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Hello to one and all,

I owe you an introduction, as this is my first post. My name's Dave,  and I have pulled a 1971 w111 3.5 coupe out of a barn here in the UK, and am slowly putting it back together. I was incredibly lucky to find it. It has been in there for 26 years, and is in remarkable condition, apart from many missing bits that have gone walkabout over the years. It had been restored just prior to layup, and has held up really well. Replacing the missing parts is proving very difficult, expensive and slow, but I'll get there. I also own a 1959 Bristol 406 which is having a large v8 in, and two Volvo amazons, one of which is my daily. The bristol was my love until I found the Merc, now she languishes.
The reason I have joined the group is to try to get some info on a few points that various cars share..for example the rear lights on my car are shared with some w113 models I believe. The rear bulb holders are missing on my car, and the search for some has proven difficult. I found a thread on here discussing the said lights, and I would like to ask a question..on the attached photo, the lights have what appear to be two resistors/diodes? in the casing. The wiring diagram I have for w111's does not have these on. Please could someone explain the purpose of them, and maybe show how they are wired in? I am considering making my own bulb holders and that info would be really helpful, thanks.

My best,

Dave White

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Re: Hello
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see your other post
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Re: Hello
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Welcome and best of luck with your car.

I too have found out just how expensive a few parts can be but every now and then they do appear for sensible money. is a good source.


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Re: Hello
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I don't have any advice on parts but....Do you have any pictures how it looked before you pulled it out of the barn? 
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Re: Hello
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I have at least 1 of the bulb holders that you need for your car.
I am traveling this week but will be able to confirm this coming Wed when I return from travel.
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Re: Hello
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Thanks all.

I have managed to make the bulb holders using parts from a w126 s class..they were dirt cheap and allowed me to utilise the connecting block and backing board. I really appreciate the effort though Peter, thanks. I have dug up a pic or two for you all...the first one is just after the cover was pulled back, and the second is after I had moved it into another barn and pulled the front chrome off for refurbishment. The car was in the process of being restored when it was put away….the garage went bust and the then owner had to pull it out quickly. He did that, and never touched it since. Body is rock solid, interior lovely, engine fine, it just has a myriad of missing bits. I'm slowly finding them/re-mortgaging the house to pay for them :)