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Windscreen Washer

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Windshield (Windscreen) Washer Pump (Waschanlage Pumpe)

Washer Pump

  • The Washer Pump on W113 is a 12 Volt VDO grey or white plastic unit mounted to a metal base by 4 small nuts and bolts. The metal base is secured to the car by two philips head bolts.

  • Power is delivered to the pump through a black plastic plug wired with a live Violet and Yellow wire (may look White and Purple) to the Plus + plug and to a Brown ground wire (may look Orange) to the Negative – side of the plug. Reverse wiring makes the pump work in the wrong direction.
  • The Pump is marked “B” at the terminal for the tube coming from the fluid supply bottle and is marked “D” at the terminal for the tube going the connector near the firewall.
  • On one example W113 car, the base of the washer pump was marked “VDO 1173 017/011”

Washer Tubing (Hose)

  • The tubing for the washer fluid is clear and fairly soft to the touch. Original tubing turns brown with age and cannot be restored to clear. Replacement tubing is available from Mercedes Benz (June 2008) at about US $3 per meter, “Washer Hose” Part 002 997 59 82. The replacement tubing is quite similar to the original with a fairly soft surface free of printing. The Outside Diameter (O.D.) is slightly larger than the original.

Washer Fluid Bag

  • The VDO washer “bag” hangs from two ends of a bracket in earlier cars. In later cars, the bag is simple wedged between the relay boxes along the engine compartment wall and the Brake Booster and is held in place by the tight fit.


Washer Bag Cap

  • The original bag cap is about 4mm around with center hole and a tab on one side.

New Style Cap
  • The current (June 2008) replacement cap from Mercedes will work but is quite different in appearance. The replacement cap has a fitting that screws into a threaded center hole of the new cap, and has two terminals for tubing. The fitting is terminated with a small crimped metal cap. This style bag cap was original to cars after the W113 but is now the only replacement offered by Mercedes.

Pump Operation

  • The washer pump is activated by pushing the multi-function steering post lever away from the steering wheel.
  • Of course, to avoid freezing in cold climates, the washer bag should not be filled with plain water. Commercial washer fluid is available formulated to clean the window surface and to avoid freezing.

Replacement "Seim" pump showing square wire connectors

Replacement Pump

  • Non-VDO washer pumps are available if originality is not important. One example is made by SEIM, a French maker of washer pumps. The SEIM model for the W113 car is orange in color and has similar function to the original VDO pump. The SEIM pump requires two female rectangular wire terminal connectors. The original VDO plug cannot be used with the SEIM pump.


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