Author Topic: PagodaFest - Poker Run Ride Sharing  (Read 95 times)


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PagodaFest - Poker Run Ride Sharing
« on: July 04, 2019, 20:33:39 »
As we get closer to PagodaFest, we are starting to get inquiries about finding ride sharing opportunities for the Poker Run.  Both Pagodas and Non Pagodas are welcome to participate in the Poker Run. We are creating this thread to help facilitate match ups for people to ride share.  It's much more fun to drive in a group  :D  Some people might even have 4 seat rent-a-cars.

If you have an extra seat(s) in your pagoda or non pagoda or looking to bum a ride this is the place to let it be known.

Or you could go to  (Just kidding  ;D ;D ;D)