Trunk Lock

This component is part of Trunk.


  • The original number of the trunk lock is A113 750 00 84 for cars from 1964 up to 1969.
  • Its name in German is Heckschloss

This device controls the locking mechanism of the boot through a button and contains the lock of the bonnet
The key that is used for this lock is the same as the glove compartment


If you must replace the lock of the trunk with new keys or if you need to renew its chroming you have to disassemble the entire group.

Trunk lock group internal view

external view

After you have unscrewed the L casting you can see a round clip making the function of a Circlip.

After pulling out the clip (nr.1) you will be able to pull out
the special ring nr.2.

If this piece is in its center for about 50 years it is probable that you find difficulties to remove it. You can try to pull it out with a sort of hook often changing position on the whole circumference, paying attention to protect your face from the possible projection of the spring that is behind it.

The special ring is about 3 mm. thick.

As you have removed this special ring
you will be able to extract the spring and the central
button containing the lock.

Now its necessary to remove the little clip that retains
the lock mechanism. To do this it can be useful to
make a small notch next to the clip.

You will be able to insert a pointed
instrument and to make a sort of
lever to obtain the exit of the clip.

When you have extracted this part
you will be able to separate the lock
cylinder from its casing.

Be careful not to lose the inserts of the lock.

Re-assembly is performed in reverse order, by matching the notches of the ring and casting
If you want to know more about locks and keys you can read the section Locks and keys

These notes were written by Flavio Morosi, nickname Watson