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This will be my final update on the event for

Cobble Beach Concourse D Elegance.

While it was fun to organize this up to this point it is becoming more and more frustrating for me to conclude. As I write this there are approximately some 98 days to go for the start of events at Cobble Beach Ontario Canada.

Then came along the offer from the owner of Cobble Beach to park the cars for individuals that attend the Concourse D Elegance at the main event grounds in a special  area. Cost for for this per car would be $50- The key problem with this is that we MUST guarantee 10 Pagodas to be able to do this. This is something I cannot guarantee. For more details on the on site parking please refer too the post below were I shared the e-mail to and from the Cobble Beach organizer with you.

To date we have 13 cars and 26 people that planned to participate in various events at Cobble Beach Concourse D Elegance. My cutoff was meant to be 15 cars.

Of the 13 cars plans were as follows;

September 16th watching Concourse cars road trip

5 of the 13 cars plan to watch this.
4 of the 13 cars will not be watching this.
4 of the 13 cars don’t know yet or will advise later.

September 17th attending the cars planes and coffee event and our road trip

7 of the 13 cars plan to attend this.
3 of the 13 cars will not be attending this
3 of the cars don’t know yet or will advise later.

September 18th attending the Concourse with car on the field

2 of the 13 cars will be showing there cars on the Concourse field.
1 of the 13 plants to show one of his old-timers on the Concourse field.
4 of the 13 cars have plans to be a visitor on concourse D Elegance.
6 of the 13 will not be attending the Concourse D Elegance Event.

As you can see from the above and the parking issue that now has been offered to us makes organizing very difficult. On top of all that most of my e-mails are not always answered.

Besides all this we do have the ever increasing gas prices that are predicted to be $2,50 per litre by the summer, Covid19 still on the horizon and the miles to be driven to all these different events, high prices for accommodations in the areas. etc.etc.  All in all this does not draw a pretty picture for a nice September weekend.

So, to this end I will step back as of today from trying to organize this event. If anyone of you that has plans to participate like to pick up the rest of organizing this please do so.

On the other hand there is nothing to stop you to proceed on your own.

If you plan to watch the Concourse participants Road Trip. There is a link to the map included in the e-mail from the

Concourse organizer Franco/Katheryn Smith/Allie Marsh

If you plan to attend any of the other Events I recommend to try to secure accommodations (if you need them) close to the area were it is being held.

For the e-mail to and from Franco/Katheryn Smith/Allie Marsh see the next 2 posts below were I share the e-mails with you.

I wish for all of you to have a great weekend.


Mid June I posted the post above that is self explanatory. I am just wondering if anyone took over of the original 13 Members to organize the remainder of the event attendance at Cobble Beach that promises to be a fine event. if you are still trying to decide, know this that the advance ticket sale will end July 31 and normal pricing is in effect August 1st 2022.

I got the notice on this since I do have 2 tickets (one for cars, plains and coffee on September 17, 2022), and for General Admission (September 18, 2022). Based up how I feel you might see me on a battery operated wheelchair, say hi if you do or wave :)

If you don't have your ticket yet check the (blue "I"), information circle on the link below for new ticket prices effective August 1st.

Here ---->

As mentioned above I am wondering how many of the Members that originally responded will actually be going. Has someone taken over to organize the get-together further?

Like the get together to enter as a group to the "Cars, Planes and Coffee" Event Sept. 17

Like the "General Concourse d' Elegance" Sept. 18

Like plans to have lunch or dinner at Bills Restaurant

Like a plan to arrange a visit to Peter's Buff-It establishment

Why not post your plan below?

I know for sure Hugh R. and Peter J. from London are attending with there cars on the concourse. Peter with his renovated Pagoda and Hugh with his recently purchased Ferrari there might even be 3 from London then it be The Three Musketeers (2 inside the ring and one outside), :)

Anyway, love to know if someone took over to finalize this or if some of you are going or had to cancel all together.

Have a great weekend!


Some nice Photos from the past

Here ------>

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Re: Cobble Beach Sept. 17 tp 18 Advance Ticket sale Ends July 31, 2022
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2022, 16:18:30 »

I and Tom Neuendorf from the Collingwood area are planning to attend. I'm not aware of anyone else from up here attending. If there is, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Hugh Munro

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Re: Cobble Beach Sept. 17 tp 18 Advance Ticket sale Ends July 31, 2022
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Hi Hugh,

Originally I had 11 cars interested, then we were offered parking at $50 - per car at the grounds special club parking by the owner of Cobble Beach.

I related this information to (at the time) interested members. There was one requirement form the Cobble Beach. Organizers to guarantee 10 cars for parking from our group. This was Impossible for me to arrange since only one member got back to me.

I am therefore I am traveling solo to the events. You may do the same. I posted today another tread with some info that may help you.

Best Dieter
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