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280se ignition timing
« on: August 17, 2021, 03:15:48 »
Subject: 1966 230SL
 I’ve owned this car since 1978 and done all the maintenance  on it myself.
Many years ago I fitted a Hot Spark electrotonic ignition conversion, very basic, just a transmitter on the cam lobe and a sensor to replace the points, because the sensor was in a different position to the points rubbing block I had to rotate the distributor to achieve the correct timing. I don’t recall how I set the timing but the result was cleaner running and virtually maintenance free.

 To my question,
I have just been started a long delayed spring service and decided to check the timing only to find after setting the timing marks on the balancing disc wheel, the rotor arm in the distributor points to number five cylinder?

Number one piston is 120 degrees in front of 5.
I checked the H.T. leads and starting at #1 the sequence is correct.
Any thoughts as to why or what, if anything is wrong.
Thanking you for any input,