Author Topic: Our Polish team invited to AutoNostalgia car show in May 2014  (Read 4361 times)


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We are invited to appear at the 2014 AutoNostalgia vintage car show 16-18 May this year. We will have a space for 12 cars and a small boot for guests and our representatives. Our location will be next to the official Mercedes stand, where they will expose their selection of cars.

Our first ever public gathering of Pagoda was last year at AutoNostalgia 2013, where we were able to arrive with 7 cars and park outside just at the entrance of the main hall.
This year, we have already about 20 volunteers for the 12 places available... Things change!

We should get a local press and TV coverage, which we will be glad to share here.  

The Autonostalgia website link is here, but this is in Polish only. Fortunately pictures don't require linguistic gimmicks :)
most pictures under "Galeria"
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