Edit Notes

This section helps you with editing content on the Pagoda Technical Manual.

When you land on a new page without content, you are recommended to add this content. Depending on whether you are describing a major part of a Mercedes-Benz w113 car, choose the standard content from New Section. You do this by selecting that page, entering edit from the menu on the left, under ACTION, copying al text (press CTRL-A), then copy it (press CTRL-C), exit the edit (press the CANCEL button) go to the new page, select edit, and subsequently paste it into a new Wiki page (CTRL-V). If it is a minor component, without complicated sub-assemblies, copy the contents from the template New Component. If what you are describing fits neither category, just start off with a blank page.

When you have created an empty page, it pays to use the Search function of the Pagoda SL Group forums, looking for keyword pertaining to that subject. Once you have found a topic that meets your needs, use the Printer Friendly button at the top of the page to change the forum topic into a printer friendly layout.

On this layout, select all text (press CTRL-A), then copy it (press CTRL-C) and subsequently paste it at the bottom of the Wiki page (CTRL-V). Then save your edits, and re-edit them afterwards.

Generally, we recommend to:

  • remove subject matter that is not on-topic or relevant;
  • change it so that is becomes general text (not I observed but "one can observe")
  • remove references to one car, one person
  • remove personal names, references etc
  • remove wrong assumptions that have been countered in later elements of the post
  • generally change it into a flowing discourse
  • use the following Text formatting rules
  • we recommend the use of Wikistyles followed by the identifier of the author to discuss contents and alternative views prior in the edited page (for an example see immediately below this list)
  • it may help to post a message on the original topic on the Original Forum Topic with a link to the entry here to make sure people know the definitive version is being developed here.
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This is a comment to discuss the above page.


If the original text includes an image, use the edit button on the edit page and copy the URL of the picture on the site where you want the picture to appear. The picture will appear in line. There is no need to copy the image from one place to another. For further help on inserting images follow the link.

If you have a new image to be Uploaded, follow the instructions on that page. Note that this functionality may still be disabled.