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I HAVE A 1964 230 SL.  When I purchased the car it had a deep maroon body, with a black top and a tan interior.  How can i find out if this is the original paint and interior colors?  ( see ATTACHMENT)

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The color code is usually available on the plate inside the engine compartment, near where the hood secondary latch engages. In early cars the information (not sure if the paint code was there yet) it was inscribed into the metal. The plate came later. The search function can help with that. The plate was added during the production of early 1964.

The information is in the technical manual, which is available to full members.

There is always the data card, available from MB for a fee. If you are planning to keep the car, getting a copy of the card is worth having. Or do you have the original with the car manual packet?

I would also highly recommend you join as a full member, this will be the best $30 you ever spend for the car. This gives full access the tech manual, plus our newsletter, Pagoda Notes, and two issues per year of the Pagoda World magazine.
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