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Plastic window panel in soft top
« on: April 01, 2003, 09:56:58 »
What would be the best product/method for making the soft top rear plastic window clear and really transparant. Read something recently about this but am unable to re-locate the item.

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Plastic window panel in soft top
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2003, 15:55:48 »
Following the advice of Bob Geco, I ordered a product from Meguiar's for the plastic windows. I believe they have two or maybe even three different ones, for progressively more thorough polishing. I am sure if you find a supplier in your area that carries the Meguiar's product line, you will find exactly what you need.
My plastic window was just a little bit foggy. After applying the polish once, rubbing gently, inside and out, the plastic became really like absolutely new, a really big difference. There had been two "rubbing" spots, where it seemed like the plastic was damaged just a little from how the top is folded when down, and these disappeared completely. In other words, I can really recommend this product.
I ordered mine from on a web-store in the US, because they also sold the RaggTopp cleaner and protectant - which is what I was actually looking for to clean and protect the canvas, and I could not find this anywhere in Europe. It cost me a fair amount in import duties. Still, the RaggTopp product is excellent, the top turned out very clean and water now beads and runs off, rather than being soaked into the material.

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Re: Plastic window panel in soft top
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2003, 09:40:30 »
Plastic rear windows are soft and are affected by UV sunlight and contamination in the air, dirt moisture, bird droppings. To clean a convertible top, first spray the rear window with plenty of cool water to release any loose particles then pat clean with a diaper or soft cotton cloth.
To clean & polish the converible top window, put top in fixed up right position so the back window is fixed and can be worked on. I suggest taking the blue 3-M masking tape from your local hardware or paint supply store and running it around the outside seam areas of the convertible top so that all that appears is the plastic rear window to polish.
Next A good plastic polish will be needed. I suggest using a folded soft diaper or cotton cloth and using a moderate amount of polish working one side of the window at a time in straight strokes back & forth, look, wipe clean with a micro fiber cloth or soft diaper and check your work by seeing if the clarity of the plastic has improved.
Many manufacturers make two part formulas to clean & protect. Contact me off line for manufacturer recommendations.
Next move to the inside and clean the same way being careful not to get polish on the fabric. To maintain this finish, it is recommended to use an old soft bath towel folded between the crease of the window when lowering the soft top. This is because as the car moves the plastic rubs against itself. When clean, an occasional spritz of plastic spray will help maintain a resiliant finish and clear view for you to see out of.
Some plastic that has seen many years of sun may not come 100% clean and may need replacement, but this is a good way to start and protect a rather large part of your investment.
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Re: Plastic window panel in soft top
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2003, 01:08:45 »
There's also a "home made" solution for "light" work: toothpaste.
As toothpaste is nothing but an abrasive paste, you can use it as a cheap polish.
Because different toothpastes have different degrees of hardness (being the cheaper ones usually the "harder" ones), better check on a corner or similar material first.

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