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Heater Core

This component is part of Heating System.


The Heater Core provides heat to the W113 cabin, via the flow of radiator fluid through it's "core". The flow of radiator fluid, heat, is moderated via the slide lever inside the cabin which adjusts (opens & closes) the Heater Control Valve located under the large rubber plug on the engine firewall. The heater core is simply a small radiator and many times can be serviced and repaired by a radiator shop.

The picture below shows a new heater core from Mercedes-Benz.

The picture below shows a typical heater core and possible issues with age. The brackets on each side of the core may come loose or break away over time. Also, there is a heat deflection plate that also may become loose and break away from the core. You will know the heat deflection plate is loose when you drive over a road bump and hear a tin-like rattle coming from within the dash area. It is possible for the side brackets and heat deflection plate to be welded back in place by a local radiator shop.

The heater core must be removed from inside the cabin and from below the dash. Removal is not an easy procedure. The old saying that these cars are built around the heater core is close to accurate, as much has to be removed to replace or service these units.

Removal of the heater core

1. Drain the radiator fluid

2. Disconnect the heater hoses (access & return) from the firewall

3. Remove the Air Distribution Box from within the cabin

4. Remove the Radial Blower from with the cabin

5. Remove the Heater Core from within the cabin

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