoss green1963-1971 (68)
906 Ggrey blue1968-1971 (31)

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