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iPod Interface

This component is part of Radio and Antenna.


Most Becker Radios have either a 5-pin DIN socket (most Mono models) or a 7-pin DIN socket (most stereo models) at the back that was used to connect auxiliary equipment such as a tape deck or record player to the radio. Normally the socket is capped with a plug that has four internal pins that shorten two pairs of internal wires (see wiring diagram below). Connecting an external source to this AUX input disconnects the radio tuner from the amplifier and instead the source's audio signal is routed to the speakers.

The DIN connector is a German connector format used in audio equipment of the sixties and seventies.

The AUX input socket can be used to connect an iPod/MP3 player using proper cabling.

There are a number of suppliers who provide ready made cables or other solutions to link your iPod/MP-3 player to your Becker radio. The best known are:

These feature a little box at the end of the cable which provides a similar switching function between the radio and the external source when a 3.5mm plug is inserted or disconnected.

For those who like to make their own cables here is what you should consider and what you need to buy:


  1. Approximately 6 feet (2 meter) 4-conductor, 22-24AWG stranded, shielded cable.
  2. 1 5-pin male DIN connector (REAN p/n NYS322, or similar (Hirschmann)).
  3. 1 5-conductor 3.5mm female double-switch socket (Switchcraft p/n 35RAPC4BV4, or similar (Cliff FC68133)).
  4. Small plastic box (Hammond p/n 1551NFLBK, or similar).
  5. depending on the socket you bought, a small piece of experimenters PCB (printed circuit board)
  6. Fine tip soldering iron.

A convenient on-line source for such electronic parts is Mouser Electronics, or Conrad.

Wiring diagram

This is the circuitry for a stereo radio with separate amplifier (for example Europ Stereo MU or Grand Prix Stereo). The relevant DIN-7 socket is shown in the lower left corner and labeled "Tonabnehmerbuchse".

Pins on DIN male connectors are numbered (from right to left, viewed from outside of the connector, with the 5 pins upwards, and facing them): 1𣯔𤃁. Holes on female connectors are also numbered 1-4-2-5-3, but from left to right (facing the holes).

iPod and similar stereo MP3 players are connected via 3.5mm TRS connectors. To assure correct channel orientation one needs to keep in mind that the "tip" carries the "left" channel, the "ring" carries the "right" channel and the "sleeve" provides the common ground.

The 3.5mm female 5-conductor double-switch is wired as shown here:

On the left in the empty switch pin 1 -> pin 3 and pin 4 -> pin 5 are connected. Insertion of the 3.5mm TRS plug as shown in the right photo breaks these connections and now the ring is connected to pin 5 and the tip to pin 3.

Usually a red wire is used to carry the right channel because "red" = "right" = "ring" is easy to remember! The shield of the 4-conductor cable connects the sleeve with pin 2 on the DIN connector.
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