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Trip to Cobble Beach for Ontario & near by US Members
« on: March 08, 2022, 17:46:29 »
John asked a question and I replied to him. I am posting it here in PDF file format just in case some one of you wishes to visit the September 2022 Event up in Northern Ontario at the Cobble Beach Event, September 16 to 18, 2022). YOU WILL FIND THE PDF FILE AT THE VERY END OF THIS FIRST POST.
If you live in Ontario or near by our borders then please have a look at the attached PDF file pages (I had to copy and paste them since the file was too large) and the Web Site Link to Cobble Beach.


Please don't think many that will participate here in the proposed road trip will actually take part or visit the Concourse d' Eleganxe. Here for examples is what I plan to do on this September weekend...

1) On Friday Sept. 16 I leave London Ontario early in the morning and arrive at the Cobble Beach location before 10:30 am in order to see the cars that are participating on Sunday Sept. 18 on the Concourse d' Elegance (best location to view those cars as they drive by I will provide Later). 

2) Sept. 16 continued, after viewing those cars I will make my way over to Blue Mountain and have Lunch at The Tholos Restaurant

3) Sept. 16 Continued, after lunch (only if enough cars are in town if not we would take the road trip on Sunday morning Sept. 18) we could start our 2 - 3 hour road trip that Bill V & Peter J are working on a route for us.

4) Saturday Sept. 17 Join all other Pagodas at the assembly area (to be advised) and drive as a group to the Car's and Coffee area at Cobbel Beach. We would then be parked all in one area.

5) Saturday evening Sept. 17 arrange a dinner evening Location and Timing to be advised.

6) Sunday Morning Sept. 18 we could take our 2 to 3 hour road trip plus make a stop at the Buff It Detailing shop were the owner kindly approved to give us all a demonstration

Ffter the six items listed above I plan to return to London ON for my 2 hour drive back home, perhaps with some other Pagodas that will drive in the same direction.


Only 6 months to go till the 8th Concourse d’ Elegance will take place at Cobble Beach Ontario CANADA. Should you be interested to join us then read on and let us know. This September weekend Event is only a 2 hour drive from Toronto to Cobble Beach ON and promises to be a great event.

Main Cobble Beach Web Page ———>

September 16, 17 and 18, 2022 Check out the Events area on the above Web Page, it is self explanatory.

Friday September 16th, 2022 The plan is to drive up to the Blue Mountain Ontario CANADA area and watching the road trip of cars that are on display on the 18th of September at Cobble Beach. This will be the only time we can view those cars (unless you are attending the Concourse d’ Elegance on the 18th UPDATE 2 of the Pagoda's plan to apply and display there Pagoda at the Concourse d' Elegance). I plan to drive up on the 16th to be able to be at this event at 10:30 hours when that road trip gets on the way. Locations to watch this will be published here later, once the organizers published the route. A location for lunch will also be recommended.

If sufficient Pagoda’s  are in the area on Friday we might take our own road trip after lunch. I plan to advise the location for lunch also, so that folks that arrive near lunch time can also join us on our road trip. Depending the detail provided by the organizers for the Concourse car’s road trip, we might take the same route for the Pagoda Road Trip, if not Bill V. and James J. live in the area and most likely will provide a great route for us to take perhaps with stops at a winery or some other points of interest. As mentioned before, if there are not enough Pagoda’s on Friday the 16th then we will take our own road trip on Saturday the 17th after the Cars and Coffee event that concludes at 15:00 hours.

Saturday September 17th 2022 Cars & Coffee event from 10:00 to 15:00 hours we would attend this event and if we did not manage our own road trip on Friday we would do it after the Cars and Coffee Event,

Sunday September 18th 2022 the Concourse d’ Elegance takes place, gates for the public open at 10:00 hours.

We will be scheduling some breakfast and dinner arrangements as well as some points we can assemble to meet and chat about our cars before and or after the planned events. for now I just like to find out the interest of attendance. Once I get feedback of interest I will issue a spreadsheet to each of you with Members that plan to attend. I think the attendance should not be more then 15 cars in order to manage our road trip. I will have a waiting list there are always cancelations do to issues we cannot control.

Once we have a completed spreadsheet list individuals can plan traveling together by arranging a meeting spot and then traveling together. As mentioned from Toronto ON to Blue Mountain the travel time is only 2 hours. If your car is in a state of repair don’t let that hold you back some members like myself will travel solo. We had a great time last year with our Niagara Falls trip (I understand there is a write up in our Pagoda World magazine Issue 30, I am still waiting for mine).

So please e-mail me if you are interested at (so I can e-mail you a copy of the spread sheet), with the information below. Like last year I shall prepare Name Tags for each attendance. ThankYou!

If Interested to participate please copy and paste the items below into an e-mail to me. Also I am open to any additions and or suggestion to make this a great weekend. 

My e-mail ---->

Driver & Passenger First & Last Name:

Your Location City or Town:

Pagoda Model and year:

Exterior colour of your car? (back side of your name tag will show a Pagoda).

