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The toolkit (German: Schlüsseltasche or Werkzeugtasche) supplied with the W113 cars looks as follows and has snaps for closing them.

When Mercedes-Benz stock of the original tool kit was exhausted, it started supplying the following style of tool kit as a spare part. This style of tool kit was only used originally on models after 280SL production ceased:

The original tool wrap was made of remnants of Mercedes-Benz Tex material in different colors of MB Tex (grey, brown, black, cream, red and blue) and soft top material. As you open the wrap, the inside material is green with the embossed Mercedes Benz star to the right.

Early 230SL tool kits (like those of the sedans) were mounted with slots in the bag to the back section of the trunk below the trunk lid opening. There was also a holder for the tire alignment tool placed in a similar fashion. Later 1966 and on W113 had their toolkits in the spare tire.

The toolwrap, without tools, has part no 112 580 0007. Its part number with tools is part no 112 580 0203.

Proper care and cleaning of the material is important to keep it looking nice.

Some of the original tools had the Mercedes-Benz star cast into the tool while others did not. Most of the tools were also supplied with the sedans and coupes of the same period and may be found in recycle yards. The toolkit is meant to contain the following tools:

  • Four wrenches, sizes 8/10, 11/14, 14/17, 17/19, supplied by Dowidat, Heyco, Matador and Unior.
  • a jack (German: Wagenheber, Dutch: krik), two versions of jack were supplied during at least a portion of W113 production, part no 000 583 6315 used a separate ratchet handle (the ratchet handle was also available as part no 000 583 2045), part no 000 583 6715 uses the familair crank handle and is identical to the part supplied in many W108 and W109 sedans, it seems clear that the crank style of jack was the only jack supplied during the later part of 280SL production but at least one 280SL (113044-12-001155) is known to have been originally supplied with the ratchet handle jack, it is probable that the two styles of jack were used interchangably during production of the 230SL, 250SL, and early 280SL and that the choice was solely based on which tool was available when the car was assembled.
  • a tire chock was bolted below the spare tire to place in front or back of the front tires to protect the car from rolling when jacked up, part no 110 583 0175
  • a spark-plug wrench (German: Zündkerzenschlüssel), the 230SL originally used part no 000 581 0067 and 000 581 0667. The part no 000 581 0567 (Which was longer and had a spring, was used in post-1971 R107 SL's and sedans, and not correct for the W113.
  • Combination slip-joint pliers (German: Kombizange) part no 000 581 0238, correct original pliers do have a Mercedes-Benz star and do not have a Mercedes-Benz part no, the original part no was also supplied as a spare after 280SL production ceased without the Mercedes-Benz star, by the 1990s a nearly identical plier was being supplied with a Mercedes-Benz star and with a 129 part no.
  • Single-shaft lug wrench (German: Kombischlüssel), initially part no 120 581 0046 was used on early 230SL production, intermediate W113 production used part no 120 546 0246 with a hook at the end of the handle to pry off a wheel cover, late W113 production used the same part no but without a hook.
  • screwdriver (German: Schraubendreher), earlier cars used a wooden handle screwdriver, part no 000 581 0117, later cars used a plastic handle screwdriver, part no 000 581 0317, in both cases two reversible blades were provided for both straight slot and cross slot fasteners
  • A fuse puller (not pictured), made from black plastic, the original design had spring loaded balls inside the handles, part no 000 581 0338, replaced by a tool without the spring loaded feature, part no 000 581 0438, as the spring loaded balls tended to break.
  • A tire centering tool that sits snugly in the tire wrap lower pocket is often missing, part no 110 581 0274, chrome plated steel, replaced in the 1980s by 201 400 0274, aluminum
  • Fuse assortment, part number 136 580 0010, six white 8 amp fuses and four short white 25 amp fuses on W113 series cars, the color of the fusable link was silver

The above toolkit is from a 280SL and believed to be complete.

An incomplete illustration of tools and the pouch is in the owner's parts book and the dealer parts book. Many of the much more common sedans of that era had the same tools in their tool kits. Do note that many sellers on eBay try to pass off very common sedan toolkits as much rarer W113 toolkits in order to fetch higher prices. The biggest giveaway is the much nicer vinyl tool pouch on the SL's. The locking pliers are another item unique to the SL tool pouch. Many of the tools in the kit are not shown in the dealers parts book illustration:

230SL Toolkit

250SL and 280SL Toolkit

Toolkit history

Other "special" Mercedes cars of the era also came with the nicer tool rolls with the snaps, like the 300SEL 6.3, 300SL roadster, the W128, W111 and W112 coupes and cabriolets.

The 190SL did not have the tool roll with the snaps but a larger and nicer canvas tool roll. Earliest versions had a black finish on the tools which changed to chrome around 1960. Many of the 1950s tool kits came standard with the special "Mercedes-Benz" chrome tire guage, and the special drain plug wrench. Earlier kits also had the very sought after wooden handle screwdriver. This carried through up into the mid sixties.

The 60's and 70's sedan tool bags were mostly canvas (early were green and later red) with string ties. Many of the tools in these kits were the same tools as in the W113 tool kits. The unique items in the W113 kits were the long handled "channel lock" style pliers, and the plastic fuse pliers on the later W113 cars. The spark plug wrench for the fuel injected SLs and sedans of the era was a bit different also.

Around 1975 some of the tools in the cars became more cheaply made. Mercedes-Benz still used the red canvas tool roll. The pliers are noticably lighter duty, the lug wrench is dual function and the seperate spark plug wrench is gone. The wrenches seem to be of similar quality but sometimes of different manufacturers in these kits.

Sometime during the W107 SL production the snap tool roll became history. The later W107 SLs (450SL etc.) used the cheaper red canvas tool roll.

Auxiliary toolkit

An optional lubrication tool kit was offered by the dealer. This kit contained special oil drain plug tools, a special grease gun for the door hinges, and the very sought after Merceds-Benz engraved, chrome tire pressure gauge in a blue wooden and felt lined box!

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