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Starting System

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The starting system or simply starter consists of three major components:

  • a 12 volt electric motor, the Starter Motor? to turn the car's engine over
  • a spring loaded gear Bendix Drive? to engage a ring gear on the flywheel
  • a solenoid Starter Solenoid? that controls the gear and powers the electric motor

Generally, referring to a "starter" means all of the above components. In the EPC the starter can be found in Major Assy Engine, Group 15/1 (Electrical Equipment at Engine/Electrical Equipment).


The function of the starter is to turn the engine over, enabling sufficient vacuum and compression for it to fire and start.

When the ignition key is turned to the Start position, current flows from the ignition switch to Terminal 50 on the solenoid. The solenoid's actuator is drawn back against a spring by magnetic force. This moves the gear into contact with the flywheel's ring gear and simultaneously causes a direct connection between the positive side of the battery and the starter motor. The motor then begins to turn the engine over. When the engine fires, the driver (should) release the key to Run. With no current to the solenoid, the pressure of the spring prevails, so no more power to the motor, and the gear is withdrawn away from the ring gear.


Describe common maintenance procedures, and common faults that may occur. Describe how these may be diagnosed and resolved. Again, include diagrams, photographs and explanations. Where possible, include measures, tolerances, weights etc.

  • Symptoms when it faults
  • How to test if it is faulty - what tools to use
  • How to fix / change

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