Do you plan to watch the Concourse car’s road trip on Friday the 16th?

Do you plan to be part of the Pagoda road trip? on the 16th or 17th?

Do you plan to be part of the cars and coffee on the 17th?

Plan to show your car at the Concourse d’ Elegance?

Everyone needs to make there own reservations (see Tickets) on the Cobble Beach website.

I am looking forward to September. ThankYou!

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Re: Trip to Cobble Beach for Ontario & near by US Members
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2022, 21:58:51 »
Some additional information that will help us plan the verious events.

Location for Cars and Coffee and the
Concourse d’ Elegance is:
221 McLeese Dr. Kemble ON ???

10 Minutes from Owen Sound, Ontario
50 minutes from Blue Mountain Ontario
1 hour from Blue Mountain, Ontario
2 hours from Toronto, Ontario
2 Hours from London, Ontario
3.5 hours from Niagara on the Lake Ontario
3.5 hours from Port Huron, Michigan USA
4 hours from Buffalo, New York State USA

Peter Jamieson offers a demonstration in his shop
Date and Timing to be advised

Bill Vomvolakis offers group reservation for us at his Greek
Restaurant in Blue Mountains. See his web site
Most likely on Saturday September 17 evening. Timing to be advised.
Peter and Bill are going to organize a 2 to 3 hour road trip in the area.

In adition Peter and Bill are looking into acoudations and will make
recommendations later based on price point.

More Later ....


 To Date (of this edit March 12) we have 5 Pagodas and 9 People,
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Re: Trip to Cobble Beach for Ontario & near by US Members
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2022, 15:21:10 »

To this date March 21, we have 11 Pagodas and 22 people for the event. Most will take in the viewing of the cars that participate on September 18, 2022 and our own road trip with allthe Pagod's and Dug Dees fine 1969 280SE Coupe. We are still working on the route, however, we still have time. Speaking of time, those of you in Ontario and neighboring US states don't have that much time to take one of the 4 spots left of the 15 total.

No worries I will start a waiting list and if we have too many Pagodas then we split them in 2 groups. Let's show folks up north what a nice Pagoda looks like at the cars and coffee event on Sunday Sept. 18, 2022

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DD 2011 SL 63 AMG and my 69 Pagoda 280 SL

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Re: Trip to Cobble Beach for Ontario & near by US Members
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2022, 17:30:01 »
If you are one of the Participants for our September 16 to 18 Weekend please have a look at the attached PDF File it lists the activities that some of us plan to attend, some maps and distances etc. you might be interested in.

Should you have any questions do drop me an e-mail at

Anyone living in Ontario or close to our borders if you are interested to join us I do have some spots open just drop me an e-mail or a PM and I will get back to you.

Participants that are part of the group I do need you to let me know if you plan to attend the Cobbel Beach Concourse d' Elegance and if so do you like to park in the farmers field and be bussed in and out, not very desirable. or do you wish to park inside the gates of the Concourse in a special area for the requested $50- on Sunday September 18th. Let us (The Pagoda Participants use this Topic here as our communication thread) Please help me to help you to make this Event a Success.

Thank you!


Membership Director
for the Americas

DD 2011 SL 63 AMG and my 69 Pagoda 280 SL

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Re: Trip to Cobble Beach for Ontario & near by US Members
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2022, 23:53:44 »

This will be my final update on the event for

Cobble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance.

While it was fun to organize this up to this point it is becoming more and more frustrating for me to conclude. As I write this there are approximately some 98 days to go for the start of events at Cobble Beach Ontario Canada.

Then came along the offer from the owner of Cobble Beach to park the cars for individuals that attend the Concourse d’ Elegance at the main event grounds in a special  area. Cost for for this per car would be $50- The key problem with this is that we MUST guarantee 10 Pagodas to be able to do this. This is something I cannot guarantee. For more details on the on site parking please refer too the post below were I shared the e-mail to and from the Cobble Beach organizer with you.

To date we have 13 cars and 26 people that planned to participate in verious events at Cobble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance. My cutoff was meant to be 15 cars.

Of the 13 cars plans were as follows;

September 16th watching Concours cars road trip

5 of the 13 cars plan to watch this.
4 of the 13 cars will not be watching this.
4 of the 13 cars don’t know yet or will advise later.

September 17th attending the cars planes and coffee event and our road trip

7 of the 13 cars plan to attend this.
3 of the 13 cars will not be attending this
3 of the cars don’t know yet or will advise later.

September 18th attending the Concourse with car on the field

2 of the 13 cars will be showing there cars on the Concourse field.
1 of the 13 plants to show one of his old-timers on the Concourse field.
4 of the 13 cars have plans to be a visitor on concourse d’ Elegance.
6 of the 13 will not ne attending the Concourse d’ Elegance Event.

As you can see from the above and the parking issue that now has been offered to us makes organizing very difficult. On top of all that most of my e-mails are not always answered.

