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Function, repair, and restoration of the Bosch horns are described in much detail in Pagoda World Number 21, 2017


Here is a drawing showing the all the parts in a typical Bosch horn installed in W113 cars. Note that part numbers 69, 70 and 82 are not present in Pagoda horns.

The following PDF provides the Bosch part numbers as they existed when these horns were manufactured in the 1960s.

Further explanation and descriptions (inGerman) are in this PDF:

Fixing a Rattling Horn Ring

If your horn ring rattles it is a relatively easy repair.

  1. Obtain from your MB dealer or MB parts supplier 3- A115 464 00 24 plug, steering column.
  2. Remove central steering wheel pad.
  3. Remove the six nuts and washers holding the wheel to the steering boss.
  4. Raise the wheel enough to disconnect the horn wires.
  5. Take the wheel to your work bench and invert it.
  6. Remove the three Phillips screws
  7. Mark the position of the plate so that it goes back in the same location and lift of the plate,horn contacts and ring.
  8. You will then see the three plugs that require renewing, remove the old and push in the new plugs using a blunt instrument (I used twist drill - not the sharp end )
  9. Refit the horn ring in the new plugs, horn contact, round plate and three screws (make sure the three male indentations match up with the female indentations in the plate)
  10. Refit the steering wheel, connect horn wires and pad.

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