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Excerpts from films featuring Pagodas

Videos by others

You will need to visit the respective sites to see these…

  • Original 230 SL Introduction video , this 14 minute video introduces the various features and benefits of the Pagoda range of cars... A flashback into the past, when the car first appeared.
  • w113 Pagoda SL Blacklick 07 drive Dick Mentzer produced this video during te W113 Pagoda SL Group 2007 Tech Session in Blacklick, OH, of the sunday drive of the cars. Spot yours!
  • Pagoda University Blacklick, 2005 Produced by member Dick Mentzer, this is a video of the 2005 Blacklick Ohio tech session for Mercedes Pagoda w113 club (Pagoda University Blacklick, PUB)
  • Pagoda University Blacklick, 2007 This video by member Dick Mentzer is of the W113 Pagoda SL Group 2007 Tech Session Blacklick OH. Participants exchange information about their cars.
  • Mercedes W113 rear axle 3.27 conversion Joe Alexander describes procedures for replacement of stock W113 rear axle with 1972 or 1973 W108 higher ratio rear axle. Video by Dick Mentzer
  • Jim Villers Driveability Improvements Jim Villers Blacklick 07 presentation on driveability improvements for Mercedes w113 Pagoda SL club. Video by Dick Mentzer.

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