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Fuel Pump Cover

This component is part of Fuel Pump.


The fuel pumps in W113 cars were protected against road debris and stones by four types of covers.

Type 1 is a odd-shaped rectangular box on early 230SL cars (until VIN 007205) with the upright spare wheel on the left side of the trunk.

Starting with VIN 007205 until the end of the 230SL production Type 2, a round bucket-style cover was used, followed by Type 3 for the 250SL and early 280SL (until VIN 010241). Types 1-3 were used with the Early (tall) electric fuel pump.

With change to the current pump (Later (short) electric fuel pump) a half open Type 4 cover was used on 280SL cars.


These pictures show typical installation of the short pump with the half open cover:

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