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Torque Head

This component is part of Engine. A more detailed description of how to torque the head, with photos, is located in the Restricted tour here.

  • Don't forget to loosen the radiator cap first.
  • Remove all spark plugs.
  • Torque head when engine is hot but cool enough to handle.
  • Remove all spark plugs.
  • Torque at 80 ft. lbs (M130 engine).

Torque head in this order (start in center and work outwards; also loosen hex bolt 1st, then tighten to specified torque):

Bolt order

Use a long 10mm allen

Loosen and re-torque one at a time in correct torque sequence. Don't forget the bolts in the timing chain housing. These are 6mm allen and should be torqued to 2.5kpm (5.5 ft. lbs). These are not under pressure, so can simply adjust by feel.

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