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This years Moseltour Enkirch, Germany
« on: August 12, 2017, 17:56:44 »
Hello Pagoda Friends,

This past July during my Europe trip (Canada —> Holland —> Germany —> Switzerland —> back to Germany then return to Holland before my return to Canada) I was fortunate to attend the Mosel Tour along with Members of the Pagodetreff site.

Since I took quite a few photos and videos I used my SmugMug program where I am a member to share them here with you.

Near the home of my brother lives Heinrich B. and his wife Ruth. I got to know Heinrich since I am also a member of Pagodetreff. I was offered a passenger seat in one of Heinrich and Ruth’s Pagode so that I could join the tour to and from Enkirch, Germany. Needless to say it was a fantastic trip the kind that memories are made of. Peter Huesgen owns a nice Hotel in Enkirch and has been organizing those Mosel tours for quite a few years now. It was a pleasure to meet so many members from the Pagodatreff Group and as mentioned it was a great pleasure to be part of this great get together.

I will briefly provide some comments about the photos.

The first 4 photos are at Heinrich and Ruth’s home as final checks are made on Heinrich’s 230SL and Ruth’s 280SL prior to our 3 1/2 hour trip to Enkirch.

The next 4 photos were taken during our trip to Enkirch,

I took this video with my iPad while we were on the Autobahn nice how 2 Pagoda’s can keep up with todays traffic on the German Autobahn :-)

The next 10 photos were taken on 6 July of the first arrivals at Peter’s Landhotel Neumühle Enkirch, Germany
The next 7 photos show the carefully laid out route by Peter for our trip of this years Mosel tour for Saturday mornings 9am departure. Some of the photos show a get together on Thursday evening of the early arrivals after our evening supper on Peter’s Hotel Terrasse.

I took the next 14 photos Friday morning, first we stopped at a local Winery and we ordered some wine to be picked up later. This was followed by a small trip to a nearby town (unfortunately I forgot the name of the town). A short video follows the photos.

The next 28 photos I took in Peter’s parking lot around the hotel of the cars that now must wait until Saturday morning.

On Friday evening once all participants had arrived and after supper we all enjoyed a great evening on Peter’s terrace. Existing friendships were rekindled and new ones were formed, as can be seen by the next 6 Photograph. What can I say other then Gemütlichkeit :)

The next 9 photos show a small section of the area, first to the side of the Rhein section of our trip to Oberwesel were we stopped for lunch at the Günderodehaus, as the photos show it afforded a great view of the river Rhein were we enjoyed a supper lunch and refreshments. As some of the photos show this location was once used to produce the TV program HEIMAT 3. Our Host of the Günderodehaus gave us a detailed description of this play/series and how the area was transformed and now is a sought after tourist attraction.

A short video follows the photos of this wonderful area of the Günderodehaus am Rhein.

The remainder of the photos shows our trip to the Mosel side and our afternoon stop at Beisen the location once was a monastery were we again had a spectacular view this time of the Mosel river. After 1 1/2 hour of Gemütlichkeit our trip continued along the Mosel and back to Peter’s hotel. I then recorded a short video as cars returned to the hotel. There was another MB function at the hotel and there cars returned at the same time. No need to point out the difference :)

Once again I like to express my thanks to Peter and his Team for the Great Organization and how well he looked after all of us, truly First Class and unforgettable Gemütlichkeit / Gastfreundlichkeit.

To the Link —>

Please let me know should you have problems viewing the photos/video



PS. Peter took some of the photos with my iPad including this wonderful shot below, worthy of a computer background photo or screensaver :)
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