Author Topic: What have you done to your Pagoda today?  (Read 260469 times)


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Re: What have you done to your Pagoda today?
« Reply #850 on: June 14, 2019, 18:58:05 »
Finally was able to pull the rear axle out today,  it took a few weekends to make it happen.
overall about 7 hours total

now to replace
pinion seal
klunk bushing
rubber axle bellow
both rear axle bearings and seals

i also will be sending my shoes and drums out for re lining

6 more hours today,
pulled hanger and had to beat out what is left of the old klunk busing (photo)
installed new pinion seal
tore down brakes on both sides
removed both brake cylinders
removed all bolts holding the backing plate in place
decided to give up when the backing plates would not come off

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