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Body Styles

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There were three versions of the Pagoda:

  • Roadster: soft top only
  • Coupe: hardtop (with either a soft top or at least a space for one)
  • California coupe (from 250SL onwards): hardtop only; no provision for soft top at all (and a tiny rear bench seat)

See also Tops.


Describe, in general terms the function of this component. Meaning what is it there for and what role it plays. Describe how it works, the inside mechanism. Use diagrams to explain.


Describe common maintenance procedures, and common faults that may occur. Describe how these may be diagnosed and resolved. Again, include diagrams, photographs and explanations. Where possible, include measures, tolerances, weights etc.

  • Symptoms when it faults
  • How to test if it is faulty - what tools to use
  • How to fix / change

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My car is a coupe/roadster, but my datacard reveals that it was actually delivered without the soft top. Just the space for one. I guess that makes it originally a coupe. I'd be interested in hearing whether anyone has seen a decent California coupe conversion to roadster. I hear the sheet metal is so radically different, it's never quite the same as a factory job.

Frank says: At one time there was a kit you could buy from MB for adding a soft top to the California Coupe, but it is NLA. Despite this, I know a few owners who have made the conversion. If I had one, I would get a toneau cover made up for use in the occasions that you got caught in the rain.

Dan Caron, on the California coupe (no softtop and a rear seat): interesting thing about these cars. The small chrome caps are different to hold the hard top on and there's a small turn buckle very similar to ones used on 190SL hard tops at the center rear. The seal that would normally go where the hatch cover seal goes on a regular car is different - it's about twice as thick and not always easy to find but is available. Not everyone has information on the few special parts that are different so you need to look around for parts.
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