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Single Dash Mounted Speaker for Mono Radio

There is a cut-out on top and in the middle of the dash in front of the windshield for a single long and narrow speaker. In the bottom of the cutout are two square holes with inserted clip nuts for attachment of the speaker.

On all four corners of the are 8mm tall cylindrical spacers. They raise the horizontal position of the speaker and prevent interference with the heater controls. In the front (closer to the windshield) there are two special tabs at each corner that holds the front end down. The rear spacers have screws that go through the holes, through cylindrical rubber boots and screw into the sheet metal clip nuts. The wooden grill piece screws into clip nuts on top of the two little square 'towers', left and right.

Bottom of Dash Mono Speaker...

Example of front tab...

Example of spacer...

These dash speakers were either factory installed or sold separately by Becker. Here are photos showing an original speaker that was never installed. Note that the speaker wires were soldered on and the plug at the end fits into the receptacle on a Becker mono radio from the 1960s.

The top of the radio was protected by a metal grill:

and above the metal grill were a layer of felt covering the metal grill completely and a narrow layer of foam above the felt layer but only on the side and along the rear:

Replacement speakers are reproduced by the Koenigs company in Germany:

and are available from several vendors in the USA, for example:

Note that this reproduction speaker does not come with the spacers on the four corners and if those are lost then they need to be reproduced also.

This photo shows the dimensions. Brass tubes with the correct diameter are easily available and can be cut length to manufacture a spacer. If a suitable rubber boot cannot be found then a thick rubber washer may suffice.

These spacers and other required hardware are now commercially available:

Dual Kick Panel Speakers for Stereo Radio

If your car was originally equipped or had a dealer installed Becker stereo radio, it should have had two small square black speakers installed on the front kick panels. These speakers were available from Mercedes-Benz for any model that had a stereo radio installed.

The stereo speakers were mounted low on the front kick panels. Stereo was an option by 1969 on these cars. The speakers are black and square in shape and are mounted on the surface on the kick panels.

The l&r kick panels in late-model 280 SLs have large holes in the sheet metal that allow for speakers. They're underneath the leather/tex coverings.

Speaker Location for Stereo Kick Panel Speakers:

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