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Steering wheels
« on: May 17, 2018, 06:53:19 »
I have started a project to manufacture new steering wheels which are in diameter instead of 42.5 cm only 38 cm.
The steering wheel is produced for 230SL and the different model for 280SL, both in the colors black and white.

The steering wheels look exactly with all details like the original one - but a bit smaller in diameter.

This smaller steering wheel is much more comfortable and it is easier to get into the car.

In Germany and Europe we have installed about 30 parts. The price for a brand new steering wheel in Germany is at about 1,200 Euro.

Our remaked brand new steering wheel costs 700 Euro + shipping.

If somebody is interested, please send me a notice.
I am not a vendor but initiated the project "Manufacture of smaller steering wheels in original design" for some members of our club. The total number os limited to 50 pieces.

Alfred (Germany)
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