Author Topic: Are there any W113 owners who are 300SEL 6.3 owners out there?  (Read 5462 times)


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I'm contemplating a "garage expansion" and I'm interested to find out how many of us W113 owners have a 300SEL 6.3 in their collection as well?  For you 6.3 owners out there, can you share some of the common flaws on the 6.3 engine, transmission, and suspension (air bags) to look out for and be concerned about as a potential buyer?  Are there better years than others?  Is there anything that would make me run, not walk, away from a 6.3?  Thanks!
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Re: Are there any W113 owners who are 300SEL 6.3 owners out there?
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For the best qualified answers to your questions  regarding the 6.3 you might want to check the forum
of the M100 club here:   This club covers all M100 powered cars including the 6.3 of course, but since you are looking for a 6.3 I'm sure you already know the site.
I have owned several of these cars over the years and still have  two 6.3s(and a parts car), they are a lot of fun but can bring some challenges as well.

For a potential buyer of a 6.3 there's of course as with every old car enough to worry about. As with all 108/109 cars the rust is often a serious problem. Mechanically the 6.3 is a bit more challenging than most other MBs from the era except for the 600.
I'd say the most important thing is finding a car with little of no rust that has been well maintained and not been sitting for longer periods of time. And if the suspension still is in original shape be prepared to do the suspension valves, air hoses/lines and airbags rather soon than late.
The air compressor is pretty robust and does not give problems too often.   Airbags are available and the suspension valves can be overhauled(Star Motors in NY is one place to go for this). Once the suspension is done, it will last for many years and give a superior driving experience compared to even more modern cars.
Engine work can be very expensive, pistons are quite expensive and it can be a problem get the right ones, since there are a number of variations (hi/lo compression US/Euro specs etc)  Injectors are insanely expensive but can be rebuilt same for the Fuel IP. Transmissions have a tendency to leak both externally and internally(check for delays when engaging in position Drive), and the rear axle have some grease points that sometimes are neglected and can cause excessive wear.
In short find a good well maintained car with history and service records,  without a long backlog and spend as much as you can upfront.


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Re: Are there any W113 owners who are 300SEL 6.3 owners out there?
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I have onwed a 6.3 for about ten years.  The biggest concern is the air suspension. When put right these suspensions are durable, reliable and a pleasure to ride on.  However rubber parts go bad just from age. You will need to plan on spending some bucks on the air suspension system from time to time.

Forget fuel mileage, figure on 15 mpg or less.  Under ideal conditions on the highway you could squeek a bit more. Very comfortable interior seating for six. The mechanically injected 6.3 liter V-8 is quite impressive to view and hear.

They made less than 6,000 of these worldwide, so they should appreciate.

You can smoke the tires at will. They were the "fastest sedan in the World" in 1969. Road and Track took one to the drag strip. It beat up their 327 Corvette, and almost beat their light weight Masserati.  They are a blast to drive and pleasing to look at,  4,000 pounds of iron, smoke and thunder!

I am almost taking myself out of selling mine!
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Re: Are there any W113 owners who are 300SEL 6.3 owners out there?
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I been workinf around 6.3's for a long time and have a number of parts for these cars. A spare engine with trans, a rear axel and a complete parts car. As Joe and others have noted the air suspension is where you will find most problems. Heating controls on this car make the 113 look simple although they are similar in function. The blower motor is very difficult to remove - not as bad as a 114 but still very difficult. Make sure the blower works.
A lot of smaller pieces will interchange with the regular 108 car of which there are still some laying around.

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