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Re: Fifty years ago today.
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Wow! Somebody else knows Pedro Domecq, nicknamed "The Nose". Owner of the Bodega that carries his name and which used to make my favorite "Fino": La Iña
No longer in existence, I think! Cannot get the Fino anymore and there are no records of the Bodega in Xerez that I can find. Visited there in 2007
You can still get fino la Ina !!!! But a little history first 😄
Pedro was a recurring name across the Domecq generations. The brewery was started in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, by an Irishman in 1730 and Pedro Domecq bought in the 1820s. When you were there  it had already been sold by the Domecq family ... bought by Allied Lyons  in 1994 and called  Allied Domecq and sold to the Pernod Ricard group in 2005. The various assets ( vineyards, breweries and brands) where later sold piecemeal to various groups from "beam Group", to Japanese "Suntory" who sold some for 275m euro to Filipino group "Emperador" and in 2016 some brands including "your"  fino La Ina were sold to the brewery Lustau (  web in English) in Jerez de la Frontera . Google "lustau la Ina" and you will find quite a few combines selling it online with deliveries all over the world..... Hope you do and enjoy it again! Domecq is still a well known name in Spain, noble with titles, and known for breeding  horses and and also bulls for bullfighting .