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To all members...
« on: June 25, 2009, 15:06:50 »
If you've recently joined the Pagoda SL Group as a new member, perhaps it is worthwhile to remind you all of the following items available for you:
  • If you join as a Full Member, you will receive, in addition to Pagoda World and Pagoda Notes, a membership card and two car stickers signifying your membership of the Pagoda SL Group... so join today by clicking on Profile and then Join as Full Member on the left.
  • If you have joined us as a Full Member and have not received your membership card or car stickers, please mail us on and we will ensure you get them. Note that the new Board of Directors is working through a backlog of work, and recent members in the America's have been processed. On the 25th of June 2009 we mailed welcome packs to all members outside of the US and Canada who joined after the 19th of April.
  • We have a great, high quality poster available of 42 Pagoda's and their owners, celebrating 42 years of Pagodas, made in 2005. These posters are still available for € 20 plus shipping (€ 10,45 will ship up to 5 posters pretty much anywhere in the world in a protective tube -- but it may take a while). To see the poster, click on the picture on this page: The same page has ordering information. PayPal payment only accepted.
  • Would you like a t-shirt or polo with the W113 Pagoda SL Group logo? Some stylish attire for the PUB? Order your goodies here: Prices are reasonable but additional proceeds go to the group.
  • Do you need to know more about literature on your favourite car? The Technical Manual has an extensive list of books available. Better yet, when Amazon still has a book, you can click on the picture and automatically order it.
  • Have you spotted our handy Services page? Put your Pagoda on the map with Frappr, and with one click, find all the Ebay auctions which have parts for or complete W113 SL's for sale.
  • Finally, if you are afraid to forget renewing your Full Pagoda SL Group membership, why not do it today? Our membership renewal function is intelligent: if you renew and pay with PayPal, your existing membership is extended by another year... Would you like not to worry for more time? Just renew and pay via PayPal again and you are completely set!

Now is the time to be a Full Member. There is a new Board of Directors, a new Pagoda World editor, and much material for issues of Notes. PUB 2009 in July will be the biggest and best PUB yet, and will also yield much material for future Pagoda Worlds. The Pagoda Style book is in progress and will be available to members once it comes out.

The Technical Manual is slowly progressing but some more help in making it move forward so that we can start printing paper copies for use in your garage, under your car, etc is needed.

We are working on video tutorials to help you make best use of the site and the forum, as well as the Technical Manual, for those people who find the scope and depth of this internet site a little challenging. They will be shown first at PUB, but made available to others later on. So keep watching our Video and Instructional Video sections.

Peter van Es
President of the Pagoda SL Group

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Re: To all members...
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2015, 05:41:42 »
Following a review of Membership and the level of access to the Forum and the "For Sale” area by both Full and Associate Members, the Board of the W113 Pagoda Group have made the following amendments to the rules governing the  “For Sale” area.

There is no longer any restrictions on Associate Members posting in the For Sale area. The new rules that will apply as of today are as follows:

Rules for posting items for sale:

1. This is a free service to the Pagoda community and Pagoda SL Group, Inc. takes no responsibility as to condition, authenticity, or any other claims regarding the item for sale, nor do we bear any responsibility for the seller to deliver the goods for sale, or for the buyer's ability to complete the transaction.

2. Items listed must be from private sellers and not commercial companies, agents or brokers.  Those may be listed on the Commercial Advertising forum.

3. Posts must include either a fixed price or the phrase:
 “Accepting offers greater than (price).”  
  No Pricing will result in the post being withdrawn by the moderators.

4. Post should include general location of item, or locations to which the seller will not ship.

We request that when an item sells, you update the post.  If your post expires, you are welcome to post it again.

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