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The German language word is Handschuhfach.

Mercedes part numbers:

230SL: LHD 113 680 03 91 / RHD 113 680 04 91

280SL: RHD 113 680 27 91

Function and Repair

The glove box is a compartment for storage of the owner's manual, soft and hard top release handles, and other personal items. It is fastened into the dash with screws from the inside, top and bottom. The glovebox can be pulled out of the dash once the screws are removed. To remove the box the door should be half open and likewise during re-installation. Also beware of electrical connection to the light fitted on the lid.

The long metal hinge is riveted with two flat aluminium rivets to the glove compartment housing. This serves to position the hinge during re-assembly. When re-installing, make sure you line up the glove box door with the rest of the dash so it won’t chip the paint when closed. Also, you need to center it, so that the door shows even gaps on both sides when closed.

Door adjustment can be done vie losening the four screws holding the door to the hinge and moving the door slightly as much as holes in the hinge for these screws allow - the holes in the hinge have biger diameter than the diameter of the screws. Make sure the opening rod comes clear through the oval rosette as you open or close the door.

On the glove compartment lid, a light and a lock can be found. The light has a dual purpose. It is activated by opening the door to illuminate the inside and to direct a light beam - focused by an internal lens - towards the knees of the passenger for easy reading of maps.

A curved rod is attached to the back of the glove compartment hatch, and the bar at the end of this rod has a coil spring with two forks as end pieces attached to it. The spring has a snap-over function, first to keep the hatch closed, then when hatch is opened, spring works to keep it in a horizontal position. The rod also serves as an end stop.

Mercedes part numbers: Spring: 186 993 20 01 Guide forks: 186 689 00 33

Suitable replacement parts can be manufactured from flat aluminum sheets and similar springs may be available in local hardware stores.

The spring that is currently sold by M-B is rather weak and tends to bend in the middle compromising the function of the opening and closing mechanism. While the door can still be opened and closed there is very little pull. This photo shows how this spring and the forks are supposed to work.

Once the spring is kinked its function can be rescued by placing it inside a brass tube with an OD of 7/16" (=11.1 mm) and an ID of 10.4 mm. The spring fits perfectly into this tube. No more kinking!

The tubing can be bought here:

The curved rod passes through a hole in the side of the glove compartment housing. The hole has an aluminum ring fitted to finish off its appearance and cover glued vinyl or leather as may be.

The ring tends to become damaged when removed, for example during restoration work on the interior. Small tabs hold the ring in position, these fold round the back of the opening in the glove compartment side. The tabs may break off, and then the ring will no longer stay in position. Reproduction trim rings are currently available from this vendor:

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