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Rear lights
« on: December 16, 2015, 11:07:22 »

Ii have introduced myself on the w111 forum page, with a question which is probably more appropriate here: The rear lights on my car are shared with some w113 models I believe. The rear bulb holders are missing on my car, and the search for some has proven very difficult. I found a thread on here discussing the said lights, and I would like to ask a question..on the attached photo, the lights have what appear to be two resistors/diodes? in the casing. The wiring diagram I have for w111's does not have these on. Please could someone explain the purpose of them, and maybe show how they are wired in? I am considering making my own bulb holders and that info would be really helpful, thanks.

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Re: Rear lights
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There are two diodes allowing the use of just one bulb doing the job of side lights and parking lamp.

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Re: Rear lights
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Thanks Naj :)