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Light Bulb Replacements

The original lights of the car can be replaced with more modern light bulbs, leading to brighter lights and better visibility. These replacements do not work for Sealed Beam, US headlamp assemblies for the headlights. They do work for other lights.

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48884 - This bulb combines the filaments of a modern standard halogen H4 bulb with the P45t base to fit headlamps originally equipped with R2 bulbs. Most vehicles' standard wiring will accommodate this bulb without any problem. Brings old European headlamps up to modern-car light levels. Extra durable for long life.

Osram also has Halogen lamps with the original base for European headlamps. Partnumber 64183 Bilux-AS-Haloroad-R2 45/40 Watt.

The Bilux-AS-Haloroad-R2 45/40 is completely compatible with the original and no longer available Bilux-AS-R2 45/40 und 55/50. The lightyield compared to the old lights is about 50% higher.


49072 - This 35w bulb is used in many European fog lamps and driving lamps, notably German lamps on Mercedes models prior to the mid 1970s. This bulb is also used in many rotating emergency warning lamps.

Front & Rear Turn Signals & Brake Lights

P3497 - 43% brighter than standard bulbs. The Krypton-charged P3497 single-filament bulb replaces the following original bulbs:

  • European P21W or 7506
  • American 1156, 1073, or 1141

Front & Rear Side Markers

3886x - This Osram MiniXenŽ 3886X mini bayonet (BA9s) base bulb has an ultra long life, and produces 85 lumens from 6 watts. That's up to 80% more light compared to the following standard bulbs:

  • European T4W or 3893
  • American 57, 57X, 1891, 1893

Reverse Light

796 - gives you almost 100% more light when you shift into Reverse, without any heat and power draw concerns. This ultra long life upgrade replaces the following standard bulbs:

  • European P21W or 7506
  • American 1156, 1073, or 1141

Euro Light Bulbs

ApplicationStandard Bulb TypeUSA Ref:UK Ref:Hella Ref:Remarks
Flasher/ Turn signal12V 18W Type BA 15s78186382/18  
Stop/Brake12V 15W Type BA 15s 3348GA 002 081 121 
 12V 21W Type BA 15s781863828GA 002 073 121 
Main Beams12V 60/55W H4 P45t781550128GJ 002 525 131 
Parking Light12V 4W Type BA 9s782232338GP 002 067 121 
Clearance Light12V 5W Type BA 15s782322078GA 002 071 121 
Fog Light12V 35W Type BA 20s  8GA 002 083 131 
Instrument12V 2W Type BA 9s782202888GP 068 121 
Heater Display12V 2W Type BA 7s781802818GP 002 066 121 
Glove Box12V 10W??   Festoon
Courtesy Light12V 5W SV 8.5-8782032398GM 002 092 121Festoon

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