Author Topic: Delivery History ‘Callanders Engineering Co Ltd’ Scotland on 10/3/1969  (Read 594 times)

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Hi there,
I recently purchased a beaut little 280 SL with a ZF 5 speed Vin 113044 20 007785 which was originally delivered to Callanders at Glasgow/Scotland (Code 537). Callanders was apparently a Mercedes Licenced Dealer but unfortunately no longer exists. The car has a neat little ‘delivery plate’ attached to the entrance tread at the driver’s door.
I have recent history of the vehicle, but not the first 30 years. I understand the vehicle made its way to New Zealand then Australia where it is now located just south of Sydney.
Has anybody from Scotland, within our midst, got any suggestions how I could track down the original owner/family from Callanders or Scottish MoT records? Any ideas at all may be helpful.....
The car was ordered originally 291 Dark Olive Green with Biscuit Upholstery and previously owned by N.Bartells  ( who I noticed is also one of our members)
Hoping for a minor miracle...

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