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1-2-3 Ignition

It is a major component of the Ignition System.


The "123ignition" is an electronic replacement for your worn out original mechanical distributor. This replacement distributor is well built and of high quality. For the most part, it looks "close" to the original Bosch units used in the W113's, except it does not have a external vacuum cell. The "123" does however have a vacuum port, and vacuum is required for the "123" to function properly.

The "123ignition" distributor is manufactured in the Netherlands. Please refer to their website for resellers in your specific country.

Installation of the "123"

Curve Setting:

One of the first things to check with your new 123 Distributor is the curve setting. Remove the threaded plug on the bottom of the housing using a 5mm allen wrench. Look into the hole with a bright light. The dial and settings are difficult to read as they are very small. Using a small screw driver, adjust the curve based on your original distributor. A table of appropriate curve settings and original distributors is supplied with the 123 Distributor. Don’t assume that this has been already set. Typically they are set on “0” and require adjustment…

Set engine to TDC, pull your original distributor out. Remove original 10mm spring and replace with 20mm spring (see photo below for more details). Slide in new "123" ... Connect red wire to the (+) of the ignition coil and the black wire to the (-) of the ignotion coil.

Note: For additional installation instructions for the "123", please follow the detailed instructions that come with the new "123" distributor.

Using the "123" with later W113's with Emission Control

The Emission System and all of its components must function to factory specs and the timing set to accordingly to those values. With the Emission System fully funtional, use "123" Curve setting "E".

If the Emission System is not functioning to factory specs, you need to change over to a different Throttle Body Vacuum pick up and change to a TDC Timing setting. With the elimination of all the Emission components, use "123" Curve setting "8".

Ignition Coil, Spark Plug Wires, & Ballast Resistors:

Use with original coil, & spark plug wires. You can eliminate the ballast resistors for the full 12volts as long as your primary resistance is not less than 1 ohm.


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