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Pagoda Notes - Article History
« on: February 27, 2012, 21:07:39 »
Pagoda Notes - Topics Covered

I have noticed a fair number of posts that are asking questions about topics that have been covered in detail in past issues of Pagoda Notes. I realize there is a listing of topics in the Technical Manual, but it is a couple of clicks away, and may not be obvious on how to access. I am posting an inventory of previous articles to assist with those folks having questions.

My intention is to keep this as a “sticky” note in the General Discussion forum, and up to date as new issues of Pagoda Notes come out.

Previous issues of Pagoda Notes are accessible to Full Members of the site. Go to the “Tech Manual”, scroll down the page to “Premium Content”. Click on that link and scroll just a small ways down the page, and then click on “Pagoda Notes”. All the previously published newsletters are there.

Happy hunting!

Volume 1

No 1 - A short discussion of tires and some fun stuff about Pagoda idiosyncracies.
No 2 - There is further information about tires and tire sizes along with an article with tips on how to search the site for information.
No 3 - The main article is a review of the fuel injection pump. There are a number of photos of the pump internals and on adjustment points. A second article deals with our ongoing wish list of parts ‘ No Longer Available’ (NLA).
No 4 - This issue has a feature article about the fuel tank; including the flower pot, filters, screens and internal tank vent lines. There are a number of photographs for illustration.
No 5 - Has a detailed article about the throttle linkages with information concerning the setup and adjustments. It includes a number of factory schematics and adjustment charts. There is also an article about winter storage.

Volume 2

No 1 - The feature is an article about the cam chain tensioner, including a list of follow up questions for clarifications.
No 2 - Part 1 of the in-depth discussion of the starting aid tour; including the thermo-time switch  (TTS), warm running device (WRD), injection pump starting solenoid and the intake start valve. There are descriptions on how to test the system, and year by year specification sheets.
No 3 - Part 2 of the starting aid tour with coverage of troubleshooting and diagnostics of the various systems and components. This is also Part 1 of a discussion about the literature and manuals supplied with the car; owners manual, service booklet, maps, dealer directory, cleaning guideline, radio booklet (s), etc.
No 4 - Part 2 of the literature discussion, focusing on sales literature and various supplemental brochures. There is a listing of corrections for the starting aid tour.

Volume 3

No 1 - A review of George Davis’ rebuild of the four-speed transmission, including detailed photos of the transmission’s internal parts.
No 2 - Part 2 of George’s transmission rebuild. There is a continuation of the parts NLA wish list.
No 3 - The issue highlights the tour of the fuel pump, with detailed photos of the internals and discussion about the rebuild process.
No 4 - This issues is an in-depth discussion regarding the installation of the 1-2-3 electronic replacement distributor system. It includes photos of the various types of connections and some comments about the internal spring.

Volume 4

No 1 - Jeff takes us through a discussion of the fuel/air mixture, adjustments and a number of CO charts. An interesting side article is about the black out painting of the grill area, as seen in an original 250 SL.
No 2 - Part 2 of Jeff’s review of air/fuel. This includes more photos of the fuel injection pumps, internals and adjustment screws. It is also Part 1 of an article about the grounding connections and locations.
No 3 - Part 2 of the discussion of grounding points on the chassis and body. The second article discusses bypassing a nonfunctional instrument panel rheostat.
No 4 - The entire issue covers the inaugural European Pagoda event.

Volume 5

No 1 - Part 1 of the cylinder head rebuild tour. This includes diagnostics and issues such as valve stem guides, corrosion and head warpage.
No 2 - Part 2 of the cylinder head rebuild tour focusing on what to check, what can be done and how to reassemble.
No 3 - Part 3 of the cylinder head rebuild tour; now discussing the ball stud adjusters and the various types of cylinder head gaskets.
No 4 - This issues starts a series about tips and tricks. The main discussion reviews flushing the radiator, changing the thermostat and refilling (and purging) the system.