Besides all this we do have the ever increasing gas prices that are predicted to be $2,50 per litre by the summer, covid still on the horizon and the miles to be driven to all these different events, high prices for accommodations in the areas. etc.etc.  All in all this does not draw a pretty picture for a nice September weekend.

So, to this end I will step back as of today from trying to organize this event. If anyone of you that has plans to participate like to pick up the rest of organizing this please do so.

On the other hand there is nothing to stop you to proceed on your own.

If you plan to watch the Concourse participants Road Trip. There is a link to the map included in the e-mail from the

Concourse organizer Franco/Katheryn Smith/Allie Marsh

If you plan to attend any of the other Events I recommend to try to secure accommodations (if you need them) close to the area were it is being held.

For the e-mail to and from Franco/Katheryn Smith/Allie Marsh see the next 2 posts below were I share the e-mails with you.

I wish for all of you to have a great weekend.

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COPY of E-Mail to Cobble Beach Organisers
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2022, 23:56:55 »
Hi Franco,
Permit me to interduce myself I am Dieter Solga from the Pagoda SL Group I am organizing a group of 10 to 15  Pagodas to take part in some of the Events at the Concourse d’ Elegance in September. Peter Jamieson is the owner of the BUFF-IT establishment in Collingwood, ON. Peter Jamieson in an e-mail to me informed me of the following. Please see the Quote From Peter Jamieson to me below.
“QUOTE"I have recently met the owner of Cobble Beach and organizer of the Sunday Concurs car show- Rob McLeese. I happy to say that we will be detailing several of his cars for this event and I’m considering being a sponsor.
So in discussion with Rob I mentioned the Pagoda club would be participating in the Saturday show and attending Sunday Concurs - my concern is that on Sunday you have to park in a farm field and get bussed to the site- not ideal for proud Pagoda owners. So he has offered us on site parking keeping all our cars together as the Pagoda club for $50 per car. Highly recommend this as much more convenient and safer and closer. He has very limited on site parking so very nice of Rob McLeese. “END OF QUOTE”
So far I have 11 cars 2 of them are entering in the Concourse (Peter Jenkins with his Pagoda and Hugh Rowling with his Ferrari). That leaves 9 Pagodas to date. I don’t know at this point in time if the 9 I mentioned will all stay or if there will be cancellations. While I still expect more to participate (for example one of the 9 will only know 1 week before the Event if he can participate or not. So, the point I am trying to make is that I cannot guarantee at this time if there will be 10 cars for parking or not as you mentioned.
Further I am confused about the registered requirement and the $50- you mentioned for the Pagoda Group to pay. Mr. Rob McLeese mentioned to Mr. Peter Jamieson $50-/car. It is still early of course, can you please elaborate on the aforementioned requirements. At this time I have posted an e-mail to advise the group of the kind offer from Mr. Rob McLeese.
Thank you in advance
Rolf-Dieter Solga.
Pagoda SL Group Inc.
Membership Director for the Americas
London, Ontario CANADA
DD 2011 SL 63 AMG and my 69 Pagoda 280 SL

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COPY of E-Mail from Cobble Beach Organisers
« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2022, 00:00:50 »
Hi Rolf-Dieter,
Thank you for your email.
Car Club parking on Sunday, September 18 is as follows:
If a Car Club would like to park onsite in Car Club parking for Sunday, September 18, 2022 (the day of the Concours) they must reach out to the Event Coordinator (that’s me) to register the Car Club. You have done this already via Rob, and now by way of this email.
2nd, each member of the Club who wishes to participate in Car Club parking, must register via the website link below:
This provides us with all the information we need to secure a group of spaces for the Club onsite. Each vehicle registering must purchase their individual admission tickets to the Concours for Sunday for everyone riding in the vehicle (early bird price for Adults is $59 until July 31st) and donate to Sunnybrook ($50). This is all on the webpage noted above.
We ask that a minimum of 10 cars be secured for Car Club Parking so that the parking lot is FULL – this parking lot becomes part of the overall show and attendees to the event will wander through the parking lot of Car Clubs on their way to the main event on the show field. We don’t want any empty parking spaces. All vehicles wishing to participate must be registered by August 31, 2022.
Vehicles parked in the Car Club Parking area must arrive and park before gates open to the public as a group and stay as a group until the gates close to the public and we can safely move out the Car Clubs from the Car Club Parking area. (roughly 8am load in, parked in position by 9am, leaving the show 4:30/5pm).
Side Note: for the cars that are being entered into the Concours, they DO NOT register for Car Club Parking with the rest of the Pagoda Club. They will have different instructions for participating in the Concours.
Please reach out if you have any further questions.
Allie Marsh
Event Manager, Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance
(Kathryn Cox is on maternity leave effective October 1, 2021)
3080 Yonge St. Suite 4070
Toronto, ON  M4N 3N1
Phone: 1.416.366.4820 x228
Activities throughout the weekend of Sept., 16-18, 2022, culminating with the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday.
Our Concours is a show of elegant and rarely seen automobiles, often viewed as art. Net proceeds support the Sunnybrook Foundation Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences centre and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation campaigns.
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