Author Topic: W113 seat backs; grill/grid/mesh questions  (Read 219 times)


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W113 seat backs; grill/grid/mesh questions
« on: January 31, 2023, 13:48:49 »
Do ALL W113 have the oblong mesh grills on the back of the seats? or were they specific to certain year(s)  I ask because mu car purchased last month does not have them  It is a 1967 250 SL #1756 (early).  If it is supposed to have them, then I must get busy and find a pair.  If not then can move on.  Also do all w113 have  carpet as the seat backing?  If this is already covered, please send a link as I could not find it using search terms "seat/grid/grill/mesh/vent etc."   Thanks you all in advance this group is nothing short of fantastic  Joe


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Re: W113 seat backs; grill/grid/mesh questions
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2023, 14:12:41 »
Hello Joe, it looks like your early 67 car should have had the metal grills, the plastic grills were introduced later on in 67

Some issues of "Pagoda Notes", which are available in the technical manual, show most of the changes made to cars throughout the years, these are very helpful when deciding what's correct for your car and date of production

Here's the copy for your 67 car, but the complete set is available, including the index for each publication

All Pagodas had carpet on the rear of the seats, to match the floor carpet, i searched "seat backs" and found a few posts about how to remove and attach carpet

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Re: W113 seat backs; grill/grid/mesh questions
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2023, 15:03:19 »
It's possible if/when someone reupholstered your seats that they just didn't cut holes for the metal grilles. Usually the carpet kits I've seen, including the one I recently ordered from erstwhile GAT (now part of GAHH), do not cut the holes in.

As an aside, I wonder if that might be a place for some hidden speakers...
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