Volume 6

No 1 - A continuation of the tips and tricks article. The items covered are the setting of timing and methods of opening the soft top.
No 2 - More tips; distributor rebuild, engine removal, hard top headliner painting, use of surgical gloves
No 3 - Tips continued; Injection pump removal, winter storage, plastics, shocks for a 230 SL; Supplemental tool kit
No 4 - 2012 European tour - pictures and comments

Volume 7

No 1 - Jim and Mary, original owner story, 1967 250 SL
No 2 - John, 49er, original owner story, 1969 280 SL
No 3 - Dick, Lawrence, two more original owners story
No 4 - Inge Mintening original owner story, photos from Ramsbeck mine and Warsteiner brewery

Volume 8

No 1 - The 230 SL and early 250 SL injection pump, cone valve, leak down issues - Richard Simonds
No 2 - Trip report: Techno Classica in Essen Germany (2014), Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart
No 3 - Me and My Car - Barry Dorr and the rejuvenation of his 250 SL, and the Big Bear road trip trials
No 4 - Event teasers, Put-In-Bay Ohio, US, Copenhagen, Lime Rock Connecticut, US, Polish road trip, Goodwood/Brooklands

Volume 9

No 1 - Long term ownership Bosko, Cristine and Alex - 250 SL
No 2 - Let the search be with you - Information about how to use the search functionality on the site
No 3 - Ray Hays article on theft prevention, and several condensed threads from the forum also about theft prevention techniques
No 4 - Listing of model year changes 230 SL, 1963; teaser photos on PUB 2015

Volume 10

No 1 - Listing of model year changes 230 SL, 1964
No 2 - Listing of model year changes 230 SL, 1965
No 3 - Listing of model year changes 230 SL, 1966; Ralph Neely owner documentation; Long term storage tips
No 4 - Listing of model year changes 250 SL, article on windshield wiper care

Volume 11

No 1 - Listing of model year changes 280 SL, 1968; correction for 250 SL change list
No 2 - Listing of model year changes 280 SL, 1969/70
No 3 - Listing of model year changes 280 SL, 1970/71
No 4 - LED lighting upgrades by Jim Villers

Volume 12

No 1 - Hans Strom's presentation on how to care for windshield wipers, Ralph Neely - Silver Star Certificate MB Club of America
No 2 - An overview of some of the Mercedes historical literature, from current to pre-war, including the GP Silver Arrows.
No 3 - Learn about Al Chernoff beginning his relationship with Shatzi (Italian 280 SL), Joe Alexander's tips for owners
No 4 - Trip from Amsterdam to the Euro event and back, the "desert" find Pagoda in California

Volume 13

No 1 - Wallace Wheeler gives an update and "how to" for a small car show/event in Dallas Texas. Also on update on the main search function
No 2 - Barbara Cullen car show in Australia
No 3 - Visit to Heritage Upholstery in Palm Springs CA, On the eve of PagodaFest
No 4- Teaser articles and photos from PagodaFest San Diego, Meeting of the Clans II, Cotswold tour. Please note the article and photos for Meeting of the Clans are by Mike Mizesko. For the Cotswold Tour, photos from Paul de Geus and Hemmels.

Volume 14

No 1 - The merry tale of a merry group finding and fitting a replacement horn for a member's Pagoda
No 2 - Madera Concepts (wood refinishing) print of their presentation at PagodaFest - San Diego 2019
No 3 - Fernando Mangino takes us through the restoration/tuning of his Pagoda, some cool photos from Pagodas at Mexico Formula 1 race
No 4 - Tom and Dayton Horvath presentation on the fuel injection pump from PagodaFest - San Diego 2019

Volume 15

No 1 - Wallace Wheeler's Fourth annual Dallas TX car, short discussion of colors on cars
No 2 - New owner MS Soltanian, reprints of several Mercedes Collector 113 related letters
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