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There is a screw on the upper corner of the visor, close to where it swings, to tighten it. See

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I've heard the visors are very expensive and hard to find. Any options from sedans that fit and look OK and don't cost a fortune? I'm not so concerned about keeping 100% original.

Does anyone know if the W113 uses the same sun visors as the sedans around that time?

No. 230 SLís and sedans have different sun visors. That's why they are so expensive.

My visors need to be replaced. We thought GAHH would cover them in leather like they did all the other vinyl in the car, but for some reason they were adament about NOT doing it, and returned them untouched. Now that the interior is finished EXCEPT for the visors, I'm on the prowl... So--anyone with visor experience out there?? Any other suppliers besides Bud's? What would be the most appropriate color? I have a black interior.

I replaced my sunvisors with a pair I bought on ebay. I have heard that the ones sold by Bud's are excellent. Star Quality also sells them. I've only seen the new ones in a light greyish color. Most people leave them that way. I purchased a dye from leatherique which matches my interior color exactly. It worked great to color them and it was easy to use. I also recolored the arm rests on the doors to match.

Achim warns: the sunvisors NEVER match(ed) the interior's color. This was the case for the 190 SL and the 300 SL but NOT for the pagodas. It only indicates a poor restauration where the shop or the owner wanted to go the fast and easy way and didn't spend attention to the original condition. For the 230 and early 250 SL (up to VIN 002979) there were only two colors available: grey and ivory (with the exception of very very early 230 SL coupes-only; some of them had white sunvisors).

For all later 250s and 280s there were three colors: grey, ivory and some sort of light tan or so. I can check if you are interested. The correct color for a red interior is ivory and for a black (or blue) interior, grey sunvisors are correct. Of course you can dye your visors to the correct color with Leatherique or other vinyl paints. You can clean up your old sunvisors and look for a hidden area where the chrome hinge attaches, you should be able to find a bit of the original color.

Also, old vinyl or leather paint can be removed from the sunvisors and sometimes gives you the original look of your sunvisors back. But it might be tricky depending on what kind of paint they used before. I removed the wrong paint from my sunvisors which were black and they came out in their original grey color pretty well! I prefer the original look even if they are (as in my case) slightly faded.

My 1971 280Sl has a cognac interior with bamboo (very light tan) sunvisors. When I first saw the car, I thought the visors had been replaced with the wrong color, but as soon as I looked up with the hardtop on I saw that the visors were perfectly matched to the bamboo headliner.

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