Author Topic: AI, Bots and the ridiculousness of it all...  (Read 235 times)


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AI, Bots and the ridiculousness of it all...
« on: June 30, 2024, 19:09:17 »
So, this email came into my "club" email address this week. That is, "treasurer@..."
Nothing unusual with the occasional solicitation but this one was pretty funny.

The subject line is "California Title 24 Compliance ERV/HRV system". Now, I understand what those devices are--they bring fresh air into your home and condition it on the way in, by exhausting the air out. Maybe some of you with newer state of the art homes have these. But how they got Pacific Fuel Injection and Canada so mixed up in this, and sent it to me is beyond understanding.

From: Emma Sandro <>
Date: June 26, 2024 at 9:10:15 AM EDT
Subject: Re: California Title 24 Compliance  ERV/HRV system

Hi friend
Good morning
Well noted that Pacific Fuel Injection Services is a focused equipment distributor, providing high levels of product and customer support across Canada for many years and distributing the Lifebreath / Venmar ventilation system. And our ERV/HRV meet for the Title 24 compliance model the energy consultant will input a few metrics that dictate the system’s credit and effectiveness. These include:
Exinda model150CFM, power is about 100W, 100/150=0.66W/CFM, less than the standard 0.7W/CFM

Please let us know if you have any questions about the 150CFM ventilator, thank you.
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