Author Topic: Empty Passenger seat available to PUB 2015  (Read 3370 times)


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Empty Passenger seat available to PUB 2015
« on: March 16, 2015, 15:43:18 »
I like to invite anyone form the European countries or Australia or New Zealand to accompany me to PUB 2015 on September 11th 2015

So first individual from Europe including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that contacts me (be a Member from Pagoda SL Group or Pagodentreff) gets the seat.

This will include the following at no charge whatsoever (the individual may share in the gas cost if so inclined, it is NOT required):

A) Pick up from Toronto or London, Ontario Canada Airport on Thursday September 10th 2015
B) Overnight stay at my house in our guest room with full bath room and sitting area.
C) Leaving for Blacklick, Ohio very early on Friday morning September 11th, 2015
D) Attend PUB 2015 September 12th and 13th 2015 (the empty passenger seat is yours to share during this period, pick-up from hotel, planned trips in the area etc.).
E) Return trip to London, Ontario Canada on Sept. 14th (depending on our arrival stay overnight at my house as before or to London/Toronto Airport).

Some of you might ask why is he doing this? Well, it is very simple A) I hate to drive alone. B) I was invited by members of Pagodentreff last year to accompany them on there Hamburg and surrounding area gathering and had to cancel due to a family illness. and C) It be so much fun and my pleasure to return the favour.

Anyone not familiar what PUB 2015 is all about check it out on the link I provide here. Check it out --->

EDIT added Australia or New Zealand
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